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Originally posted by bgroom:
Originally posted by QWEEDDY2: Try turn off Steam Overlay. Or restart Steam.
Set Library as main page for Steam. Never ever open Store and Community in there.

Faced that too. Nothing nor game itself changed. Anyway my notebook not so powerful, but game work faster previously. And for me it is problem in Steam\Steam Overlay. Not sure about your case. Try close Steam and start Steam+game from recreated desktop link (steam started silently in sys.tray).
Thanks for the reply, I just tried the suggestions and unfortunately no luck. Glad it worked for you though.


Have you checked if you have any kind of program like Nvidia Experience or this kind of tools that can be bringing along the issue you are suffering?

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Hi again,

Radeon gpus sometime come with Radeon Software like Adrenalin or others. Some of these programs can even make that your game is not being launched. Check also this.


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