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0s town of Salem is set in an alternate
2s universes town of Salem during the witch
4s trials there are two phases in the game
7s the day phase in the night phase during
9s the first day phase your roll card will
11s be revealed to the top-right corner of
13s the screen
13s we are the serial killer we have neutral
16s alignment our ability is to kill someone
19s each night we have special attributes
21s and our goal is to kill everyone who
23s opposes us after the day phase comes the
29s night phase during the night phase
31s certain rolls have abilities that can be
32s used as shown in the name list we're the
37s sealed killer so we want to kill
38s everyone who opposes us and tonight
40s we're gonna kill Edward Bishop
48s you can see his dead body during the
49s next day face when someone dies the role
54s of who killed them is revealed as well
56s as their last will and their role as you
62s can see on the left every bishop is now
64s in the graveyard during the day phase
66s there is a discussion period and we
67s decide if anyone seems guilty enough to
70s vote up to be hanged there put up on
72s trial and if the jury votes them guilty
75s they'll be sentenced to death to the
78s right of your name card you can see
79s various icons included on the fullscreen
81s button the music mute button the chat
83s log which allows you to review
85s everything that has happened in the chat
87s throughout the game the last will button
89s so you can set your last will and if you
91s are a killing roll your death note which
93s allows you to put a note on your victims

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