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I recently reinstalled windows 11 and am having some issues with The Division 2 that I didn't have before.

First, my GPU is always at 99%, causing artifacts.

Second, I have a 4k gaming TV. I love to play with HDR. But when I go into fullscreen mode my game switches to SDR.
I don't know if that's even SDR, because the colors look completely washed up, and the entire game looks bad.
(although, my TV still shows that "HDR" is turned on for this game)

Here's the fun part - when I switch to "windowed fullscreen" mode my HDR works perfectly, but for some reason, I can't change the resolution - it's locked to native 4k ( i always like to lower the result to 2k).

But the main problem is still the 99% GPU usage (and only 15% CPU usage) causing artifacts.

16gb ram
RTX 3060ti
Ryzen 5 3600
SSD (M.2.)
Win 11 PRO

14 days ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link

Hey there @meanplaya,

Thanks for reaching out and reporting this to us!

We are experiencing some performance issues with The Division 2 which may be in part related to your high GPU use issues, but it's still worth checking some things.

Has this always been the case or has it started recently? And are you GPU drivers up to date?

As for the HDR issue - would it be possible to please capture a video of what happens when changing modes or screenshots of the difference?