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When you say "the paradox interactive manager" I take it you mean the standalone Paradox client, aka Launcher v1?

If so what version of that launcher shows? Current is 1.0-beta-63

Looking at your account, there are only these DLCs in your ownership list:
Stellaris: Apocalypse
Leviathans Story Pack
Plantoids Species Pack
Synthetic Dawn Story Pack
These synced in here from a Steam account

Steam Community :: Qualia

No information given. steamcommunity.com steamcommunity.com
In that Steam account click on this game then Manage my DLCs. Do you just see those 5, or the others you mention too?

If you only see those, they are all this Steam account currently owns. Either the others you've mentioned were in another Steam account, or you got access to them by Steam Family Sharing, or Steam have removed them from your account for some reason.

From where exactly did you buy these 5? The others you mention?  
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Headphone1 said: I kept getting forum errors of "Inappropriate and spam" when I was attempting to post this response.
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Headphone1 said: The top left of the launcher is "Paradox Interactive" Below that is Stellaris, Home, DLC, Mods, Game Settings. Far below that is launcher settings and the date. or at least a number that looks like the date. In the middle is Stellaris, Resume and Play, and at the bottom middle is a nemesis advertisement and Discord. The top right is My account and english. And the middle right is what appears to be the version number of the game, and I think thats what is flagging this forum messsage. The number is "Dick" V Three Zero Two (Nine one C One).
Okay so you are running the game from the Steam client, not our client, and what you describe there is Paradox Launcher v2. Current version is 2021.3.1

Headphone1 said: So ya, I have family share enabled on my computer. Could that be the problem here? I purchased them all on steam.

When I was purchasing the newer DLC, steam had the 5 old ones listed as enabled already when I went into Steam - library - Stellaris - properties - DLC.
But I see now steam isn't listing the five old ones now as purchased, even though it showed that a few days ago!

Perhaps different systems are miscommunicating because of family sharing? How can we revert the game back to where it was like 20 hours ago? My paradox client is still showing all the content as owned btw, so if family sharing is the issue, it apparently wasnt a problem until a few hours ago.
I have not seen family sharing cause problems like this as such. But are you sure these DLCs are not split between two Steam accounts? That would exactly account for what you see, AFAICS.