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I really don't want to bang on about this, but it seems like the weather patterns in Division 2 are becoming more and more frequent and less of a cool added feature to a huge hindrance and causing definite neurological problems. As a developer, I believe it is important to have amazing landscapes, weather effects and all of that stuff. However, just because you have a disclaimer about the game potentially causing seizures, etc isn't a free pass for not giving players the option to toggle off weather effects or even the Level Up effect that splashes across the screen, seasonal level up with the bright green colors that radiate around your character.

  • The weather patterns are so consistent now, that 8 to 9 out of 10 times when I login it is raining outside. Not the summer showers but heavy monsoon downpours. It then comes back at least once an hour of real-life gameplay. Throw a sandstorm that lasts about 5 plus minutes of gameplay time and this is the recipe for severe migraines and on a few occasions, mild seizures. It is cool that whoever researched weather patterns for DC found a weather pattern that occurred in the late 20's to possibly the early 40's. However, where is this sandstorm coming from in a city and metropolis such as D.C.? Where is all of this sand coming from? If I have to strain to see through torrential downpours and near zero visibility in sandstorms, it causes me to have eye twitching and headaches. So the only other option is to logout or sit in a building until this stuff passes. This is not fun since I only have so much time to play.

  • SHD Level Up is also a very distracting and hard on my eyes. The animation that occurs when you level up causes my eyes to twitch out and I literally have to look away from the screen and close my eyes for a few seconds to allow them to reacclimate. This obviously is a bad situation when you're in the middle of combat.

  • Season Levels are the same as SHD leveling but honestly much worse. There is a LARGE green ring that pulsates around your character and on top of the eye strain it causes, it blocks portions of the screen. Not the greatest effect for trying to maintain situational awareness.

  • Lasers on BT Tanks, sniper rifles and the modules some snipers throw down that trigger if you look at them or whatever activates them. Even the annoying flash from the riot shields and flashbang grenades is an issue. I believe in negative effects to give enemies some kind of advantage, but there should be a tradeoff.

  • While we are on this topic, I would also like for the developers to reconsider how the manhunt objective screen will pop-up while you are in the middle of a fight. There are plenty of times in this game where you have to engage different groups of enemies or activities at the same time because there are always patrols walking around or supply convoys, etc. So if I am completing the last task before that huge screen appears for the manhunt and there are other enemies on the screen, I am taken away from the action to see the update. This should be optional as well in the settings menu.

So just to be perfectly clear about the above issues that only increase in side effects and severity as my condition worsens through disability. This should be optional and by no means should any of these things be taken out of the game. I know there are loads of people who really enjoy the weather effects and most likely don't mind the level up feature either. This is why I cannot say this enough, these in-game effects should have an option to toggle them on and off. Like colorblind options, the above animations cause just as many issues, if not more, on those with neurological disabilities who love to play games they have for years. I even think the listed things are pretty dang cool and add uniqueness to the game. Perhaps if we could mod for these effects with little to no effect via mods or similar without sacrificing essential skill mods, cc mods, etc, that could work as well.

I am just expressing a concern within this game that is becoming worse for myself and potentially other players who avoid games with this kind of animation/effect and make it more inclusive and accessible to players with neurological disabilities.

Thanks for listening.

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Thanks for reaching out and raising these concerns with us @chacachaca13, we appreciate it and I hope they don't make the game unplayable or cause you any lasting harm.

I've gone ahead and raised your points to the team as feedback so they can look into them and avenues to making the game more accessible.

If there's anything else we can help with or any more feedback comments you'd like to add, please let us know!