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23s hi there I'm Josh Britten and this is
26s Blake burns
27s we are Blake media games the creators of
29s town of Salem town of Salem is a popular
31s online game that got its start on
33s Kickstarter and now we're bringing
34s murder to your tabletop here's how it
37s works each player gets a card facedown
39s this card tells a player their role evil
42s roles are able to kill at night and the
43s good rules must find and Lynch the
45s evildoers during the day players accuse
47s each other the accused is put on trial
49s and the town vote guilty or innocent if
52s you can't convince the town you are
53s lynched at the gallows the game ends
56s when one side remains sounds simple
58s right not always you can also change the
60s roles you play with to make the game
62s more challenging and more fun some good
64s roles include the investigator who can
66s check people's roles the doctor who can
68s save a player from death and the mayor
69s who gains extra votes a few evil roles
72s include the witch who curses players the
74s werewolf who rampages every full moon
76s and the Mafia who worked together
77s against the town the game is really easy
80s to play and kid-friendly but hard to
82s master with over 20 unique roles every
84s game is a new experience you have to
86s decide who to trust and who to lynch in
89s order to survive so if you like lynching
91s your friends werewolves pilgrims and
94s fancy witch hats please back our
96s Kickstarter and in return we'll send you
98s our game thank you for your support
102s you

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