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Dear devs please disable VPN users play game they have big advantages to others players lik speed moves ,reduce dmgs high bullet reg etc. Disable players who have poor conection to server to play pvp because Arabs , Asian , etc... ( non EU players) they have big reduce dmg . Because of them and VPN pvp is broken. You fix non important staff in game like lvl 10 flour summit but you dont fix what is real problem. You can remove report player option in game because is obviusly only cosmetics. You only react when your youtuber pets report someone. Because you dont do nothing about pvp you send people msg hacking, cheating is 100% alowed in Division 2 game. Any time when i complain about this prob you give me some stupid answers like check your conecions or send me link how report players etc........ FIX BROKEN PVP cheaters for now own pvp because you alowed this. In others game ( fortnite ) people got baned or got errors when try connect to the game for using VPN. You can do the same if in other game devs do that on their games

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Hello @s-Skins-s,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing this.

There currently isn't any facility in-game to detect if a VPN is in use, however Ubisoft Connect does typically fail to connect when one is active, which should in turn cause issues when launching / playing the game.

That said however, we will still gladly feed your comments back onto the team.

In regards to more run of the mill cheating - this is not condoned, allowed, or encountered in The Division 2.

We have sufficient anti-cheat facilities in-game of which reports are regularly reviewed by the team.

Please continue to report players you believe to be in breach of the Code of Conduct to us in-game or via the Help Site with evidence if you're unable to do so in-game.

And if there's anything more we can answer or assist with here, please let us know.

Thank you!