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904s hello everybody hello hello welcome to
908s the stream today how are you all doing
912s I've been looking in the chat and seeing
914s John write an absurd amount of dad jokes
917s uh thank you so much for that drawing by
919s the way hello hello hello welcome
922s welcome into Community stream number 22.
926s um it is not just me here today I am
928s here with Japan hello everyone hello
932s it's been a while since we've been on
934s the stream together
936s um we are both on the community team
937s here at Norrisville
940s um welcome back it's nice to have you
941s here with me it's been a long time like
943s I said it's been a really long time it
946s has been for the tribe guys for the
948s tribe for the tribe you can act actually
950s put exclamation point FDT and it will
953s automatically write that for you in the
955s chat so if you type that yeah there you
957s go go night bot thank you so much
960s everybody uh fancy Studio stream yes we
963s are in the Northville studio today so
965s we're sitting in the game room we've got
967s our lovely plants behind us we're gonna
969s have a fun stream for you guys today
971s also I am reading through the chat hi
974s Ori hello hello you made it to the
976s stream nice to see you
978s um do you know when a joke becomes a dad
980s joke uh I want to know what the response
982s is for that
983s um but first of all can you guys hear us
985s all right uh how's the sound how's the
987s visual it seems to be good it seems like
989s there's no complaints yet so please
991s don't hesitate to let me know uh Mary
994s hello Mary bonjour hello I know it's
997s Marine she is here hello the real Murray
1001s like the real melting you
1006s when it becomes worry I can't believe
1009s you I can't I can't I can't I can't
1011s believe you
1013s um I discovered the game a lot a short
1015s time ago and it really surprised by the
1017s game I love it that's awesome to hear
1019s have you been playing more of like
1020s survival or saga mode or both I am
1022s curious please let me know all systems
1025s go the sound is a little low okay let me
1027s you need to be closer oh okay I heard
1030s you so bye
1033s I don't mind doing that if that's better
1035s that way too okay perfect
1038s um I need to go to sleep oh no you won't
1040s stay for the stream
1041s um you could always have us on in the
1042s background if you could
1045s um music is slightly louder I can turn
1047s the music down just a little bit because
1049s it's supposed to be just background
1050s music okay turn it down a bit
1053s um hello real mid guardian hello Baron
1056s hello hello
1058s um it sounds a little low volume okay
1059s don't I think we're okay now you need to
1062s be close Okay like right here okay like
1064s a podcast okay it's podcast time I'm
1066s gonna maybe put it like right here thank
1068s you guys so much for helping us and I
1069s will also try to speak louder uh do loud
1071s noises exactly giggy okay perfect bye
1074s Ava see you later hopefully you you will
1076s make the next stream
1078s um but yeah welcome in everybody this is
1080s community stream number 22. so I know I
1084s know if I know if this is your first
1086s time here
1087s um we used to do these every week and
1089s then we've kind of taken a little break
1091s and now we're coming back so the
1092s community streams were called Community
1094s streams because they were you know
1096s involving you guys the community but
1097s also because it was me and JP uh hosting
1100s them since the very start um so JP is
1102s now back
1103s um if it's your first time here I'm
1105s Sydney I'm the senior community manager
1107s at Norrisville which is where we work we
1108s work on a game called tribes of midgard
1110s uh which you probably know and it's
1112s probably why you're here uh and we will
1114s be playing it today
1115s um do you want to reintroduce yourselves
1118s to the people who may not know you yeah
1120s of course okay
1121s um first I'm so happy to be here with
1123s you guys uh it's been a long time
1126s I was watching all the stream you did
1128s and I was like oh I want to be here not
1130s that you didn't want me to join you and
1132s no no not at all but yeah I'm I'm so
1135s happy to be here a quick note we are
1138s also on on Tick Tock right now like if
1140s you are following us on Tick Tock you
1142s can see another view like you can see my
1145s I like my my face under like your beard
1147s you're beard from everybody yeah yeah
1149s and so hey people on Tick Tock there's
1152s already like five people watching us hey
1155s uh so who am I yes I am GP
1159s um I'm working here since four years now
1162s and sorry I'm spoiling no you can go
1165s spoil it it's okay four years but we'll
1167s come back to that after uh I don't ask
1169s committee manager right now I'm a head
1171s of communications uh I'm in the shadow
1174s and the guy in the Shadow trying to make
1177s shine choice of and if you have
1181s heard treasurement guard it means I'm a
1184s good guy in the shadow you know you know
1185s what I mean but anyways I'm mostly
1187s working for a communication Community
1189s marketing stuff like that yeah making
1191s things work making people find out about
1193s the game
1195s doing all the community support too so
1197s it's very uh it's it's a lot of a lot of
1199s effort we're three on the team now the
1200s community team uh we do not have EV here
1203s but shout out to EV as well our content
1205s creator on the community team hello if
1207s you're watching
1208s um hello
1209s um John says great to see you again GP
1215s one of our best mods on Discord yeah
1218s good to see you again too yeah oh watch
1220s out we have other mods in the chat oh uh
1223s the the yeah the other amazing the other
1225s mods are all also the best mods that is
1228s so true that is so true we have an
1230s amazing team like some of them are
1231s following us since four years that's
1233s that's pretty insane yeah like when when
1235s you're thinking about it like it's it's
1237s crazy that we are in this journey
1239s together since four years now yes oh my
1242s God yes which spoiler um yeah we oh what
1245s is that okay okay never mind weird
1246s notification um yeah so we are actually
1249s tomorrow celebrating but yeah it's
1251s Saturday our official like four years of
1254s working at Norrisville so we were hired
1256s like pretty much on the same day
1259s um as Community managers uh which is
1261s also kind of a weird story because the
1263s studio was so small at the time we were
1265s only like 11 or 12 people and
1268s um they hired two Community managers
1269s which were me in Japan and yeah we've
1272s been here ever since so it's been four
1274s years now
1275s um it is very big milestone I will say
1278s I'm yeah very happy about it what do you
1281s like your first memory I know we haven't
1283s prepared that but what is the first
1285s memory you have with uh Transit
1288s or NASA honestly the one the one that
1290s sticks out like in the very early
1293s moments was honestly the first
1295s convention we did because I had no
1298s experience with running conventions at
1300s all we went to Boston fig if anybody in
1302s the chat knows what that is it's an
1304s indie games Festival in Boston
1306s um and I just had no experience at all
1308s we were basically like let's go let's do
1310s it let's show the game and that was
1312s really my first time interacting with
1314s people who were playing the demo of
1315s tribes of midgard so it was cool to know
1318s that you're part of something that was
1319s like bigger or that was going to be big
1321s and then seeing people's reaction to
1322s playing the game for the first time I
1324s think that is something that I will
1325s remember like forever that was really
1327s really cool and then also a very weird
1328s one but when we got the pins like when
1331s we ordered the pins and we got the pins
1333s it was cool to see yeah it was cool to
1335s see something physical that was like
1336s related to the game and now we have
1338s merch so it's like I don't know it's
1340s it's cool it's crazy talking about yeah
1343s true true good plug hold on
1345s it's it's empty mine is empty but like
1349s I'm using it every day yeah um it's it's
1351s the best one on the earth yes can we say
1353s that we can say that yeah cool yeah we
1355s can
1356s speaking of let me have a sip of my tea
1358s and yes I'm having green tea by the way
1359s also hello Nordic hello hello welcome to
1362s the stream oh uh afrid says I know a
1365s friend working at Northville that is
1367s super cool I would love to know who they
1369s are
1370s um hello hayaku hello welcome to the
1372s stream I saw you there in the chat
1375s um just making sure I catch up on
1376s everybody's messages as I'm going
1377s through
1379s um but yeah is there anything that
1380s stands out for you I'm throwing the
1382s question back at you
1383s I remember
1386s yeah it's funny because yeah we started
1389s the same the same day
1391s the same week I think it was a Tuesday
1393s or Monday probably anyways uh I remember
1397s we started and then the first thing uh
1400s uh like Julian the CEO told us is oh by
1402s the way you have a close Alpha in like
1405s four days yes and you have you need to
1408s send like 1000 keys or more to uh people
1411s you don't know whatever like you make it
1413s working yeah and and this was like a bit
1416s stressful to be honest because you
1418s judged on the company and you're like oh
1419s close Alpha we did that we're gonna need
1421s to do Etc and you have uh four days for
1423s for to figure out but at the end it was
1426s so so cool and so I like like talking
1429s with real people and people being like
1432s Oh I know your game since packs and yeah
1434s I did the first close Alpha Etc like it
1437s was a really good way to uh join the
1440s journey and to uh yeah jump on on the
1442s game yeah so that was like pretty crazy
1444s and I remember uh like all the the
1448s people we talked that time because it's
1449s you know it marked someone it's it's a
1452s memorable
1453s yeah so that that's like the first
1456s memory I have
1458s and one of my best I would say
1462s like this is
1464s it was this happened like one year after
1466s okay but it was us
1469s watching the PlayStation 5
1472s uh showcase okay for the like we didn't
1475s know it was before PlayStation 5 but
1477s let's watch impressive PlayStation 5
1478s showcase and you see like three seconds
1480s of tries on the game yes and we're like
1482s oh my God yes in a Big Show even for
1486s three seconds it was still exciting that
1489s was really cool yeah that's so true even
1491s for the closed Alpha I love how Gigi is
1493s saying yes the closed Apple 2 was pure
1494s chaos uh that is when we started like
1497s taking feedback and getting bugs I think
1499s a lot of the cursed bugs were from
1501s closed Alpha too if I scroll way back in
1503s the Discord
1504s um and I remember even like foreclosed
1506s Alpha two you know how you're talking
1507s about it was right away I made the
1509s graphic like the advertisement like
1511s picture for closed Alpha 2 and I you
1513s know I was still like pretty fresh on
1515s Photoshop and I'm like it still exists
1517s somewhere but it's nice to like look
1518s back and see if you're on Twitter yeah
1521s you can see it you can see it 100 yeah
1523s yeah
1525s 2019 so probably May 2019. yeah or the
1529s first week of June yeah because yeah we
1531s started on 27th so it might be like 31
1534s for the first May or something like that
1536s you will find the first creation the
1539s first Sydney question oh yeah on Twitter
1541s oh yeah I don't know if you want to see
1543s it but you will you will um yeah and
1545s geeky said um yeah flying trees was one
1547s of the notable bugs
1549s um forever we'll remember and then
1551s halogi was the icon of the promo and
1553s then I also did closed Alpha 3 promo
1555s which was like a health thing so if you
1557s know from way back uh you will be able
1559s to recognize it and we also have will of
1561s the Moon hello will of the Moon I also
1563s love that you will be playing a survival
1565s permadeath at the same time as us that's
1567s what will of the Moon said that they're
1568s gonna be yeah playing at the same time
1569s seeing who gets further so please update
1572s us with how you're doing
1574s um and yes let's say the first would I
1576s win yes the first two die yeah no we
1579s don't
1580s what do I do to die yeah let me run into
1583s an elf immediately and get it what's the
1586s word just like down by him yeah
1590s I'm pretty sure we'll beat you I'm
1592s pretty sure like you know we are devs we
1595s got this there's no worries I'm the only
1597s slightly worried
1600s um and I also wanted to mention that yes
1601s the game has come so so so far I'm gonna
1604s be talking a little bit about it today
1606s as well
1607s um I guess I can talk about what the
1609s stream is going to be about I think it's
1611s he thinks about time I could yeah okay
1613s so basically me and JP are just going to
1615s be chilling catching up
1617s um I'm gonna do a super quick catch up
1618s on anything you might have missed uh
1620s Feel Free at any time as you're doing
1622s just to ask questions in the chat we'll
1624s try to keep an eye on it as we uh do the
1626s stream very chill moment
1629s um then what is after yes we had some
1631s cool uh Community builds as well so I
1634s collected some of my favorites um I
1636s think most of them you have probably
1637s seen but maybe there's like some you
1639s haven't seen yet so I wanted to share
1640s those really cool Community builds
1642s constructions and then we are going to
1643s be playing uh permadeath survival so you
1646s are going to watch our mortality
1649s um and how we play everything will be
1651s fun
1653s um by the way yes we already get 100
1656s likes on The Tick Tock stream oh my gosh
1658s hello Tick Tock hello hello hello well
1662s yeah
1663s and just so you know twitch the the
1665s phone is just in the middle like like
1667s here yep and and sometimes we give some
1670s look here like hey you're here you get a
1672s you get a secret view this way if we if
1675s you want to join Tick Tock feel free to
1676s yeah jump on this stream uh we are going
1679s to try to read the questions or any
1682s interactions you you will have here yep
1683s that's uh yeah we are on Twitch right
1686s now if you want to join us on Twitch yes
1688s Phil I'm talking to you I know I know
1690s it's like if you're on Twitch like we
1691s are on Tick Tock now uh we I have been
1693s posting on Tick Tock but then if you're
1694s on Tick Tock hello we are on Twitch and
1696s we're live and you if you want to see
1698s our game uh come join us at tribes in
1700s midkirt oh no we we now have 300 likes
1703s okay hello amazing so we went to 100 to
1706s 300 in just 30 seconds cool so hey hey
1709s Tick Tock welcome well
1714s oh yeah I already mentioned them they're
1716s shift codes
1717s um to get the shift codes I might as
1718s well mention that because that is part
1720s of the stream
1721s um we are going to just be asking some
1723s questions and then the first one to
1725s answer or to have the correct answer is
1727s going to get a shift code so there's the
1729s Jasper pet uh there's the hairstyle
1731s which is like my hairstyle in game and
1733s then there is all of the dual tone
1735s hairstyles in the lovely locks bundle so
1737s all you have to do is keep an eye on the
1738s stream listen to us and then when those
1740s questions come up um just answer it in
1742s the chat and then you will have a chance
1744s to win the ship code for a cosmetic
1746s in-game
1747s all right let me double check if there's
1750s anything I missed
1752s [Music]
1754s perfect uh cool so if I missed anything
1757s I will try to also come back to it
1759s um and I see John left the shift code
1761s link perfect okay so first off
1764s um I think I would like to start before
1766s we get into like the news recap
1769s um what do you think oh who can
1771s participate
1772s um all across every platform we'll be
1774s able to participate
1776s um I think we'll do a little mini game
1778s which is something that I've been doing
1779s at the start of the streams so I would
1781s like to start off with that what do you
1783s say chat if we do a mini game if you
1786s have been in the past stream I have been
1788s doing different types of mini games this
1790s one is going to be a charades based
1792s Mini-Game so
1795s um let me just double check I feel like
1796s the music discussions oh no it's still
1799s playing okay good good good good okay
1801s perfect perfect
1802s okay so we're gonna be doing a little
1803s charades game
1806s someone just asked on Stick talk uh uh
1809s do I watch here twitch or both uh both
1812s or you can also watch on YouTube at the
1814s same time in Facebook
1816s full views or just one get all the views
1818s all the angles which do different angles
1820s for every single platform we can have
1822s the camera there exactly and then like
1825s one special one just gets the like
1826s behind us view yeah and one
1829s and
1831s um no nothing one from above we can get
1834s like I would like one from the the POV
1837s of the viewer oh like like a head cam or
1840s like oh yeah that works too yeah yeah
1842s yeah I like that okay perfect so I'm not
1845s supposed to no you're not supposed to
1847s see this I'm Shuffling some cards right
1848s now and basically
1850s um we're gonna try to have it a little
1851s orangey I basically just wrote down some
1854s creatures on these cards and then what
1856s we're gonna have to do is let's say uh
1859s 30 seconds we're gonna have to guess
1862s what you're acting up so for example I'm
1864s Shuffling the cards okay and then I'm
1866s gonna pull a card I'm gonna show it to
1868s the chat and I'm gonna have to act that
1870s out and you're gonna have to guess what
1871s it is okay and then we'll just go back
1873s and forth okay okay so I don't know I
1876s know what the cards are because I wrote
1877s them but I'm Shuffling them for RNG if
1880s that sounds fair okay okay
1881s so you cannot look at the card I pull
1884s I'm gonna pull a random one chat if you
1886s could be my timer that would be
1888s extremely helpful
1889s so I mean that works or I put a timer
1891s here let me see I think about a timer
1894s here just so we know like a an estimate
1896s okay perfect so I'm gonna do 30 seconds
1898s are you ready hi for all hello welcome
1901s to the stream it's nice to see you I
1903s didn't think you were going to be here
1904s because I thought you were in Germany
1905s but maybe you were joining from Germany
1907s hello welcome we are indeed playing
1909s charades uh we are just about to start
1911s Japan will be first and I'm gonna be
1913s doing the acting so you so when I hold
1915s it up you cannot look at the camera
1917s because you will see it because I'm
1919s gonna be holding the card so just look
1920s at me okay we're gonna try this okay
1922s guys okay yeah close your eyes I'm gonna
1924s show it oh my God okay so there you can
1926s see it perfect okay so chat just confirm
1928s that you can see what this says and this
1930s is what I have to act out so I'm going
1932s to wait until you confirm
1934s and then I will be acting it
1937s okay perfect Gigi okay great so this is
1939s what I have to act I'm gonna put it down
1941s for a second and then you pay us to
1944s guess what it is okay we're gonna start
1945s ready uh maybe let's see if you can do
1948s it in 30 seconds maybe even shorter Okay
1950s so
1952s you have to look at me sorry yeah
1956s make sure you can see him Pokemon
1958s it's it's from tribes of midgard
1961s just kidding
1966s I can't make sounds is it Garrett it is
1969s ding ding ding okay you got it in 20
1971s seconds all right before the the chat uh
1974s I showed the chat okay but maybe we
1977s could do one where I don't show that
1978s honestly and then the chat has to guess
1979s what it is that could be fun okay let's
1981s do that let's do that okay
1984s um that was so good like nobody got it
1987s yeah oh my God true poke tribes so true
1990s oh also I want to um just answer that to
1994s death color
1995s um
1995s season five kind of has a cliffhanger
1998s new mythologies what's next
2001s um I'm not sure yet uh we will see we
2004s will have more news at some point but it
2007s is uh very exciting if you have played
2009s through the last uh season which is kind
2011s of like the closure of the narrative Arc
2014s um we can't share just yet but
2016s um that's all I can say for now yeah you
2018s don't want to be spoiled yeah exactly
2020s like
2021s you want to experience it by yourself
2022s and
2024s yeah another interesting that I I have
2026s two questions okay
2028s um sorry no no go for it tick tock is a
2031s few seconds ahead
2032s yeah okay good for you Tick Tock okay
2035s like you see the future basically or you
2037s see the future of twitch okay that's an
2039s amazing pork true kind of and
2042s um why did we change the effect of the
2045s Fenway rune
2047s um oh that was the uh the fanare Rune
2049s was the infinite durability correct if
2052s I'm not mistaken
2054s um we rebalanced actually all of the
2056s ancient runes Tick Tock
2058s um so that they would all have kind of
2060s like a bonus effect because they weren't
2061s as strong as they could have been as
2063s they were before because it was kind of
2064s that you were getting the ancient Rune
2066s then you would pretty much be done with
2068s it and you wouldn't need it anymore so
2069s that's why for example like the hell
2070s Rune
2071s um you wouldn't need it to be like
2073s preventing from the cold because you
2075s already defeated hell but now it has an
2076s additional effect on it if that makes
2078s sense so we wanted the federal one to
2080s act as the same instead of being an
2082s overpowered Rune that uh was used by
2084s everybody I think that kind of
2086s summarizes it
2088s so Japan is gonna pick no I'm gonna wait
2091s actually your turn your turn yeah okay
2093s so you pick a card and then you have to
2095s act out whatever it is
2097s so the chat you have to guess to yes now
2100s everybody guesses only you know what it
2101s is did you get it
2105s you got it
2106s okay
2108s okay I'm gonna look all right so both
2112s chat and myself are gonna be guessing so
2114s please try to guess what Japan is asking
2116s acting out
2117s okay
2118s are we ready I am ready okay I have no
2121s idea to do that okay but I would be
2124s I think I need that kind of I can't
2127s okay okay I'm ready okay ready and go
2133s no sounds
2135s uh uh hell
2138s uh
2140s smaller than hell
2141s she's got a
2143s it's a witch
2145s okay okay how would you do that because
2148s you got you like the thing you were
2150s throwing like that's how I understood
2151s like if you if you pick this one like
2153s what would you do I don't know like kind
2156s of like like you know how she like pulls
2158s the people up from the ground yeah
2160s that's something I would say I was like
2161s uh which has yeah the TV remote clearly
2165s yes
2173s I got it
2176s yeah uh what did everybody else say
2178s I'm looking anger Boda Logie fishing
2181s uh
2183s thought he'd be a new one oh
2186s yeah yeah that's definitely a witch
2187s that's definitely a witch okay wait it's
2189s my turn now
2190s and I'm gonna pick one and then not show
2193s you guys again so you guys also have to
2195s guess what it is okay
2196s so I'm gonna grab Japanese on Tick Tock
2199s Duty okay so don't look I don't oh my
2203s gosh okay okay are you guys ready for
2206s this I oh okay okay okay
2209s let's go okay
2213s um
2217s Pokemon
2221s uh
2222s okay can you do that again the
2225s uh is it the John saxa
2227s I don't know what's their move
2230s oh
2231s uh I saw one Goblin yes
2235s I'm thinking of like it's taunt Emoji
2237s because
2238s okay it is a goblin you got it within
2240s the time oh okay okay wait did you guys
2242s see Goblin oh you guessed Goblin okay
2245s okay okay okay wait at least you can't
2247s make some
2248s yeah yeah okay
2251s it's totally a goblin yeah okay it was
2253s good okay okay okay thank you guys thank
2256s you thank you okay we're gonna do
2258s another one we'll do a couple more you
2260s better okay you're the best chat you are
2262s the best that is so true that is so true
2264s okay
2266s I'm not gonna look
2268s okay which leak not Goblin okay okay
2272s sorry huh are you good okay
2276s okay
2279s you ready are you ready I'll restart the
2281s timer okay 30 seconds to say I'm doing
2283s the same but it's not the same okay I'm
2286s going
2291s it's certain
2293s I knew it I knew it I knew it because of
2295s the big blade
2297s I think we should do 10 seconds
2299s this one was easy oh somebody said troll
2301s troll okay okay okay okay okay
2304s the taunt was good thank you so much I'm
2306s Goblin accurate
2308s all right we'll do a couple more like I
2310s said I thought Troll 2 that's true
2312s because it could have been the control
2313s with its like giant Club too
2315s like though that's true
2318s cool I'm gonna take one
2320s not gonna show you okay kkkk
2324s oh my goodness okay so are you ready for
2327s this
2329s okay we'll do
2332s um we'll just try a time okay okay 20
2334s seconds
2342s I don't want to say just too
2346s um chicken um no
2352s is it hell Curry
2354s no it's like a creature
2356s creature not a cosmetic
2360s wait wait why
2364s also the penguin yeah yeah the Puffin
2368s the Puffin yeah yeah it's the Puffin
2371s that's all I can do really there's
2372s nothing else they do other than like
2373s yeah they're like oh yeah true I could
2376s have like when you when you're close
2378s you're like oh that's so true I could
2379s have done that because we are perfect so
2383s there we are actually oh yeah we got a
2385s lot of pigeon Birds
2387s those were good guesses bird flying
2389s Dragon Mounts not yet the penguin yeah
2393s penguin the Sunbird yeah you got it you
2396s got it heck yeah okay I was focused on
2399s an enemy yeah yeah yeah I was thinking a
2402s creature yeah no there's definitely
2404s there's animals in the mix too
2407s um yes that is my understanding let's do
2409s one more yep
2411s take your pick from
2417s perhaps you got it
2421s is it a good one
2422s I would pick another one okay now I need
2425s to stand up okay
2428s not yet but I'm waiting
2433s you got it I got it okay let's go guys
2435s last one
2437s all right go for it you picked up the
2439s stick so I'm like concerned you're gonna
2440s use it oh my God are you kidding yeah
2443s okay yeah
2445s so certain it's the troll okay yeah so
2450s my my role play free time is doing that
2453s that makes oh yeah the witch okay
2457s thank you thank you so much for playing
2459s the video game
2460s thank you everybody for participating in
2462s the game as well
2464s wonderful acting skills wonderful
2466s representation of the creatures and
2468s tribes that was the best troll ever uh
2470s is what somebody said the best Troll and
2474s yeah yeah exactly it's like multifested
2477s amazing thank you thank you winner is
2480s the controller that is so true the stick
2482s love the game oh I'm glad I'm glad
2485s amazing
2486s I'm gonna take a sip of teeth
2488s that is the Ultimate Weapon actually
2491s yeah
2493s say hello to tick tock again hello Tick
2496s Tock um how's it going on there
2500s 1 600 likes so far
2505s I don't know what to do with Tick Tock
2506s I'll show them actually I'll show Tick
2508s Tock a close-up of the mug
2509s here are the tribes of midgard mugs we
2511s have a bunch of them in the studio and
2514s they are lovely there you are we
2516s actually just had some new merch on our
2518s site as well
2519s um including a mouse pad which is pretty
2521s cool and I want it
2522s um so hopefully we can order it
2524s art so
2527s um in any case uh yes that is the that
2529s is the lime controller I love that
2530s controller it's like my favorite game
2533s yeah oh can we get those for Merch yes
2536s you can actually buy the mugs uh right
2538s now so John posted the merch link you
2541s can check out all of our tribes in the
2542s guard merch there
2544s um like I said we have some new stuff
2545s you can check out that we uh released
2547s with the Valhalla Saga
2549s So speaking of Valhalla Sega I think I
2552s will very quickly give you a short news
2554s update and then we will move along
2555s because I know oh yeah oh yeah okay it's
2558s been a little bit of time
2579s [Music]
2582s oh no oh no oh no oh no we we're doing
2585s sure what is coming next oh you wouldn't
2588s hear anything we were just talking about
2590s actually yeah what was like next oh my
2593s gosh oh we said everything oh no it was
2595s mute not um oh no just kidding okay
2599s um
2600s hello we there's it's not a stream
2602s unless something goes wrong you need to
2603s go on Studio mode and add the mic okay
2606s bear with us for one moment
2609s um there we go okay Studio mode I can
2610s definitely see everything not let me do
2614s this okay so I can do this correct okay
2618s amazing and if you were on Tick Tock you
2621s would have heard everything we just said
2624s yes
2625s that is true that is true with the fact
2628s that is actually a fact that is true
2631s okay I fixed our camera
2633s um now I can also but look it's it's
2635s okay
2638s so you need to go on your uh scene so
2640s the asset I guess uh that's what I'm on
2643s okay yeah you can change on the left you
2645s can add the mic or you can copy from the
2647s intro oh so this is referring to this
2649s one I think this one like the
2653s so we do the input capture
2657s [Music]
2658s um let's do roadway
2660s we are coming back we're coming back 20
2662s seconds Max
2664s um and then this one right
2667s uh yes okay okay
2670s um I would like to hit OK please
2673s so we can try that if you yeah click
2677s that oh now we're back okay we will try
2681s please let us know if you can hear us
2684s hello hello okay you should be able to
2686s hear us now it looks good okay thank you
2688s so much
2690s um let me just double check the chat
2691s okay
2693s uh sound is sound is now Tick Tock
2695s exclusive that is so true yeah it is it
2698s is
2699s um
2700s oh very quickly what is everyone's
2703s favorite character from tribes of
2704s midgard
2705s um
2707s okay because I like I know mine like
2709s right off the Hop also
2711s what is your favorite uh character is it
2714s like creators characters anything from
2717s God yes
2719s I want to hear what the chat says mine
2721s is definitely a creature from tribes
2725s oh wait and see my character yeah
2727s actually so true like your character is
2729s the coolest
2731s very true okay so while you Ponder on
2734s that
2735s um I will give you a very quick
2738s um run through also I love seeing the
2739s answers heron
2742s Victor still so true ictrizzle is
2744s sentient like it has souls so it's alive
2746s yeah yeah totally agree yeah Linda for
2749s real that is so true Linda oh my God
2752s that is so chicken man oh my gosh
2754s remember when we
2755s like when it was a suggestion from the
2758s committee like everyone had fun with
2760s linworm yep yeah yeah and then it was I
2763s think Gretchen and all the other admin
2765s modes talking about oh I love Linda then
2768s it became a pet yeah yeah yeah so if you
2770s didn't know like that's where the name
2771s Linda comes from it is from one of our
2773s mods actually and then we put her a
2775s little little Linda in the game princess
2777s Linda
2780s is my favorite tribe's character
2782s absolutely
2785s also I love uh Christian that you said
2788s chicken man
2789s um because it has almost been a year
2792s like it'll be our two year anniversary
2793s for tribes and we had introduced the
2795s chicken man like the Ragnar rooster at
2797s the last anniversary event of tribes so
2800s it's been almost a year that that's been
2802s out
2803s oh yeah okay so uh very quickly um I
2807s love
2807s getting sidetracked by the chat
2810s um is going to keep happening
2811s but in any case we wanted to mention
2814s very quickly if you missed it that last
2816s uh last week or a little bit over a week
2819s ago now maybe two weeks I feel like time
2820s has just been
2823s um we actually did a construction limit
2825s update so this is applied automatically
2828s to all of your worlds right now you
2830s don't need to restart your world or
2831s anything so in survival mode
2833s um we doubled the limit which means that
2835s now it's 10 times higher than what it
2837s was when we introduced the construction
2839s system so that is brand new if you
2841s haven't heard about it yet all the patch
2843s notes are on our website now you can
2844s read it there so yeah we're going to be
2846s doing a little bit of building today
2847s that's a spoiler
2849s um we also did an update to the final
2851s ancient which don't do not spoil it in
2854s the chat but for anybody who completed
2856s the last season kind of narrative Arc
2858s you will have seen them uh we gave them
2860s a slight buff so that is just an update
2862s I wanted to mention it is on our website
2864s um and then in other quick news
2866s um we actually have the soundtrack for
2868s tribes of midgar the original soundtrack
2870s which is out on all streaming platforms
2871s right now
2873s um I would love to know your favorite
2874s song and which one you've been listening
2875s to the most but it's out everywhere so
2877s it's on like Spotify Apple music YouTube
2879s Everything uh so you can check that out
2881s who's your favorite
2882s um I love the ocean one which is the one
2884s I put as the intro to the stream today
2886s so if you heard it playing at the start
2888s that's the one that I that I chose
2890s because I feel like we don't get to
2891s appreciate the ocean one enough because
2893s I feel like I'm not sailing a lot of the
2894s time so then I like to listen to that
2896s one the Open Sea song it's a good one
2898s with the what is it a trumpet or the
2901s yeah yeah it's like trumpet yeah yeah
2903s exactly exactly
2905s yeah mine would be like for the energy
2908s would be lucky oh yeah yeah that one and
2911s I think we use that also for the native
2913s campaign we did for season five yep
2915s that's true a bunch of videos but yeah
2918s that's yeah that's a really good one
2920s as you said it's from Vibe Avenue like
2922s oh yeah yeah I think I mentioned that in
2924s any case uh yeah Vibe Avenue music
2928s tribes
2932s since you know at the company like it's
2933s it's always been Vibe Avenue which are a
2935s local they're amazing
2937s they made it such a good soundtrack yeah
2940s Garden
2942s and I'm not saying that because I'm
2944s working on tried but it's one of my
2946s favorite soundtrack ever like when you
2948s want to chill or walking or whatever
2950s like just focus on something uh you put
2954s the soundtrack and here you go yeah one
2956s hour and 20 minutes after you're fully
2959s productive and you did you you drop down
2961s like yeah anyways yeah me too me too and
2964s I love that ultimate setup I can't
2966s listen to the soundtrack it puts me to
2967s sleep it's so relaxing which is true
2969s like I find a lot of music in tribes is
2971s very relaxing aside from like serger and
2973s fenrir like those tracks are very
2974s intense I find yeah very cool also I see
2978s quitsar tree hello hello welcome to the
2980s stream um yay building actually uh
2983s speaking of building I as I mentioned I
2986s have some of some builds I want to like
2988s quickly share you guys let me know what
2989s you think of them a lot of them were
2991s shared
2992s um on our Discord and quitsatry I
2995s actually have some of your builds
2996s featured here too so you will see them
2998s um you will see them and yes the
3000s beginning of time I am very old that's
3002s Zach I'm so old uh we are Mythic
3004s creatures true that is true
3006s um so cool I will share a couple of them
3008s like I mentioned uh this one I saw from
3011s norcus which I absolutely love the
3013s garden I think that's the best some of
3015s the best Garden work I've ever seen
3018s um very very cool I like that one a lot
3020s I also like that the ancient like
3022s trophies are set up right in front of
3024s the house I like that one
3026s and then quizletri actually yours are up
3028s next so this one was a medieval castle
3031s um which is cool because it's kind of
3033s like the mixing of mythologies and time
3036s um and then I have like a closer pick
3038s too like what you're showing today is it
3039s after the yes yes after the construction
3042s update so we've been seeing this on our
3044s Discord we had a lot of urban Guardians
3046s like post uh build pictures yeah some of
3048s the builds are amazing
3050s um they look incredible like you said
3052s it's 10 times higher than what we have
3055s uh one year ago something like that so
3057s yeah like everything you seeing now is
3060s in the game like in game they they made
3063s it on their own Etc like it's possible
3065s to have something that is really
3066s creative yeah yeah I think it just yeah
3068s it goes to show like the possibilities
3069s because even I I feel you know Limited
3072s in terms of like what my mind can think
3074s of in building and then I see these and
3075s I'm like oh okay I can put a table like
3077s in the middle of like my castle you know
3079s what I mean so just it's much it's
3081s amazing creatively that's another view
3084s of it as well
3085s um and then this one this one I think
3087s this one was an older one by kotsatry
3088s but I also just wanted to share this one
3090s another view of the castle
3092s oh I have more Castle
3094s hello okay and then cassatri I just had
3096s your comment there uh about the castle
3100s um I had these ones um hello who's who's
3103s there
3104s hello Richard and we have some people
3106s you can see yeah yeah
3109s we might uh yeah maybe open the door a
3111s little few let a few Norse Valiants in
3113s everyone can join yeah yeah
3116s um amazing
3117s um also I love uh the comments in the
3118s chat so far also valos uh Ron sending
3121s you and everyone in the chat lots of
3122s love and blessings keeping amazing and
3124s stay blessed
3125s sending the love back thank you so much
3127s for joining us on the stream today
3130s um love this game so addictive that's
3131s awesome
3132s um could satri I wanted to build a
3133s castle for a long time but didn't have
3135s the space but now it is finally possible
3137s yay also hello Tick Tock we are still
3139s looking at you hi I'm just vibing with
3142s people that's okay but Tick Tock uh keep
3144s an eye on saying oh man love the work
3147s guys thank you so much it's similar to
3149s the the comment you just read like oh
3151s thank you for all of those awesome
3153s um I see gee saying hey that's me yeah I
3155s saw you build these sapling defenses I
3157s thought they were really really cool
3159s um and then did it work huh oh yeah did
3162s this work actually so you you're just
3164s you you don't fight anymore and
3166s you're just letting the the Terrors
3167s doing their job okay okay so gee says
3170s it's my usual design to defend super
3173s efficient until the poison Towers reload
3175s and start attacking each other I don't
3177s think that should happen but uh do they
3180s like to store each other but I mean
3181s that's great to hear it works for the
3183s most part super efficient okay
3185s yeah that's so true
3188s um okay and then this one was by Swifty
3190s squirrel I liked this one in particular
3191s because it had like a little secret back
3194s exit
3195s um which is like if you're in trouble
3197s you can like head out the back
3199s um
3200s and then this one uh since we were just
3202s talking about sapling defense this one
3204s was built uh by tiffj and it is the most
3206s intense sapling protection setup I have
3209s seen so far I don't think anything was
3212s getting past that
3214s um but I love it
3215s wow
3217s it's uh it's it's overwhelming wow but
3221s in a good way I don't have the words
3222s okay perfect uh and then this one is
3224s also by tiffj this person just likes to
3226s build in the volcano I just need to
3227s point that out that is wow this was
3230s another house they built in the volcano
3232s which is also like a feat because it's
3233s hot in the volcano
3236s um that was another review of norcos's I
3237s think that was supposed to be at the
3238s start and another view there
3240s um I like the way they kept everything
3241s enclosed like in this area yeah
3245s it is very clean I like it a lot no mood
3248s on your shoes true that is true
3251s um and then this one here was by play
3253s Zhao and they had mentioned in the
3255s comment they were like I'm still
3256s learning like how to build um can we
3258s just have a moment to appreciate play
3259s Joe for what they are doing
3262s um and the fact that they are building
3263s even if they do not feel confident about
3265s it I just want to Hype them up a little
3267s bit
3268s for that and I'm also going to hide
3270s these old images below okay so in any
3273s case I had that one and then there was
3275s one more I wanted to share which is one
3276s I saw on Twitter which was this I know
3278s which is this really cool symmetrical
3280s build I know it's like and even the like
3283s person standing on the barrel and then
3285s the chicken there's a chicken on the
3287s table I thought this was such a nice
3288s picture and the barrels and everything
3290s like everything was just perfectly
3292s symmetrical Mead exactly exactly no
3295s Photoshop like it's just in-game yeah
3297s exactly
3299s um as for your comment about buildings
3300s over water I will have to double check
3303s if that is something that has changed or
3304s something that is possible
3307s um yeah I'll have to double check in
3309s that
3309s because I think it was possible to me
3311s yes it's a meat factory it is it is okay
3314s yeah okay for sure I love your own your
3317s passion I don't know who did that but I
3319s love uh
3320s exactly
3321s um okay and then very quickly since I
3323s know we're a little bit short on time um
3325s I did want to bring this up I don't know
3326s if anybody had seen this yet but we had
3328s posted it on our socials uh we actually
3330s had our second proposal in tribes of
3332s midgard so this was posted in our
3334s Discord I thought it was so adorable
3338s um and then she said yes which was very
3340s very cute and then there's a little
3342s there's a little heart also in the
3344s construction I thought that was so so so
3346s cute so congrats to them
3348s um for getting married and also Pharrell
3352s yes yes he's gonna do the honeymoon in
3354s game yes absolutely build like a little
3356s cabin a little cabin a little cabin in
3358s Valhalla that would be so cute
3361s uh little hearts yeah
3363s um also for for all what you mentioned I
3365s will have to double check on that please
3366s do not let me forget if you want to poke
3368s me on Discord that would be so helpful
3371s um and then yeah I just wanted to share
3372s this final comment about um Perma death
3374s since that is what we are going to be
3375s playing today I saw this on YouTube I
3378s just finished my Pro death play through
3379s it's the best feeling I ever had while
3381s playing a video game I was like they
3382s must enjoy Challenge and like dying
3385s again and again
3386s um and then same here kiribat
3389s um just saying like after seven attempts
3390s finally did it uh thanks for the
3392s challenge it was fun
3394s um so yeah I'm curious to see how we do
3396s today
3398s um but yeah I'm ready I'm ready to go
3401s ready to rumble
3403s um
3403s Midwest I need to learn more about the
3406s building I've done a small cabin so far
3408s LOL if you want to know more about
3410s building I highly suggest joining our
3411s Discord because that is where I pulled
3413s all of these images from and all the
3414s inspiration so you can definitely uh
3416s check it out there
3417s um I also do you know if there is like
3419s tutorial from the committee or something
3421s yes yes about building yes um well I
3424s know there's a time lapse build from
3426s quitsatry actually who's in our chat and
3428s the images I showed are on YouTube and I
3430s believe quizatra you also posted it in
3432s our Discord this fall
3434s which you can check
3436s um perfect you know what I think it's
3437s time for
3439s uh what
3441s you know the dramatic pause uh I think
3445s it's maybe time for a shift code
3447s oh my God yeah I think so
3450s um we have to think of a question
3453s oh I do I do have do you have yeah I do
3455s have one okay okay so Japan the first
3457s question goes to Japan
3460s are you guys ready for this look at John
3462s he's summoning that's his summoning the
3463s shift code uh emote by the way
3466s so don't worry we are going to give all
3468s the shift codes
3470s um
3472s and what is this one for which shift
3474s code do we want to give away I'm trying
3476s to see not this one because I want to do
3478s something special for this one okay so
3481s this one uh
3483s did it so this one so this one is your
3486s color yeah okay yeah
3488s yeah so okay
3491s hope everyone is on the
3493s console PC something like that
3496s I would like you to tell me what is
3501s the shop item in the middle we have free
3503s shop item what is the one in the middle
3505s oh my gosh that's a good question that's
3508s and you probably need I'm curious I'm
3511s gonna check right now because I have the
3512s game open wait you probably need to open
3514s the game so yeah tell me what is the
3516s shop item we have so we have free shot
3519s item uh this week tell me which one is
3522s uh in the middle go go and we can say
3526s what shift code this is for because John
3527s yeah it's oh yeah you didn't say it it's
3529s for the the best this is for the best
3531s one this is for the lovely locks bundle
3533s so you will be able to earn all of the
3535s dual tone hair colors in game all of
3537s them all six of them
3539s um so very specifically let us know
3542s which is the featured Cosmetic in the
3544s middle
3545s annual win
3547s I think we have our winner
3549s oh my God which is Will of the Moon
3553s congratulations you we're so fast I I
3557s thought you would tell you like five
3558s minutes or something like that that is a
3560s good one though that is a good one I
3561s have one that will maybe take five
3562s minutes yeah and it was a hard one you
3564s would have easy one after don't worry uh
3567s but if you don't mind well we can't
3569s whisper like I think that's how we yeah
3571s John will John will whisper it to you so
3573s the first one you are ready to rumble
3575s that's true because you did have the
3576s game open because you were gonna play
3578s Survival that is true
3579s that makes sense damn yeah okay well
3583s congratulations uh John will reach out
3585s to you via whisper and you will have the
3588s loveliest hair in all of the land
3592s GG
3593s cool all right so I think uh what do you
3596s say I think it's game time it's game
3599s time right so we the question is
3603s how do you think we're gonna do who do
3605s you think what do you think will happen
3606s we have a loose plan to build a little
3608s bit we want to build a little house and
3611s we might try to kill John saxa and maybe
3613s do like a one-way cave because last time
3617s I was on stream on permita yeah I know
3619s we will do the most we can I'm very
3621s ambitious to like want to do a lot um
3623s but we're not going to be streaming
3624s eternally even though we probably could
3626s okay so uh let me pop up the game that
3630s is important uh it's tribes tribes yeah
3634s do we ah okay they can hear yes
3637s can can they hear us they can hear us
3639s yeah just double checking it's the same
3641s as okay it's the same scene so I'm gonna
3643s mute the discussion and I'm gonna turn
3645s on tribe's music instead so you can
3646s enjoy the lovely uh tribes music
3652s okay
3654s all right so you should be able to hear
3655s tribes let me know if you don't
3658s um will of the moon is also if you're on
3660s Playstation uh they are also hosting a
3662s survival world if you want to join some
3664s permadeath along with us
3667s um and yes Pharrell says I remember
3669s dying on permanent stream feral had
3671s joined for a permadeth stream last time
3674s and we had gone into a cave and I think
3676s it was a jar that killed us uh but all
3678s of us died in that cave in any case it
3680s won't be us this time
3682s it won't be a system no no of course
3684s okay can you recap the goals again uh
3687s the goals we potentially would like to
3689s get to John saxa she will be fairly
3692s close to us uh maybe we could fight her
3694s a little bit that will be very dangerous
3696s I'm just gonna say so just say hi and
3698s that's it say hi maybe see if we can hit
3700s her a little bit
3701s um and then we are also going to try to
3703s build so we can try to build kind of a
3705s structure maybe you guys can help us in
3707s determining what we should build uh but
3709s we are going to do that uh you can't
3711s hear the music oh wait
3713s hold up yeah the music is a
3716s um muted oh that's the stream music I
3718s mean the uh tribes music yeah
3721s give me a second I thought I did have
3724s tribe's music
3726s uh maybe not
3730s okay
3732s tribe's sound give us one moment oh nope
3736s I don't want to do a new scene
3738s uh what did we have for tribe sound
3743s give me a second oh I know what it was I
3744s know what it was
3745s um you need to do this right yes
3749s main one
3751s okay we're gonna do that and then
3755s um
3757s okay okay and then we hit okay
3761s okay so you should be able to see it in
3764s the list oh my gosh what is
3768s hello my ears what what wait oh
3771s sorry sorry oh it is loud okay okay
3773s sorry sorry sorry
3775s okay uh oh we have to provide the sound
3779s okay
3782s no we should be good I'm just gonna turn
3784s it down we can play like with our mouth
3787s we can like how do we say
3789s [Music]
3799s is that good
3800s oh my God
3802s yeah it's for you Mary if she's here
3805s it's for you Maria is a huge fan like
3807s he's a pretty artist and she's a used
3810s fan of Zelda so if you hear that while
3813s you're walking yeah yeah but we're like
3817s yeah I don't know
3820s oh yeah okay so let's go back to yes
3823s it's tribes is the music okay now it
3826s should be I see it's kind of maybe more
3827s up here would be okay
3830s I think that's fine let me know if the
3831s tribe's music is too loud but in any
3833s case I turned it down a little bit uh
3835s tears of the Kingdom collab yes when one
3838s day when is my question I'm just kidding
3841s just kidding build a cabin with a
3843s balcony you should build a cozy cabin
3845s okay so it seems to be like a cabin is
3847s the consensus hi every hello hello how
3850s are you doing
3851s um every I actually saw the other day
3853s I'm sorry if this is weird
3855s um that you had put a review on steam
3857s and you had over a thousand hours in the
3859s game and I just want to say that that's
3861s incredible that's all and you speak
3863s French and you speak French that is true
3865s so we appreciate you
3867s I I'm friends too yeah so like thank you
3872s for playing 1000 hours and more yeah
3875s it's incredible okay so I'm going to
3877s abandon to free up a slot abandon means
3880s you will never be able to return so I'm
3882s abandoning because that means you delete
3884s the world delete the world it's done
3886s done
3888s uh I have an ID like it's probably not
3890s something we'll do today but what if one
3891s day we recreate Knoxville studio in game
3895s oh my gosh that that's a good idea is it
3897s possible I think it's possible like we
3899s yeah because yeah this is two stairs
3901s yeah actually it should actually what if
3904s I do a little Tick Tock whoa there you
3907s get to see a little bit more of the
3909s studio and our plants there you go
3911s yeah we're on Tick Tock right now we are
3913s on Tick Tock that is why I'm moving my
3915s phone around as well um so yeah that's a
3917s little bit more sujipay was just saying
3918s a little bit here's a little sneak peek
3920s uh kind of feel like you you do the like
3923s the walls to do like you have upstairs
3926s you have the kitchen Etc I know we don't
3930s have kitchen yeah but we could like we
3932s could
3933s you can move that however you need okay
3936s so I'm gonna we're gonna get this game
3937s started because we talk a lot but we're
3941s gonna play we're gonna play but
3942s okay yes BTS
3945s um okay perfect
3946s so I'm ready new game I'm gonna create
3948s it uh we'll make it private so it'll
3950s just be like us two
3952s um password is going to be this and I
3954s can put it in oh sure you can see
3958s who made this game
3961s this game oh my gosh
3963s um okay Chad close your eyes for the
3966s next two no but I can do this I can do
3967s this there I can do the two two members
3969s okay everyone close your eyes no nobody
3972s okay you have to find the world so go to
3974s survival um 8 240. nobody join okay
3978s okay so it's working okay uh
3984s you got it
3985s okay so I'm gonna start it go to your
3987s world list
3989s no you go back I'm creating it now oh
3991s yeah you create it in a run that makes
3993s so much more sense so the password will
3995s be Mio
4000s good
4003s um it's nine okay nine oh eight eight
4007s um
4008s foreign
4010s okay so once it loads up it'll be going
4013s so if you have any questions you can ask
4014s it now
4016s oh
4018s as we load in uh sad that we won't see
4021s it I wanted to I wonder if I see it when
4023s I join are you I don't know oh can you
4025s like can we
4027s um mute the sounds and we we read that
4030s like we try to uh oh yeah we try to do
4033s Zach voice I mean or we can change our
4036s voice like when yeah I don't know okay
4038s let's see if that works I don't know I
4040s don't know if I get it when I join but
4041s he's talking about this
4044s thank you okay so I'm gonna find your
4046s world
4048s it's one
4050s oh that was so accurate
4054s oh sheesh Tick Tock is falling
4056s we got it
4061s I'm just looking at Tech talk ask Zach
4063s to come help
4064s Maybe
4066s of course okay
4069s so I still I'm gonna wait for the code
4071s it's coming it's coming and as a
4074s reminder we still have two shift codes
4076s to give away we'll give away one um when
4078s we're playing and then maybe it'll be
4079s another little one after so stick around
4081s and we'll be giving them out
4084s foreign
4086s that is true there is Zach in the chat
4090s I know it's this so let me just search
4092s this
4094s I think it's up okay
4097s uh just double check that it starts with
4098s a nine
4100s password is meow meow
4106s oh I found it
4109s hello okay Capital meow okay
4114s I'm in I'm in oh there we go oh my God
4117s it still plays it
4118s we have been for you
4122s um we watch as yours got burned for
4125s survival
4129s oh my God I was
4133s I can't go anymore
4136s as you settle these perilous ones
4141s yeah I'll do the next even under the
4143s cover of my
4146s Knuckles that works
4148s to come
4151s in like a NPC like admission whatever
4154s I've been preparing as well
4158s and the Ragnarok Waits for No One
4164s hides of meter guard
4168s the French version
4171s wow that was good Japan yeah the new
4174s cover as hell oh my gosh I should get
4176s some hell voice lines yeah a UK accent
4179s oh my gosh uh wait let me try with this
4181s like
4182s welcome back to midgard and here we are
4185s names Ira hero of our hella's first wave
4187s the God sent me on a head to protect the
4189s seat of yukdressil and make sure
4191s reinforcements are ready for what's to
4193s come want to know what it is do ya okay
4196s was that good I'm gonna go for it
4198s keep on I think a thing thing oh you're
4202s echoing because I think the in-game
4205s voice is
4207s uh nope maybe question all right okay
4211s perfect
4211s can I hear oh because I turned the
4214s volume off that's why
4217s okay guys we're gonna get this game
4219s going I've been in the world no no no
4222s where is my controller
4224s uh good question am I on it yes you're
4227s on my controller okay
4229s so let's go permada so we have to
4231s remember that we can die at any time
4233s um also wait let me just uh okay so this
4236s the chat is scrolling perfect good cool
4238s trailer when's the game coming out oh my
4240s God
4241s it's so true thank you for the reaction
4243s for all
4244s um
4245s I'm gonna punch everything
4248s um into another Direction I have to
4250s remember not to be Reckless that's all
4253s right so we're Gathering wood wood is
4256s the main objective so that we can
4259s build constructions of course
4262s uh AFK for a bit says John no problem uh
4265s ghee and or you're here too
4268s and we'll be able to mod
4272s oh true I have to watch out for you by
4275s the way yes
4277s we are not using magic this time
4280s what do you mean you know oh yes special
4282s magic yes like the mid game no more
4285s mid-guard mat no more yeah North spell
4288s magic in the game
4291s it's purely live also I'm definitely
4294s testing my limit right now I need to run
4296s what happens if we die
4298s chat can you please
4300s come up with something that we must do
4303s when we die because I did not think of
4305s any consequence
4306s I'm Coming Home by the way also uh is
4308s the stream good enough quality I saw
4311s hayaku that you said it was only 720P
4314s what yeah I am uh I know it might be an
4319s OBS setting oh I don't think it's my
4320s game setting
4322s uh probably uh since 1920. now it's not
4326s you it's uh it's obvious okay
4328s can we probably can't change it without
4329s restarting this one okay okay I
4332s apologize for that we will up it next
4334s time sorry I think it's I might have
4336s switched uh the good news is you don't
4338s need a good connection to watch this
4341s stream that is true let's let's see the
4342s positive
4344s in that yeah
4346s hayaku says 10 push-ups if we die I'm
4349s gonna do it
4351s I'll do it and then what we'll do is
4352s that we'll put Tick Tock to show the
4354s push-ups okay okay can I do something
4356s else I have my
4359s [Music]
4363s I will
4365s I can do
4367s I will I get like I can do anything else
4370s yeah
4373s that would be fantastic what am I okay I
4376s have a blessings point
4378s can you do sit-ups
4382s or no physical activity
4384s uh uh I I couldn't sit-ups okay
4388s but they came
4393s no the like I I do the full set of voice
4397s of the um
4399s of the animated trailer yes
4404s I can also cook if you want I can draw
4406s something I can
4408s do a primitive solo until
4414s I leveled up no pain no gain so true
4422s eat a raw egg no no thank you
4426s I'm gonna do a Cheesy Tick Tock dance
4429s good there are wolves
4434s get out of here
4438s okay
4438s uh what am I getting
4441s also you have the chance on the stream
4443s today to win this hairdo right here that
4446s you see
4447s voila
4450s and we will be getting that out shortly
4453s also when John is back
4456s every right when done anything that
4459s yeah uh yeah self will revive went down
4462s the die like I'm
4464s I'm not I'm happy now okay yeah
4469s [Music]
4472s blessing I think I'm gonna get
4475s uh don't avoid damage on falling because
4476s I tend to jump off of everything and I
4478s think that's the way I would die in
4480s kermuda I'm going to die
4483s well
4484s just watch the death be by something
4485s stupid for F's part you improvise
4490s um oh my gosh he's talking about the
4493s goblin song
4495s we said if we die we have to sing the
4497s goblin song
4500s oh my God there's a goblin right here
4504s [Music]
4507s yes the hair is on the correct side
4509s actually Ori it is
4512s there's me yeah
4514s yeah but also the stream camera is
4516s flipped so it actually is on the correct
4517s side
4518s I promise we don't mind where we put the
4521s station no no no no
4524s yeah let's
4526s I'm adventuring
4528s and then I'll come back
4530s collecting some stuff for us we need to
4532s build the construction bench in order to
4535s make constructions
4538s just kidding
4544s fireworks there's the puffins
4548s see can you do this again that's me how
4552s did you do that hold on watch watch I
4554s know I want to see if it's accurate okay
4556s yeah
4558s you
4560s I was a puffin
4565s we want it wait I'm not gonna lie but
4568s Pema death
4570s I'm trying hard so much you know like
4572s I'm so focusing on on the game I don't
4574s want to die yeah
4576s and I feel like I would be muted for
4579s like one the next hour like
4582s I'm running I'm running
4584s around I think that's a good idea no I'm
4585s leaving I'm leaving I just wanted the
4587s beach stuff
4589s oh good okay you're strong but not that
4591s strong
4592s uh we want a tick tock angle wait are
4595s you on Tick Tock kayakoo we'll give you
4596s a special Tick Tock angle here I'm gonna
4598s stand here
4600s there we go hi tick tock
4604s oh what is going on on Tick Tock let me
4607s take a look
4609s oh man I love the work guys I think that
4611s was an older comment but thank you oh my
4612s God I'm getting killed this for a second
4614s wait wait oh wait wait wait wait wait
4617s wait wait I'm gonna go to the Village
4618s I'm gonna go to the Village sorry Tick
4620s Tock uh we have to leave you there for a
4621s second
4622s we're gonna go to Village
4625s uh legendary Elfie hello welcome to the
4627s stream how are you doing it was nice to
4629s see you here um oh I'm gonna come oh my
4632s gosh
4633s please
4635s do it we're going home we're going home
4638s we're going oh there's too many of them
4639s there's too many of them I'm going home
4641s goodbye watch this if this is not
4643s passable I swear it oh
4651s I look at the map I thought that was
4654s gonna be okay okay
4656s I'm not I'm trying my best it's not even
4658s like I'm trying to die I'm actually it's
4661s fine it's fine I blame it on Facebook
4663s okay
4665s um I already died it's fine hi Elfie
4668s um thank you for joining and
4670s experiencing that
4671s um in any case
4673s okay sorry I'm not I'm not mocking you I
4677s know and it's just that the situation is
4679s amazing I know killed by goblins I know
4681s and I was imitating them earlier
4683s actually
4684s um in any case
4685s yes if in the chat um if you are
4688s watching on Tick Tock or if you want to
4689s join watching on Tick Tock I'm gonna
4691s respect what we said I'm gonna do 10
4693s push-ups really really quick you can sit
4694s here you can okay so I'm gonna put this
4697s down
4697s oh my gosh okay
4699s everyone uh give me like one second I'm
4702s gonna do ten push-ups okay okay tick
4704s tock's gonna see this bye see you in one
4706s minute
4709s so I'm gonna go right there
4710s okay guys you have 20 seconds to go on
4713s Tick-Tock if you want to see that uh
4717s wait Sydney I don't know how to uh I'm a
4719s boomer oh no
4724s okay you have 20 seconds to do it guys
4732s 20 seconds to join Tick Tock it's tick
4737s uh like it's it's the the real one
4743s oh okay wow that's good
4747s John The Tick Tock link now
4751s fast fast
4754s yes you have 10 seconds
4756s oh here's the link click on it go where
4760s we are 1000 on Tick Tock amazing
4763s it's not true
4765s are you
4768s two chats
4770s three
4772s four
4777s uh three now five
4780s six
4782s seven
4784s eight
4787s nine
4791s and ten
4794s oh my God
4805s okay
4807s I'm gonna get buff I'm gonna get buffer
4809s every stream please
4811s jump for the tribe in the chat like
4814s she just did 10 push-ups
4816s I respected it
4818s sweaty now
4820s a Nike I could not do a proper push-up
4822s it's fine
4823s okay take a sip
4826s and we'll go back in
4829s are we start again yeah we have to start
4830s again
4831s let's go
4833s yep we will start again
4835s all right did I miss anything in the
4837s chat
4838s um yes they are some heavy shoes
4840s actually I do have platform shoes
4842s okay
4844s oh they got platform platform sneakers
4847s did I miss anything in the chat while I
4849s was doing push-ups oh
4851s oh hello hello uh Cooney always enjoying
4854s the studio streams and nice to see you
4855s again I'm surprised I'm not as out of
4857s breath as I thought I was gonna be okay
4860s I'm good I'm good I'm good you're active
4862s like John John yeah I'm trying I'll try
4864s you you work every day yeah I do yeah
4867s yeah that is true
4869s um John is back okay John is back uh
4870s what did you miss um I just did push-ups
4873s on the floor that's about all you missed
4875s and I died
4878s um do you want me to restart also uh
4880s will of the Moon says now will of the
4881s moon has already beat us because we died
4883s the one who is also playing
4886s um
4887s nice you're already at John saxa okay
4891s um maybe you keep going and we see if we
4893s can race you if you want to restart and
4895s join us you definitely can
4897s um but we're gonna we're gonna do
4898s another one so thank you all um another
4902s one also I think I would like to give
4905s away a shift code now that John is back
4908s I'm going to give away
4909s um this one here if you agree with me
4917s in Oh Yes actually I can equip it okay I
4921s can also I think I have it or if I don't
4922s I'm Gonna Be Sad actually I think you
4924s have it I do okay so God is coming
4928s any any second any second now so we're
4932s gonna be giving away Jasper who's this
4933s little cutie who's bouncing around here
4935s uh somebody in the chat will win
4937s um we'll go in game so we can show you
4939s uh what he looks like so feel free to
4941s start it up and then I will join in uh
4944s in a moment
4946s again okay Capital this time too now two
4949s meow too okay
4952s Jasper the hyperactive pet exactly
4956s I love Jasper me too
4959s okay my favorite like me too because I
4961s know look at him he he ate too much
4963s candy and that's why he dances around
4965s like that do you know who did it is it
4967s cat um it was Thomas Thomas
4970s shout out Thomas for doing that yeah and
4972s that's what he was saying it was just
4973s like a little hyperactive kid like he
4975s ate too much candy that's why he spins
4977s around so much
4978s he's just like me for real so true so
4980s true
4982s we are we're racing we're racing
4988s all right I will join
4990s um
4991s what's the world number
4995s you just press M and then you can see it
4998s you just need to open the map
5002s okay
5010s oh and then I guess you yeah
5015s we have the intro sequence again
5021s huh
5035s please rate please
5050s it was really cool to see it for the
5052s first time like animated it's like to
5054s see tribes in a different media
5056s anime out of time
5062s oh
5064s I have the ex machina but it's not that
5067s um uh
5069s I know what you're talking about
5074s does it have to do something with
5075s macular I feel like it does
5078s oh my gosh all right
5081s it's it's gone from my brain I know what
5083s you're talking about boxing box Machina
5086s that's what it is there you go Maggie
5087s thank you thank you
5088s that is so true okay we're gonna try
5091s again uh but like I said we are
5094s um we still have a bit of stream time
5096s left we're gonna try a little
5097s construction this time
5099s um and yes it was by titmouse um but
5101s yeah here's little Jasper here's a
5103s little cutie let me pet him so you can
5105s see what he looks like and then we will
5106s give away the shift code if John you are
5108s also ready to give it away
5111s give them a little pat on the head and
5113s then he revs up
5115s yeah
5118s a little spinny
5120s then summer has begun
5122s oh John is here okay perfect all right
5124s cool so what we will do um let me think
5127s I kind of want to use the question that
5129s I had thought of
5131s which was about you
5133s yeah I read it okay what do you think do
5136s you know that I don't think they know
5137s that but I think it's a guessable
5139s question because I think there can be
5140s multiple answers
5142s you know what I mean like Iggy will know
5143s oh that's true that's true do we exempt
5146s yeah mods from this because that is true
5148s let's give Jasper away let's do it okay
5150s I'm thinking I have one that's really
5152s hard uh can you let me know if it's too
5154s hard
5155s okay it was no no not even this one it
5159s was this but like
5160s like this hold on
5164s oh wait you're a keyboard okay
5166s this one
5171s do you know the answer yeah I I wait Ori
5174s Ori are you here
5177s that's a hard one it is a hard one
5180s um Ori I actually had Ori do it to see
5183s how long it would take him and it took
5184s him like a minute
5186s to find it oh okay yeah yeah I'm
5189s thinking okay
5190s actually but no because Ori knows the
5193s answer or are you here wait I'll see if
5195s I can ask this one otherwise I'll just
5196s think of something else but I think I
5197s know do you know it has to be the day it
5200s makes sense the day though I'm thinking
5202s like I I know I don't want to say it
5204s loud but I think okay oh or yes um could
5207s you DM
5209s Japan on on Discord and let him know the
5214s question that we talked about earlier
5215s which was yes which was um the question
5218s I had asked about me and it's related to
5221s Discord and a message
5224s if you can send me that date if you
5226s remember if you don't that's fine and I
5228s can think of another question
5230s no no they don't know what it is they
5232s don't know what it is there's no way
5233s it's it could be something like very
5234s specific
5237s um yes yes Ori yes if you remember the
5240s thing the answer to that
5244s and if it's too hard and nobody gets it
5245s I will ask another question
5249s you can if you get a message from Maury
5251s and if you don't remember worry that's
5252s fine
5257s yes give him the answer on Discord
5259s yes yes yes and it's not that for all
5262s it's not that I I have a guess I think
5265s it's I don't have a guess that's the
5267s thing I think I know like it may be an
5268s estimate
5270s yes exactly oh no that kind of splashes
5273s that kind of spoils it but wait okay
5276s let's do something else okay that one's
5279s too hard that one's too hard okay
5281s I I have one you have one okay okay give
5284s me give me give me yours and then I'll
5286s tell you what it was going to be
5287s there is something
5289s oh but that don't happen I will tell you
5291s just after
5293s um I have one guys
5296s yeah
5302s so guys this is a really important
5306s questions
5307s and mods can play sadly guys okay know
5312s that okay
5313s the question is
5318s what
5320s can you hear me well what yeah
5324s are we going to celebrate
5328s next November the November 1st from
5331s Knoxville what year
5334s are we going to celebrate
5338s foreign
5341s yeah
5342s when the liquid wind was not created
5345s like yes how many years ago
5347s what yes oh that's not not the Year
5349s sorry not the year the anniversary
5351s number yeah anniversary number so how
5354s many years has Northville been around it
5356s is not 12. it is not
5359s uh
5363s it is not
5365s come on come on try to guess it
5369s try to guess it's
5371s 15 I think oh 15 imagine no no
5376s we're a young studio and I have to tell
5380s you that we have a winner
5382s we just have a winner I don't know if it
5384s was a random or a big guess it's uh
5387s every I think yeah we say it every it
5390s was tense yeah 10th anniversary of Norse
5393s fell we are sibling celebrating the 10th
5395s anniversary yeah so you might wondering
5397s where where we like 10 years ago or like
5401s before treasure Miguel we did a lot of
5403s stuff more mostly mobile games uh like a
5408s lot of stuff and the team was also
5409s smaller obviously but yeah it has been
5412s 10 years that in Australia is uh yeah
5415s because Sydney and I it has been four
5417s years that we joined this company and
5420s and Russell congrats uh what's his name
5422s every yeah
5425s yeah every congratulations you have won
5427s the Jasper
5429s so keep an eye on your Whispers
5431s um how did norseville make a Twitter
5433s account in 2011. we secured it before
5437s before it was made
5440s you know
5441s thinking ahead yeah thank you Julian
5444s yeah I think it was a personal account
5446s first yeah and then
5449s they changed it to a nostril or
5451s something yeah I hear a Linda and I'm
5453s gonna lose my mind
5456s how do I get out of here congratulations
5459s everyone
5460s yeah it's been almost 10 years that's a
5463s huge no no
5468s what
5469s I I'm out goodbye goodbye I'm I'm out
5473s I'm out of here
5475s I give up I give up this is my favorite
5480s well I'm gonna drink my tea goblins and
5482s then lean worm
5490s I'm doing I'm playing sure oh I know oh
5494s my oh no lean worms Oh my God
5498s uh I don't know what's happening today
5500s Sydney what but wow goblins and then you
5504s were stuck the the other landworm came
5507s that's why I threw that tunnel and that
5509s who is playing the lean ones right now
5511s it's fine somebody's somebody's griefing
5514s us it's fine
5516s no pearl no no all geeky true I forgot I
5520s could teleport back home that is so true
5525s oh my God no I'm playing like I have
5528s zero songs right now
5530s oopsie oh I have the stretch I'm
5533s channeling you for all that is so true
5535s it's all or nothing it's go or die that
5538s is so true who's coming down the stairs
5539s Oh I thought I saw somebody never mind
5541s never mind
5543s oh my God try again we can try again one
5546s more thing let's try again one more time
5547s yeah we have a little bit of time a
5549s teeny bit of time left
5551s um in the Stream we're gonna wrap up
5553s pretty soon
5554s um but we can do another round I'm so
5557s sorry I don't think I can do the
5558s push-ups
5559s copy out of breath and die could it be
5562s something else could it be something
5563s else you can't decide yeah could it be
5566s can we think of something
5567s um yeah for sure and also can I use this
5570s or it will end The Tick Tock about you
5572s okay
5576s you can if you wanna run the agenda oh
5579s no go on Slack
5584s yeah okay okay think of something in the
5586s chat that I could do sitting here
5588s potentially
5592s draw you death
5593s uh draw my death oh my God screenshot of
5596s that I think
5597s yeah I will print it
5602s I'm not mocking again no I know I know I
5605s just feel really funny like this
5607s situation
5608s this game is really fun yeah who made
5611s this game
5619s so I'm going to
5623s let's pretend we have
5627s enabled Perma death but we didn't okay
5630s what do you mean like I won't turn on
5633s the the option yeah yeah we are playing
5635s permanent today yeah but okay yeah but
5639s no they know so now they now they know
5641s now they know but for the next time you
5643s know
5645s okay I'm looking at the suggestions
5653s draw your duh
5655s uh I cannot eat a raw egg
5660s um
5660s I could draw my death
5663s you have something to draw I do yeah I
5667s will not have Japan draw on my face you
5669s have a paint or something
5673s paint on the computer oh I don't know if
5676s I do but I wonder if they can see if I
5678s can do something this small
5680s I don't think you'll be able to see it
5681s though
5682s okay oh my God don't put an elk on my
5684s forehead I'm gonna do like a minimalist
5687s what you want here is no
5690s um
5691s in like
5693s ten five ten ten ten
5696s because we're gonna do one more right
5697s yeah okay so like about 10 would be fine
5700s okay
5702s oh yeah good job
5704s kiss me so today's tune was really
5707s productive guys it was actually we we
5709s built a beautiful house yeah yeah
5711s um
5712s uh you can share one of the house that
5714s the community build and we can say it
5716s says it's us we'll just tell Norris
5717s while we did it we we did a lot of that
5720s by your own
5722s I'm gonna make like a really minimalist
5724s rendition of How I died and then I'll
5726s see if you guys can look at and see it
5730s okay
5733s okay so this is me hold on
5740s okay I promise this is coming along
5743s okay so this is how I describe my death
5745s I don't think you can see it way up wait
5747s I feel like I have to put the big wait
5749s wait okay so put the back
5751s okay can you see it this is me and this
5753s is how I died I'll try to get you can
5755s see right I'll put on the Discord
5758s that is my oh there we go Tick Tock and
5760s see it real close there we go that is my
5763s death how I would discover it
5766s thank you for thank you thank you
5770s okay
5772s frame it actually okay I will those are
5775s linars actually
5777s um
5781s okay just for you I'm gonna put this I'm
5784s gonna frame it I'm gonna put it upstairs
5785s like on our North shell shelf okay
5787s that's good
5789s when we do a cosmetic
5794s okay so we're gonna do one more
5797s um and then we are gonna wrap up a
5799s little bit so let me
5803s let Revival please there we go okay
5807s world's list one more time
5811s thank you for thank you so let's just
5813s build something
5815s and we can't forget yes let's build
5816s something let's do it if we can if we
5818s can okay we'll do it
5820s um and we do have one more shift code we
5822s cannot forget there's still one more
5823s shift code which is my haircut my
5825s hairstyle so we will do that
5828s and that would be a question about
5830s Sydney oh my gosh okay I can't wait so
5834s yeah go on Wiki find anything about
5836s Sydney look me up you will need that
5838s yeah
5846s okay what is ready
5849s all right
5852s uh world's ready it's five okay
5858s next death sing the gobling song oh my
5861s gosh
5865s I don't know what it is
5867s yeah that's me
5871s we can skip it because we're getting
5873s right to the point we are constructing
5876s um I will not die oh not 10 minutes
5879s maybe two minutes
5885s I will do my best
5887s well I won't venture out algoros get
5888s some wood and resources that's all we
5890s need
5892s that's the question I wanted to ask
5894s what's Sydney's actual haircut ah that
5898s is a good question
5900s what is it what do you think
5903s what do you think it is
5905s that's my natural hair Ginger yeah yeah
5907s actually yeah I'm a ginger actually
5910s kidding me no I'm not okay
5914s I have gone I have I have like I should
5917s show you a picture I was I did have full
5919s Ginger hair at one point okay yeah can
5922s you guess the hair color I had when I
5924s was a kid when I was much younger when I
5928s was born was it reborn with blonde hair
5930s yeah
5932s until my six years old something that I
5935s was blunt okay
5936s there's my enemy
5940s oh my God get out of here that was a 700
5942s kick
5944s uh yes I'm not blaming you or whatever
5947s but you're going to the land of pool and
5950s I think you died two times in the land
5951s of film yeah I did actually I did
5954s We're not gonna go to the pools we're
5956s gonna stay in the forest I'm gonna get
5957s some sticks and some branches
5963s um I keep rushing hell on solo but I
5965s don't know how to get hex Builder it's
5967s always a 50 50 chance if you're gonna
5969s get hex wielder or void collar so it is
5973s just the luck of the draw on which uh
5974s hell you get
5976s same with all the other variants as well
5986s collect
5988s collect living
5990s reminder that if you want to listen to
5992s the music
5993s there is the soundtrack that you can
5995s listen to at any time
5997s on on everywhere basically on all
6000s platforms on YouTube on Spotify on Apple
6003s music
6006s on Steam on Steam you can actually buy
6008s it on Steam again and keep it forever
6010s yep
6012s you can Daydream to it on the radio
6015s that's that's what I do like I sleep
6017s with that music sometimes
6021s on radio Pearl don't tempt me one day
6025s one day maybe
6027s for all I would do it you know I would
6030s go for that camp
6032s um I am terrible and I don't know how to
6034s build on controller okay here we go
6036s so I'm looking for iron
6041s um we basically just want to build this
6043s like the construction bench so we need a
6045s couple more branches
6051s yeah that's that's true yes the basic
6054s one just because yeah we need to express
6057s Linda are you good okay please
6061s okay
6063s virtual hug thank you so much how would
6066s you
6067s um how would you um
6071s win freeze huh uh I don't remember the
6075s word but like how would you act as Lynn
6077s wrong if you did the game oh like act
6079s yeah like serrated
6081s yeah yeah I was thinking like a snake
6084s like a or like a
6086s oh yeah that works and then like it
6088s looks like a head thing this one ah true
6090s like
6094s like this the the poisonous fit yeah
6097s that's what I think of
6098s that's how I would do it I had other
6100s ones in there too like
6106s oh my gosh I'm getting
6108s I also had rabbit
6110s in which case I would have just like
6113s um done that like some ears
6119s Ash Beach is scary I think it's scarier
6122s than a land of pools because of the
6124s unsungken
6127s but there's a lot of living room right
6130s now in the okay don't get too close I
6132s need a couple more branches I'm gonna go
6134s look for branches
6136s I'm gonna go down south where are you
6138s okay you're in North again be careful of
6141s being chased by that lunar right now
6147s yes for all you do play Super aggressive
6150s but I do too
6154s I know I can hear the line of fools
6157s calling me
6158s it's telling me come explore come
6160s explore
6161s oh it's chilling yeah like the linar was
6165s just chilling I didn't want to attack
6168s there are too many enemies I literally
6170s just want to survive please tell me this
6173s goes somewhere okay
6176s it's always going to be the generation
6178s that gets me
6182s bye bye
6185s do you have branches I
6187s okay because I have six and we need ten
6196s I will come back to the Village area
6201s oh look I got like this okay
6203s yeah okay you can make it amazing
6212s [Music]
6221s oh get this guy away from us
6227s [Music]
6229s so much
6230s okay you are the best
6234s we can build some
6236s stuff um
6242s let's start I can make some grounds
6244s but I kind of want the stairs here too
6246s I'm like
6248s well we need a level two station
6250s um
6251s in any case oh my gosh I see somebody
6253s outside the door
6258s oh wait I'm gonna build some grounds
6261s but I want to build I don't know we
6263s don't have to build stairs I think we'll
6265s be fine without stairs yeah we can have
6267s the the basic yeah
6269s yep
6271s should we welcome him in
6274s just just to say that hey we did
6276s something yeah yeah
6278s we did something yeah we could show them
6281s our little our little house no one dies
6283s wait yeah yeah
6285s it's time to maybe to see uh uh
6290s yeah actually why not let's go see
6294s John's Pizza okay yeah yeah wait I was
6296s kidding but no we can we can we can
6305s okay where okay well we can go see John
6308s saxa
6309s and it'll be fine it'll be fine
6314s there's something happening in the
6316s corner of my eye
6317s um I'm not gonna look
6321s let's stay away from Linda
6324s uh and just like wait speed run there
6326s okay
6328s look at us together
6329s take it on midgard to the naked man
6334s two three naked man where are we going
6335s down oh is it the down one yeah it's
6337s just the lower one lower one yeah oh my
6341s God
6342s [Music]
6346s oh I should use the fire ax I wish I had
6348s a weapon
6350s I wish I did
6352s okay there's a barricade can you help me
6353s break it yeah
6355s and the Goblins around we need to kill
6356s them
6357s oh you brought a ton of goblins
6362s okay
6364s uh perfect
6369s okay I thought your Jasper was actually
6371s okay Jasper is friends here okay guys
6373s are we ready chat to go see John saxo
6376s let's see who died first okay okay we're
6378s gonna fight her with our punches let's
6380s go
6381s okay this was somebody oh no I I thought
6384s I had this one for a charade too oh
6389s I I'm out of the way I'm out of the way
6391s oh will will I know you said okay so I
6395s think went through I'm much prepared we
6398s can do it
6399s okay we got this we got this
6402s stop fighting this because this is
6404s so true okay I'm going in for the punch
6407s look at this look at this all right oh
6411s okay
6412s anyway
6418s well oh my God okay
6422s so
6424s thank you for joining me for three
6428s deaths um now at this point I didn't
6429s even get the first blessing I know I
6431s know it's fine uh we tried our best and
6434s we built a beautiful house as you could
6436s clearly see
6437s people um oh my gosh Tick Tock gets like
6439s a very special view of uh something
6442s that's going on uh oh my God a goblin a
6447s Goblin's behind us what are you talking
6448s about
6450s are saying that you should redo the
6452s goblin song oh my gosh oh my gosh
6456s look at the other angle
6458s hello we have a special guest we have a
6461s special guest hello how's it going it's
6464s wonderful
6465s oh there we go now there you can see on
6467s the Stream
6470s yeah I just saw you in our like side
6472s vision and I was like oh my God he was
6474s playing the lean worms the Goblins like
6477s so true so true oh my God I died in so
6481s many terrible ways oh yeah yes the you
6484s were you watching I feel like you have
6485s to re-watch oh my gosh we'll share the
6489s a gift of that because yeah it was so
6492s funny yeah let me make us bigger hold on
6494s it's sad that we don't have the knife
6496s here we go I know like a little like
6498s tiny little mic
6500s um but yeah everyone say hi to Julian
6501s and everybody in the chat say hello give
6504s a little waves a little blurry but he's
6507s here
6508s um Ori says hello Julian
6510s how's it going I did die in so many
6512s terrible ways
6514s yes you are the Goblin King in fact
6516s you're wearing gray you're kind of like
6518s thematically Goblin looking right now
6521s hi hello hello Pearl says hello okay
6526s were you watching the charades
6533s Julian yes
6535s we have a mission for you we need so we
6539s have one uh shift codes that is true and
6542s we need a question
6543s about Sydney because the shift code is
6547s is for my hair is the the commander like
6549s committee come in the hair yeah so we
6551s need one question about Sydney and the
6554s first one will guess it will get the
6556s shift cuts so we need to find
6561s they can't they can't but we we can
6564s relay yeah yeah
6571s they they yeah
6574s we kind of know that yeah yeah we did
6576s yeah
6578s we did but we mentioned it at the start
6579s wait yeah because what is that's
6583s something we know I I have one do you
6586s have one do you mind I'm curious as to
6588s what it's going to be so go for it
6590s go for it and guys
6592s oh oh oh that was muted wait this is for
6594s the last shift code so this is for the
6597s uh Community Commander hair dye so that
6599s is my hair that you see here and the one
6600s I was using in the game uh so John if
6602s you are also ready and everybody in the
6603s chat is ready to guess uh Japan will be
6606s asking the question right now so I think
6608s I'm being muted so go for it
6620s thank you
6628s it was a short meeting
6630s we have we have something you can't hold
6633s able to show that yeah oh yeah yeah yeah
6635s yeah I don't know I can I can clarify if
6638s they need uh further clarification
6640s so the question is okay you want to ask
6642s it asked for it so like what do I like
6646s what is okay
6649s Sydney passion Slack
6651s collection collection what do I collect
6654s try to guess what my collection is
6658s no giggy I don't I think the mods you
6660s can't play because uh I'd be more
6663s specific more specific a little bit more
6665s specific
6673s I saw wait you
6677s I love I just want to hear out some of
6680s these guesses oh my gosh you guys are so
6682s quick and so fast oh my gosh I didn't
6685s know you knew that wow okay well I
6688s thought it was gonna be a hard one it's
6690s okay it's okay
6691s we say this is the winner technically
6694s yeah yeah yeah so see cookie wolf uh you
6697s are the winner gems crystals are in fact
6700s rocks huh yeah how did you know that's a
6703s good question uh that's what Julian just
6704s mentioned back there uh how did you know
6707s is it a random guess is it a random
6709s that's a good question
6710s um so yes
6712s yeah
6715s you all said rocks
6716s um I look like a person
6720s thank you and with that the stream as
6722s well no thank you thank you I appreciate
6724s it
6725s um I look okay okay all right I'm
6728s feeling you look nice
6730s all right well thank you for guessing
6732s you got it right way to right so watch
6734s your um Whispers John will be racing out
6737s reaching out to you he will be sending
6739s you the shift code yeah the um
6741s um definitely not toenail clippings
6742s that's terrifying um tea flavors I do
6746s love tea in fact um oh I like the
6748s Castlevania I guess actually quits
6749s Audrey because I do play Castlevania
6751s that's cool tattoos uh tattoos that is
6753s true I do collect tattoos as well
6756s um
6756s so many rocks though yeah yeah yeah yeah
6760s I'm curious like so uh cook here said
6764s you look like a person who collect that
6767s what what the person looks like even
6770s more specific is it the tattoos what is
6772s it yeah other the color the black colors
6775s maybe yeah and we can check BK we can
6777s check um if it was like around the same
6779s time stamp um we could potentially give
6781s out another code and we'll stick around
6782s I'll talk to John just after the Stream
6786s thank you all for playing
6790s yeah
6791s two tones I wish I had a two-toned Rock
6794s I feel like that should be on my like
6795s things I need to collect or things I
6797s need to find in the wild would be like a
6798s two-tone Rock
6800s okay well thank you all we have given um
6804s oh yes and see cookie will make sure you
6806s whisper to John and if you cannot
6808s contact each other through twitch you
6809s can also uh contact through Discord as
6812s well
6812s thank you so much um thank you all as
6815s well for joining today
6817s um for the game it was fun like I said
6818s we built a beautiful home uh in survival
6821s mode we will definitely play some
6823s permadeath again the question is Julian
6826s will you play permita with us that would
6828s be fun okay okay cool yeah yeah we could
6832s play some permadeath uh in a future
6834s stream
6835s um hello hayaku hello hello how are you
6837s doing
6838s um I will
6839s I think that's it I think that's all we
6841s had to play through today honestly
6845s um
6846s okay okay
6849s oh yeah Will how did the Run go okay
6851s okay you got further how did you die
6852s that is the question
6854s also
6855s I had to draw my death
6857s that's part of uh these are can you tell
6859s what they are yeah yeah they're litterms
6861s exactly and uh somebody said to frame it
6863s so we have to put it somewhere upstairs
6864s we could like pin it up somewhere but
6866s yeah
6867s in any case oh yeah uh the goblin song
6871s The Goblin song
6873s there you go
6875s I don't know
6878s oh uh Gigi says to sing with us
6882s what we are the goblins
6885s how did the lyrics go again we are the
6888s Goblins
6890s stop fighting us cause this is our Sega
6894s yeah we are the Goblins this is what we
6898s need new friends new clothes and a cup
6901s of meat actually it comes back to mind
6903s so quickly because it's so catchy
6906s is not so cool the desert is so dry yeah
6910s midgard takes us for a fool just bring
6912s us to the sky the sky
6915s what's next
6917s uh we throw
6920s I never from them back we build our it's
6923s like we build
6925s I can't remember oh my God now I got it
6928s stuck for a week exactly
6930s this is what we tuned in for I'm glad
6932s for what we should do a full musical
6934s rendition of it I'm gonna quit this
6936s because I'm
6940s just anyway all right I will close
6943s tribes you do not hear it in the
6945s background
6946s okay okay perfect okay well in any case
6951s um thank you again everybody for joining
6954s the stream
6955s um thank you for joining the stream as
6958s well
6959s um my ears are you okay is the sound
6961s okay I hope it should be fine now um it
6963s should be fine
6965s um so yeah we're gonna wrap up a stream
6967s um some final reminders uh you can join
6968s us on Discord if you want to pop the
6970s Discord link you can type exclamation
6972s point Discord and it'll show up come
6974s join us on Discord it's a great place to
6976s hang out and meet people who play tribes
6978s um and is where I took a lot of the
6979s images that we posted for the builds um
6982s was in our Discord as well there we go
6983s John just popped the link thank you so
6985s much John
6986s um and we will catch you on Discord that
6987s is where we'll be um thank you again JP
6989s for joining me it was lovely to have you
6992s back I would love to have you back again
6994s uh chat please uh let me know if you
6997s want to see JP again let's all bring
6998s them back to the stream and we'll play
7000s more permadeath because it went so well
7002s before the drive for the tribe fct we
7006s will see you next time I will let you
7007s know when we are streaming again um feel
7009s free like I said on Discord that's where
7011s you can keep up with all the news and on
7012s our socials we will post when we will be
7014s streaming again we'd like to do some
7016s more of these in the studio
7018s have a great weekend we'll see you soon
7022s bye-bye
7040s thank you
7057s foreign
7109s [Music]
7124s foreign
7137s [Music]
7191s foreign
7244s [Music]
7253s foreign
7271s [Music]
7331s this is
7378s [Music]

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