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Just as the last Manhunt and Hollywood events were closing, I need to travel on business. I realized I had not claimed all the caches, as I have done in many prior events and didn't think much of it: it will be in my mail.

On logging in for the first time today, I was on my level 31 and heading to check what good gear I can see being sold by the NY shops. The counter for mailbox showed 14 items. When I checked, I though "oh, ok, they are filtering out the Exotics".

Log into my level 40 main and there are no exotic caches, 1 from Manhunt (Chirpy) and 1 from Hollywood.

I think you might have a delivery bug, where the current character when logging in sets some rules of what can be "delivered", instead of having a filter on "what can a level 31 character retrieve" from the mailbox.

Would love my two Exotics, but I think needs probably more attention either way.


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Hey there @astr1de,

Thanks for reaching out and reporting this.

To allow us to take a closer look, could you please provide any example screenshots of the missions being completed and exotics not being delivered?