25 days ago - AndrewT - Direct link
If it's just the launcher, you can run the game from stellaris.exe directly, just so you know.

For that Open NUL issue, If you are okay with using the registry editor.

Run regedit.exe and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Services/Null . Check the Start key there. If that has a value of anything but 2 (usually 4), please change it to 2. Exit regedit and reboot, then Please try this:

- exit the Steam app entirely
- uninstall Paradox Launcher v2 from the Windows "Apps and features" utility, if still present.

Delete the following folders if still present:

- C:/users//AppData/Local/Programs/Paradox Interactive/
- C:/users//AppData/Local/Paradox Interactive/
- C:/users//AppData/Roaming/Paradox Interactive/launcher-v2/
To see the AppData folder you'll need to enable View Hidden Items in File Explorer.

- run steam.exe as the Windows Admin user

- run the game from the PLAY button in Steam

IF that doesn't help, in this folder are some .log files:
C:/users//AppData/Local/Paradox Interactive/launcher-v2/
Please attach them here.

Good luck with that!