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Hell yeah. Longest set of patch notes i’ve ever seen in my life lol. I love the hard work from the dev team. This game has immense content for 45 dollars. Im heading straight to cipanku with your sandwiches boys.

love ya <3

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I certainly hope they have improved the stability for the Nintendo Switch.

I love playing the game in portable mode, but it just crashes too much. It crashes at least once per hour. It's generally when there is a transition, like teleporting somewhere else, finishing a battle or going outside a building. It has come to the point that I get nervous anytime I am doing one of those if the game hasn't crashed in the past 30 min because I know the next crash is about to happen.

we're working on it! In the meantime, placing the game on your internal storage instead of on the SD card works wonders already. And if you could occasionally report these crashes on crm.gg/bugs it would help the team a lot to find them!

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Hey umm, there’s a few bugs with showdown. Like certain tems not allowing you to use any moves whatsoever. And you basically can’t do anything but sit there or concede lol.

One such temtem is Vental. I went into two ranked matches with him leading. I just had no moves and couldn’t do anything/ couldn’t even switch whenever his turn came. Idk if you’re a dev or not just figured i have no other place to report this to lol.

Hello! There's a problem when using the Dismiss command, it happens with all Tems. One workaround is deleting the entire team, then re-making it again and restarting the game. It should go back to normal.
We're working on getting all these fixed on 1.2.1 and upping the priority of it, and you can make any and all bug reports on crm.gg/bugs and we'll be super thankful for each!

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