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Playing on Xbox some friends and I were attempting District union legendary all directives earlier today and game became extremely laggy and then unresponsive. Thought nothing of it just maybe our connections to servers as it did straighten back up. A little later in same mission encountered the same issue of lag but this time it was just like everything froze but our charecter. All of us were able to move around and fire but for each if us the other 3 we're stuck in place as we're engines. Shooting enemies would produce a hit marker but no damage numbers or anything. After a couple minutes it would "update" and if the shots were hit the froze enemies with were enough for a kill the enemies would be downed and loot, ammo, etc would drop. It ended up with myself relaunching the game and the others did the same or were deleted. I did not experience it but 2 of the others got a screen saying they were in a que to join when attempting relog. Things went back to normal after that and did a raid and other missions and free roam without issue. Just had a clan mate need help running his league Speedrun and all was good untill District union. Same issues as before. Problem started around the same area as the issue before which was after first area when you first go into the arena itself and are in the second wave that comes out. So the chungas on legendary and the elites and adds on challenging. Made it thru that section after waiting in the "update" of the damage we dealt and it straightened out. Encountered same issue and we're not able to finish league run as soon as the final boss was spawned in. Ended up deltaing us out and logged back in to a "que to join screen."so far seems isolated only to that mission and only seems to happen when a new wave of adds is supposed to come out. Will say that in general there has seemed to be quite a bit of issue with laggy response in general at times for last week or so but nothing to this extent. Hope there is something being done about it as I have seen people on all platforms saying they are having similar lag issues lately.

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Hello there @speed84demon!

I'm sorry to hear that you've been encountering lag and freezing in-game. Thank you for taking the time to share your report with us, and for including what steps you tried to troubleshoot this issue.

If you haven't already, I would recommend trying these connectivity troubleshooting steps for your console. This will help to ensure that your connection to the servers is in optimal condition.

If you're continuing to experience lag and freezing after trying these steps, please don't hesitate to reach out so we can take a closer look at this. Please let us know of any error messages or pop-ups you're receiving as well, as these will be useful for further investigation.

Thanks! 😊