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So the site got simplified Chinese(简体中文) and traditional Chinese(繁體中文) mixed up. Meaning that on simplified Chinese(简体中文) it actually shows the traditional and vice versa.

Don't know how to contact FGS directly, so I'm posting it here. Please fix as soon as possible. Your friendly neighborhood RTS enjoyer.

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We’ve submitted a request to have it fixed—thanks for the report.

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Usually even software companies dont host/manage their webpages themselves. I have experience because i work in one.

So i would guess FG has a webdesign company contracted that does their hompage work. So by estimation depending on the workload their contractor has i would guess it takes 2 business days for that change. If however they gave FG access to the content management system of the webpage they can maybe do the change in house. That would take 5 mins of work but is no reason for anyone to do it on the weekend.

Nailed it.

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