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I enabled overlay in ubisoft hoping that was the reason and I was excited that my first link worked and then it IMMEDIATELY broke and no links work again.

It is displaying linked items out of the screen is my guess.

I asked someone to link an item in chat. They linked [filter mask] in chat and when I hovered over it it briefly showed the very top of a window for Kingbreaker, which is the item I linked when I first logged in and not what they linked.

I was hopeful it was fixed this patch, but it's not. Was their an attempt to fix it?

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Hey there @Redfeather1975,

Thanks for reaching out, sorry to hear you're having issues linking items in chat!

This is indeed something that has been raised to the team and is currently being investigated.

If you have any screenshot / video examples please feel free to share them and we can pass them onto the team.

Otherwise, please watch the News and Announcements channel for more details when available.

Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience caused!