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This looks the same as this report:

Unable to load Game - indices/vertices error

I am having an issue with the game loading once opened. I have done clean installs 3-4 times, followed all advice on forums, such as downloading the x64 and x86 C++ versions Nothing seems to work. I checked the logs and I keep getting the same... forum.paradoxplaza.com forum.paradoxplaza.com
Can you please go through the things I suggested there, and address the question in my last post there? As you are getting LiveKernelEvents in your dxdiag too.

What you two have in common is a dual Intel UHD /nVidia video system, but that is not uncommon and not known to cause such issues, Quite odd.  
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F00d Demon said: For some odd reason it actually does work on a different user on this device, thank you. But is there any solution that will allow me to use in on my main user without having to have the other one?
To me that indicates a Windows problem, a corrupted user profile perhaps. Fixing that is well out of my skill set I'm afraid! You might need professional Windows suport help on that.  

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