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Originally posted by Coyodee: I launch the game it loads into a black screen you can hear the music but in task manager it says not responding with the game just hanging. My pc it is more then good for this game. I've got amd 3800x an amd 6800xt and 32gbs of 3200 ram and yes I did reinstall the game, rebooted the pc and deleted all of the game before reinstalling. Everything is up to date and the game was running month ago when I played it last. Only upgrade from then is the graphics card the old one was an r580 and the game ran ok and no other games have this problem... any Ideas?

You can also try to do a new full reinstallation of the game.

Check if any of your gpu software can be interfering with a proper launch of the game

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Originally posted by Coyodee: Thanks so much for reply's but as I've already said I did a full deletion of the game and reinstall and that did not help. Changing the settings in the configuration.txt file does not help the game after it launches you get the loading horse then just a black screen with the game music and the hourglass mouse. Then after opening task manger it tells me the game is not responding and at that point the only option is to force close the game. Also I have tried reinstalling the game on all my drives even my fast m.2 but with all the same results and yes every reinstall I completely wipe the game then reboot then do the install although none of that should be necessary for a game not that old.

Check SlimDX and DirectX or reinstall them

Also you can check your antivirus or firewall just in case they are blocking a proper launch of the game.

Anyway if you played the game well previously to this tame, try to remember if you have change something essential that can bring along this issue.

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Try to delete Configuration file, this file is in the path Documents/My Games/They are Billions

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Hi again,

Have you tried to unistall the last one or two Windows updates? Just in case


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