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I've been getting a lot of lag lately. Especially after 7pm today. I checked pc and everything is ok. I checked connection and everything is ok. Anyway, every time I try to pick up stuff from the ground by holding F and I see it go all the way, but nothing happens. This is game breaking for me, for example, finishing a propaganda. When I try to pickup a key I can't. So I can't finish missions.

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Hello @Sr_0v3rk1ll thank you for your post.

I can not see any degradation on our servers for the 26th. If you ever need to quickly check this, please use our server status website here which would be updated with this information > https://ubistatic-a.akamaihd.net/0115/tctd2/status.html

If you continue to have issues, please restart your game and restart your router, to re-establish your connection to our servers. If the problem occurs for you again, please get back in touch and let us know.