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889s hello everyone hello welcome to this
892s stream again nice to see you again we
895s are so happy to be here with you
897s hopefully you can hear us i'm assuming
900s so because there is zero bug at this
902s stream hello sydney how are you doing
904s today
905s hello i'm doing great i hope that
907s everybody can hear me if you can hear me
910s please say hello in the chat we wait
912s there's no bugs no issues everything's
914s going to be fine
916s i'm doing great i'm doing great if
918s everybody can hear me sounds are perfect
919s thank you so much espresso
921s hello everyone how are you doing jp how
924s are you doing really good we haven't
926s seen each other since one month almost
928s like on on this stream uh i think the
930s last time was for the april fools
933s yes it was the april fools stream that
934s it feels like so long ago yeah and and
938s the last month was so busy on our side
941s we apologize for not uh
943s having a stream with you guys
946s uh you have probably noticed some few
948s announcements the last days and you're
951s probably with us today because of those
953s announcements so
954s we're going to do a quick recap of all
956s of that but first
958s let's introduce ourselves why are you
960s sydney
961s yes who am i that is a good question um
964s if you're new here if you're new to the
965s stream if you've never taken part in a
967s community stream
969s as you can expect
970s i'm a community manager for norse fell
972s for the game tribes of midgard if you
974s are here and you know of the game i hope
976s you do
977s um yeah i've been with norseville for
980s almost three years now fun fact me and
983s jupe arrived at northville on the like
985s exact same day
987s and that is who i am so you might see me
989s in the discord you might see me like on
991s our socials if you're talking to me on
993s twitter
994s um yeah maybe you've interacted with me
996s before
997s uh but yeah jp who are you
999s um i'm blur first i don't know why
1003s you're a little blurry come back what
1005s happened
1006s okay i'm gp i'm a blue man
1009s also committee manager started the same
1010s day as cine like uh cine just said
1014s um
1015s that's so funny okay i'm back i'm back
1017s i'm not blurry
1018s uh yeah i started as committee manager
1022s uh we did lots of things the last three
1023s years uh you probably saw me
1026s uh behind the mid guardians program or
1029s behind uh
1030s like on this card and a lot of stuff
1032s like that on streams but also um with a
1035s few influencers with yeah many things
1038s about communication and committee
1040s um
1042s and yeah i
1043s love
1044s white chocolate i don't like dark
1046s chocolate i don't know if that
1047s information is important but i have to
1049s say it and i drink a lot of meat um i
1053s love like a sweet meat but anyways we
1055s are not here talking about that but yeah
1057s um for the tribe guys like we we are so
1061s proud of
1062s you know managing
1064s managing this this tribe uh like we we
1067s have the best community ever and i'm so
1069s happy doing that since now three years
1072s like almost three years so yeah that's
1074s who i am
1076s amazing
1078s yes
1078s yeah i think so i think so and i'm also
1082s i'm team dark chocolate so i think we're
1084s like different in that way i much prefer
1086s dark chocolate to white chocolate okay
1090s let's discuss about chocolate for one
1092s hour why are you dark chocolate team
1096s just it just it just is i don't know
1098s it's superior i like the taste i like
1100s the taste but like you know my hair kind
1101s of reflects
1103s dark chocolate it's kind of funny i have
1104s both i have both so i'm neutral in that
1106s way okay okay yeah i like i like the the
1109s comments uh espresso says she's on my
1112s team
1113s i see i see i see let us know dark
1115s chocolate or white chocolate
1118s sweet meat and sweet meat guardians yeah
1120s that's what the midgardens are and if
1122s you don't know what the mid guardians
1124s are that's a good question i'm pretty
1126s sure there's a few of you that uh
1128s never heard about it um
1131s but getting it's a way to
1134s uh let's say
1135s um
1137s sorry i'm trying to find my world
1140s it's a it's a like community program
1143s uh basically where you everyone can join
1146s for free and it's a way to expand
1148s uh the tribe adventure you have in game
1153s outside of the of the game so and we
1155s send some quests to the mid guardians
1158s and uh those quests are
1161s mostly fun i would say and you like
1164s there's some stuff you know like a trans
1166s media experience where you can uh do
1168s stuff on socials or at home create fun
1171s art and stuff like that and you are
1172s being rewarded by uh doing those actions
1175s and with the
1177s like the rewards you will get are mostly
1179s uh cosmetics uh so in-game cosmetics but
1182s we are also going to have a
1185s something special that we are going to
1186s announce in the next months i would say
1189s uh but yeah there's some surprises are
1191s coming it's uh it's a way for us to we
1193s were the community who are supporting us
1195s uh so yeah feel free to join us i think
1198s someone already shared the link
1200s uh on on the chat or some someone will
1204s and uh yeah you can join for free just
1205s need a discord account and there's maybe
1208s a private beta coming really soon so i
1211s will uh suggest you to join us like
1214s today soon soon
1216s as soon as you can yeah yeah there's
1219s there's rumors of that private beta so i
1220s would definitely join us in uh testing
1223s the upcoming you know survival mode that
1225s we've been talking about in our in our
1227s recent dev vlogs if you haven't seen
1229s those yet uh they kind of talk about
1231s what is coming next uh the fact that you
1234s know the survival mode if you have
1235s played is going to be getting a revamp
1237s you know it's going to be getting better
1239s construction i can't share too much for
1241s now but we do dive deeper into that on
1243s the dev vlogs which you can find on our
1245s website too
1247s amazing
1249s yeah soon that's that's what we use a
1252s lot
1252s uh the last month's years
1256s it is true um what are we going to do
1259s today what why why are we here there's a
1262s good reason probably
1264s yeah let's talk about it let's talk
1265s about why we're here today so yeah with
1267s the community streams we kind of change
1269s it up you know every time um but this
1271s time there's some very big news and
1273s there's a reason we're here um
1275s i'm not sure if you have heard but
1277s tribes of midgard is free on playstation
1280s plus started on may 3rd until june 6th
1284s which is a huge deal for us and it's
1286s been amazing i'm sure you can agree jp
1289s like even the past week just to see the
1291s amount of new players we have and the
1293s people that are you know joining us for
1295s example like you can see here on our
1297s socials on our twitter we are so happy
1299s to just see all of your comments
1301s whenever you mention us uh we've got our
1303s eyes out we're keeping an eye on what
1305s you're saying about the game and
1307s it's amazing because you know we have so
1308s many new players and especially we have
1310s new players joining our discord which is
1312s so so great and we're so happy to have
1314s you in the discord because i truly think
1316s it's one of the best places you can get
1318s new tips you can meet the community you
1320s can form a group
1322s um everything you know it's it's the
1324s place to be if you want to have tips
1326s about the game
1328s and yeah it's just been it's been so
1329s great to see everyone
1331s joining in but you can do that all
1333s through the month of may
1334s um
1336s if you got playstation you know uh we'll
1338s be happy to have you
1340s so we're just gonna keep it rolling
1341s we're excited to see what this month
1343s brings in terms of new players coming to
1346s the game
1347s and uh yeah it's been so great and let
1349s us know of course like what you think of
1351s the game that's another big reason you
1352s can join our discord we have like a
1355s channel called suggest an idea where you
1357s can submit an idea any type of feedback
1359s and then you can thumbs up other
1360s people's ideas if you agree with it and
1363s then we see that we see it has a lot of
1364s thumbs up and then we can also pass it
1366s on to our dev team so it's a really
1368s great way to kind of give us your
1370s thoughts on the game
1373s yeah we we counted a few days ago
1376s uh that we
1378s analyzed and collected 20 000
1382s uh feedback from the community on these
1384s cults
1385s like around 20 that's that's a lot like
1387s we read 20 000 feedback
1390s uh and i'm not talking about the one uh
1393s you know that are duplicates or that are
1396s uh you know us just asking something but
1398s not explaining how why etc uh like i
1402s think one of the most uh feedback we
1404s have is uh i want the pvp mode or i want
1407s uh what is uh that is uh kind of hard to
1410s do you know like uh
1412s um
1413s feedback that um you know like there's
1415s there's some big ideas which i do like
1417s but some will definitely take longer
1419s than the other we've even sent
1420s suggestions for like new saga bosses and
1423s stuff like that which are definitely
1424s like the biggest thing to create and
1426s gain
1427s literally
1428s yeah there's some something like that
1431s yeah that are
1432s you know like a meme or they're coming
1434s back uh soon often sorry and um yeah so
1438s we just yeah and then last year then
1439s twenty thousand that's allowed
1441s so yeah just to
1443s repeat what you say like leave feedback
1445s because we're reading them and we're
1447s also reading them on other platforms
1449s like uh the steam reviews uh and stuff
1451s like that so if you want
1452s uh share anything about the game if you
1454s like it or what you don't like etc
1456s please please do it again
1459s um
1460s and yeah and also today you must
1462s probably mention it uh sydney
1464s we are going to play tribes
1467s but we
1468s also doing to do a q a session because
1471s because of the playstation
1474s like the playstation plus
1476s event uh
1479s there's probably lots of new players who
1480s never heard about trademark guild before
1483s uh would discover like the yeah the
1486s game like don't know how to craft stuff
1488s how to explore the world what to do at
1491s night and stuff like that so we are
1493s going to share some tips uh studying
1495s from from scratch and also also answer
1498s some questions like you probably have a
1500s ton of questions after
1502s playing your first game of treasure
1503s miguel so we are here for that so feel
1505s free to ask your question on the chat
1507s we are keeping an eye here and we will
1509s answer that
1510s those questions and one last thing we
1512s are streaming right now on twitch
1515s but also on facebook youtube and steam
1518s so sometimes if you
1520s see us answering to a question that's
1522s probably because it was asked on another
1524s platform
1526s maybe the best way to watch us today
1529s would be on twitch so please join us on
1532s twitch if you have the application if
1533s you have a
1535s anything to um to watch our twitch
1537s streams
1538s uh yeah i think um
1540s we're gonna have a one last thing uh
1542s sydney
1543s yes yes one last thing and also yes we
1546s yes we will be keeping an eye on the
1548s chat more i know we've been uh doing our
1549s introduction and talking but if you ever
1551s have like jb said any questions uh it's
1553s also gonna be kind of a q a session and
1556s i'm happy to see uh
1558s senpai hazuku yeah i joined because of
1560s ps plus and i'm going to stay because of
1562s the game and the discord is very cool
1563s awesome to hear that um we also have jer
1566s asking do you guys play with chat yes
1568s from time to time in these streams we do
1570s play with chat as well so if you come by
1572s the community streams
1573s you know you can join us
1575s um and then we did have another comment
1577s where did it go
1578s um yeah if you have any like bugs or
1580s issues that you're running into i see
1582s somebody talking about optimization on
1584s ps4 please you can report that to us in
1587s our discord or support site and we will
1589s look into that
1590s um and yeah the very last thing i wanted
1592s to add as jp said was about little gifts
1595s a little surprise we will be dropping
1598s some shift codes during today's stream
1601s so please keep an eye on the chat
1604s um and in order to redeem the shift
1606s codes so shift codes are what we use to
1608s redeem uh for example cosmetics in game
1610s um so we're going to be dropping
1612s some i won't spoil what they are until
1614s until we start dropping them but they
1616s are cosmetic sets um and what you do is
1618s you have to make sure that your shift
1620s account so your gearbox shift account uh
1622s is linked in the game so you just go
1624s into traffic vidgard you go to the shift
1626s tab in the settings and then you'll have
1628s a code you go to gearbox.shift.com and
1631s then make sure that code is linked to
1633s your shift account then you can either
1635s redeem the code on the website or
1636s in-game so we won't drop the code right
1639s now we'll let you get that ready um oh
1642s we won't leave
1644s i mean we could we could actually we
1646s have we have a couple codes so
1648s we could okay we could drop it there's
1650s the first code whoever whoever is ready
1654s can scoop up that code lucky if you
1656s would be so kind as to link the
1658s gearbox.shift.com link that would be
1660s amazing lucky is one of our mods uh in
1663s the chat today
1664s yeah and you yeah more precision like
1667s it's a
1668s so one shift code so you can use it just
1671s one time there's uh only one lucky guy
1674s i will be able to use it on shift
1677s uh but
1678s these specific is that you can use it on
1682s steam and playstation so potentially we
1684s could have
1685s uh two winners today one on steam and
1688s one on playstation per shift code
1690s uh and don't worry
1692s if you yeah if you weren't lucky you
1694s will have another chance later yeah we
1697s have more codes and yes so that one is
1699s for the star bjorn pet
1701s um so whoever scoops it up remember the
1703s code has two uses already used somebody
1705s already scooped it up all right we'll
1707s have more codes
1709s we will have more codes and luck links
1711s uh
1712s it's difficult on ps5 you can also just
1714s go to directly to the website and redeem
1716s it that way yeah uh if if that's quicker
1718s for you
1719s that's the easier there's a lucky we
1721s just share the link
1722s you will see it's so easy to create an
1724s account until
1726s uh to yeah to connect or to how do we
1730s say the link your platform with uh
1732s shifts
1733s uh so easy like easy exactly
1736s all right
1737s yes that's all we had to share for the
1739s intro today that's how it's going to go
1740s and uh
1742s yeah we're going to approach the game
1743s we're going to hop into the game and
1746s tell you all about it tell you all about
1747s it and feel free to ask us anything
1749s any questions you have
1753s nothing goes better into battle than
1755s cozy slippers you are correct
1758s so correct
1760s hello from greece hi john hello hello
1764s miss you too
1768s cool i see you are in game you have
1769s opened up just open it i would like to
1772s um to do a really quick introduction
1775s of um what we have here what you can see
1779s if you can see it guys so
1781s uh today we are going to play a saga
1783s mode uh trying to uh solo
1786s uh
1788s trying to play a solo game saga mode
1790s that would be
1792s something i will try to do that talking
1794s with you answering questions and play
1796s this
1797s solo game um there's also another mod
1800s which is a survival
1802s and if you paid attention to our social
1805s media a few weeks ago we announced that
1807s we are doing a revanted
1809s survival mode uh soon um
1813s so uh yeah keep an eye we are seeing
1815s more information where we shot some of
1817s those information in the last dev blog
1819s so yeah it's uh it's a new uh we have a
1822s gimbal that we are going to have
1824s uh there is um
1826s also like a seasoned rewards that you
1829s can unlock uh there's a 50 of them uh as
1833s you can see this icon i'm playing with
1835s i'm just level four so i just have the
1837s the three the the first
1840s uh rewards we have here and there is a
1842s ton there's a ton of free word for the
1844s season two and um
1846s for the season three you will have a new
1848s reward of course etc i don't want to
1850s spoil here too much but it's something
1852s you we're like something new we have
1854s every every seasons
1857s and progress you can check your progress
1859s class your achievements stuff like that
1862s and i will customize myself uh before i
1865s start this game when i add something
1867s sydney
1868s uh yeah if you go to the progress
1870s tab i think something that's really
1871s important to keep note of as well in
1873s that tab is uh the recipes and the
1875s journal so if you're ever doubting how
1877s to create something or if you want to
1879s check how many resources you need you
1880s can for example go to the recipes and
1882s then it'll tell you about every single
1884s piece of equipment in game what you need
1886s to craft it and what it does so even i
1889s refer to this it's very useful
1892s and then if you go back to the journal
1893s that's where it'll tell you more about
1894s the creatures in game where you can find
1896s them what they drop all that kind of fun
1899s stuff so that's a very a very useful
1901s spot to be too uh i would say
1905s yeah that's it that's all that's very
1907s important i think and yeah let's
1909s customize your character yeah let's
1910s customize it um so today
1914s few things first i will start
1916s i will equip a starter kit that's uh
1918s something um
1921s you will need to equip
1922s if you want to progress faster and to
1925s unlock those uh starter kit there's few
1927s ways one is to earn xp and unlock with
1930s the
1931s uh the season track where i just
1933s mentioned like the the rewards you can
1935s unlock
1936s um
1937s and uh for for today like as you can see
1939s there's a few of them
1941s i think i will start
1942s probably probably with
1945s uh the the common one which is
1948s this one
1950s harvester okay yeah the harvest starter
1952s kits so i want to have
1954s uh i want to have a pickaxe
1956s and the lumber x
1959s the first time i just joined the game so
1961s i would equip that i think that's a
1963s that's a good one there's other starter
1965s kit that you can uh you can use yeah and
1967s we have a question from lucky uh to
1969s clarify and it's something that i've
1970s also seen in the discord is are
1972s starter kits a one-time use uh no
1975s they're not a one-time use once you
1976s unlock them you can equip them before
1978s the start of any game and they basically
1980s yeah they just give you a boost on
1982s whatever you're doing in game and i
1983s think it kind of varies like which
1985s starter pick you which starter pick
1987s which starter kit you like to pick uh
1990s for me i like the builder kit because it
1992s you know gives me that tier three
1994s materials right away but for some you
1996s might want to just go out and start
1997s getting you know resources immediately
1999s so like jp picked the uh the harvester
2002s kit yeah
2004s uh and i have a really important
2005s question
2007s what patch should i choose what petrol i
2009s shot for this game so as you can see i
2011s think we have all the pets
2013s that are currently in game i think i
2015s unlocked all of them
2017s there's the one we got from the julie
2019s days the becky the yule girls that's
2022s one of my favorites but my top tier is
2025s the clock king
2026s uh yeah but i'll let you choose which
2028s one i should actually quit
2031s yeah you guys pick you guys pick i see a
2033s lot of i see some bucky i see some bucky
2036s linda
2038s yep
2039s that would be a hat choice
2043s it is it is keep keep telling us and i'm
2045s just gonna catch up on a question i saw
2048s from the top uh juror asking
2050s are you guys making a new biome
2053s i'm gonna i'm gonna leave this one up in
2055s the air for now you might notice
2057s something when we go back to the main
2058s menu um let's say potentially maybe
2062s maybe completely yes
2065s um and then we have judge asking any
2067s plans for new cosmetic sets in the shop
2070s definitely definitely new plans for
2072s cosmetics uh well we'll we'll let you
2075s know when we have more news on that one
2077s i see a lot of little stranger but i
2080s don't know if it's
2081s one with spamming um
2084s i have no idea
2086s let me see let me see no it's oh no it's
2089s different it's different
2090s uh i think
2092s linda
2094s yeah linda
2095s but little stranger we have we have
2096s quite a few little strangers yeah let's
2098s go to this one
2100s and you can also um yeah you will have a
2103s loot chest that you can
2105s you can unlock i don't have any you just
2106s have the
2108s yeah the the first tier one but yeah
2110s there's more the chest that you can
2111s equip and one last thing
2114s uh
2116s do i look good like that
2120s i love the helmet i think they would be
2122s this hammer
2126s um
2126s yeah this world sorry not a hammer
2129s and
2131s that would be probably like a shield i
2133s think one of my favorite shield
2135s uh
2136s is that this one
2138s uh
2139s oh the monkey king shield i think this
2141s is one of the most beautiful we have
2143s in-game for now
2147s yeah i will i think that would be this
2149s one i love this one
2151s and
2152s okay let me finish this
2156s perfect i'm not trying to do something
2157s that makes sense
2159s yeah you know
2160s yeah
2164s yeah judge i like the idea of a shuffle
2166s option
2167s oh
2168s that would be awesome
2169s yeah it would be good for people like me
2171s who can make choice
2173s yeah
2176s all right i will look like that
2181s uh
2182s awesome and yeah there's a shop
2185s so there's a few um
2188s few things you can unlock and you have a
2189s list of all the items so you can buy
2192s with the golden horns uh for this world
2194s or anything like that so it's uh it's
2197s pretty cool it's something we revamped
2199s for the season two and you work pretty
2202s pretty great if you are if you're
2203s looking for something specific
2205s yeah amazing
2207s exactly
2209s um
2209s [Music]
2210s just make sure i didn't miss any
2212s messages
2214s i did see a message where did it go i
2216s feel like it got
2218s completely lost uh asking about our
2220s favorite classes but i've seen other
2222s people in the chat reply to that as well
2224s my favorite class is probably seer
2227s just because i like the temperature
2229s immunity i've been loving that lately
2232s warden is pretty great too but i like
2233s sear as well
2236s sierra's cool
2238s but we can we can we can get to your
2239s class when when you unlock a blessing
2241s point
2244s so here i am
2245s just starting in the sanctuary
2247s um yeah what should i do first tiny i i
2250s will ask you a lot of questions today i
2252s need your help
2253s okay i will be your guide i will be your
2255s guide all right
2257s yes first you should pet your pet so you
2259s should uh
2260s press a
2262s give little stranger a nice there we go
2264s this is for motivation you need to do
2266s this this is the first step yeah
2268s okay very important yes um now since you
2271s have the harvester starter kit you got
2273s to go out you got to chop the rocks and
2276s you got to get the sticks
2278s you got it you got to go you got to go
2280s i guess you don't need sticks yeah yeah
2282s you could just chop the trees
2283s immediately chill go out like usually
2286s you won't be able to do what i just did
2287s which is collecting resources like hard
2289s resources like trees like uh stones or
2294s iron and stuff like that because you
2296s don't have the the right equipment but
2299s since i equipped the starter kits i'm
2302s able to
2303s uh
2304s yeah to collect that
2306s yeah exactly so in your like early days
2308s you want to go out
2310s and collect resources you want to
2312s explore a little bit you want to you
2314s know expand the map and as you can see
2316s uh jp is running on these paths and then
2319s paths actually allow you to run faster
2321s so if you're trying to get somewhere
2322s quick make sure to run on the paths all
2324s the way
2325s and you're out running the enemies right
2327s now
2328s couple elves
2329s you can also punch them
2331s that is very important to know uh but
2333s you gotta watch out because they're
2334s they're tough
2336s yeah i don't
2337s like i'm not trying to um to do a pb or
2342s like a speedrun
2345s but
2346s you don't have to
2347s fight enemies if you want to go faster
2350s they loot some like you can find some
2352s loot by finding
2354s enemies but i don't have any weapons
2356s etcetera so it would be a bit hard to
2358s beat them right now
2359s and uh
2360s and my goal first is to have a sword and
2362s some equipment
2365s but before doing that i will just
2367s introduce the village what you can see
2369s here
2370s uh like i just lost some some
2373s health so i will probably ask dagny to
2375s heal me uh or i can just wait uh next to
2379s the to the expressive tree
2381s and waiting that it gives me more and
2384s more health
2386s yeah and the more uh souls that you feed
2388s to yourselves the souls is that number
2390s in the top right uh you can collect
2392s souls from everything like everything
2394s has a living force and then it gives
2396s souls to you the more souls you give to
2397s yourself the more healing iggrasol gives
2399s you as well that's good to keep in mind
2402s so now you can see that jp is healed up
2405s and who are you going to now you're
2407s going to bore guild to get a shield
2409s yeah i'm going to
2411s craft some potions that's really
2413s important
2414s and those are really easy to craft just
2417s need
2418s one resources and then we
2420s i'm going to check what i can do so i
2423s don't need the flint lamborghs and the
2425s pickaxe because i already have one but i
2427s would like to unlock the next one so i
2429s can uh
2430s craft the better better tours so i will
2433s see if i can do that no i can so i will
2435s i will come back later okay you go out
2437s you explore a little bit uh when you
2439s head out on that gate it's always a good
2441s idea to close the gate behind you uh
2443s because you want to make sure you know
2444s at night time there aren't a bunch of
2446s hell things coming in the village so
2448s good tip uh i'm gonna catch up some some
2450s questions luck links asking will there
2452s be cross play between consoles and pc
2455s it's still something that we're looking
2456s into i know this question comes up a lot
2459s and we definitely uh we are aware of it
2461s so we'll let you know if that's gonna
2462s happen
2464s uh then we have this zentoxicate asking
2466s can you play hunter and try the beacons
2468s with it this is a known issue right now
2470s is when you're playing hunter and you
2472s drop the decoy um
2474s there is a possibility that the game
2476s will crash it's something that we're
2477s aware of and we are working hard on to
2479s fix so i would not recommend doing that
2481s right now
2482s um and then i love that lucky
2485s says will season three have more beards
2487s will it have tattoos we will have to see
2489s um
2491s if you can put that in suggest an idea i
2493s know it's been there a couple times it
2494s just boosts it on our radar
2496s and we see it more
2498s we love majestic beards i would i would
2499s love a majestic beard honestly
2502s or a unibrow says grisha
2506s so here i just found a
2507s new biomes and also so there's few
2510s things i just found
2512s i found the deserts uh but as you can
2514s see it's too hot
2516s it's really hot so i have to uh to go
2518s somewhere else
2519s there's a barricade here i should
2521s destroy or i can just jump
2523s like this
2524s and i also just found two things that
2528s are three things that are really
2529s important
2530s one is this shrine that i will activate
2533s as soon as possible because that will
2535s let me teleport everywhere i want
2538s i mean
2539s everywhere like up to all the shrine i
2541s already unlocked
2542s and i also found this shipyard
2546s that will allow me to build boats and
2549s explore more and further and probably
2552s find a new uh sagables
2555s uh i think i will go to this cycle plus
2556s by the way and the next thing i just
2559s found is this biome so we have new
2561s resources here it's uh the the beach
2563s biomes uh you can get some uh
2566s core resources that will help you to
2568s craft the better weapons and there's
2569s also those enemies that are really
2571s really bad so i won't uh i won't find
2573s them for no because
2575s ouch that hurts yeah yeah those are
2578s definitely toughies and if you ever want
2580s to see like the level of the bio mirin
2583s on the top left there's that power level
2585s so i think yours is at 32 yeah 32 so
2589s you're definitely underpowered
2591s for the biome
2594s but you're running around and what uh
2595s just happened is that
2597s uh jp just took a little effigy so that
2600s gives you mana on the go
2604s you can punch them but i feel like you
2606s should definitely run i just have a
2608s definitely fun i'm just looking for
2610s seaweed
2612s and that would be and this aquamarine
2614s that would be useful but i'm going to
2616s die but just keep running running keep
2618s running push it push
2627s [Music]
2632s uh we have uh me the last asking do
2635s bundles come back in the shop are they
2637s permanently gone after the time limit
2639s yes they rotate back into the shop so as
2642s you have three in the top the one on the
2643s right-hand side is always gonna go out
2645s of the shop and then something new is
2646s gonna come in on the left-hand side but
2648s the rotation has been sped up it's now
2650s three days instead of seven days so
2652s you'll see those uh bundles back in the
2654s shop they'll just be on a rotation so
2656s they're not gone forever
2660s uh one i think that
2662s that just happened
2664s uh as you can see on the on the bottom i
2666s i earned that what we call the blessing
2671s that so
2673s i have to make a hot shot like this uh
2675s three classes that are unlocked on this
2677s icon so i need to try to choose one of
2679s these classes and play
2682s with uh with it during the wall game
2684s and when i unlock this
2686s i would be able to unlock more perks
2690s and that will help me to uh yeah to go
2692s further in the in the game
2694s so let me know which classes what class
2696s i should choose first
2698s uh i have a few of them i really love
2700s but for this game i will let you decide
2703s and as you can see six of them
2707s six classes let us know in the chat
2712s let us know can you craft any weapons
2715s yep yeah we craft a max
2719s i crafted the hammer later because for
2721s the uh oh not the hammer this one later
2724s because i need iron and i just collected
2726s the five of them
2727s and i
2728s plan like i would like to
2730s uh i would like to craft this weapon i
2733s need
2734s rough iron so i know how to do that i
2736s need to find werewolf thing
2738s and also a shadow for john saxa butch
2741s which is something i will collect on
2744s john saxa
2746s the giant john saxa so i will
2749s i will need to defeat here first
2752s and as you can see right now it's the
2754s night
2755s so i had to come back to my village
2758s and
2759s i need to defend the gates with my new
2761s axe
2763s which is
2764s powerful i you know yeah did you get the
2766s radarox
2768s yeah the
2770s the tier 2 that's pretty cool okay
2780s but you can also uh if you want to open
2783s the gates because then the npcs will
2785s will fight the whole things as well
2786s they're on your side they're there to
2788s help you but they can go down as well
2791s but then in the morning they self-revive
2794s because they're
2795s epic and powerful
2797s and what
2798s one last thing so yeah we survived this
2800s day amazing and i will go to the quest
2803s boards and try to find a quest to
2806s achieve
2807s so here you can see
2809s there's a bunch of quests to do
2813s there is the saga quest but uh yeah we
2816s are not focusing on that right now and
2818s there is uh other quest that yeah you
2821s you you will need to explore the the
2823s midgard
2824s uh you you will need to experiment to uh
2827s unlock those quests
2828s and there is uh
2830s some who are really easy somehow medium
2833s etc and i think i'm going to
2835s an easy one let me check which one looks
2838s good
2839s yeah maybe take an easy one but yeah
2841s there's
2842s two two very important reasons why you
2844s would want to take a personal quest
2846s if you're taking the fenrir saga quest
2849s then this is a way that you can get
2851s fragments for the bridge to head to
2853s fenrir and then it also can just give
2855s you rewards like really good weapons
2859s yeah take a look so you would see what
2860s you like yeah i will take the hatches
2863s winner
2865s because it's in the land of pulse and i
2869s have to kill some linworms but that's a
2871s perfect match for my plan
2873s and
2875s also like as you can see there is a
2877s like i have to donate 20 firms so i
2880s think i already have few of them and i
2882s will unlock the alves hammer
2884s tier 1 so
2885s that might be a that might be a good one
2888s yeah so let's do for this one and let's
2891s check the map
2893s so this is where i have to go
2895s so we're close to the village i'm i'm
2897s going to go to that place
2899s yeah take a little journey there because
2901s even as as michael did make a good point
2903s uh we just
2904s returned to the village to show but you
2906s don't technically need to defend for the
2908s first uh you know couple days uh you can
2911s go off and explore during that time
2914s and also you need to pick class
2917s we had a couple people
2919s vote everybody seems to like a different
2921s class
2926s hunter hunter is best class we have zerk
2929s we have sentinel for captain and harry r
2932s we have guardian we have warrior i think
2934s everybody picked a different class
2936s to be honest
2937s okay let's do around them
2939s see random close your eyes pick a class
2942s this one close your eyes
2944s which one
2946s central okay that's uh that's a good one
2949s so i have um
2951s i don't have any blessing
2953s points now but yeah i will i will see
2956s later what i should
2958s unlock first but let's go to the quests
2960s uh of course i'm really helpful if you
2962s want to progress faster
2964s also i should probably kill some animals
2968s and some enemies if i want to have some
2971s some resources to get
2973s new equipment
2975s i have a ladder here
2977s up another layer
2979s and i have a shrine here which is pretty
2982s close to the village
2997s okay you did not craft any potions at
3000s the village either
3002s i know you're making espresso nervous
3004s leaving the gates down
3011s uh we have permafrost saying i just
3014s downloaded the game with all my friends
3015s i've been having playing have been
3016s playing non-stop good job guys thank you
3018s permafrost
3020s very glad to hear
3022s tell us all about it we love to know we
3025s love to know i love to know when people
3027s how people react when like they run into
3030s their first giant for example and then
3032s it also depends on who that giant is
3033s because they're all so different
3035s uh in terms of who you you run into and
3038s what their attacks are
3040s hopefully it's not anchor boat at first
3043s sometimes
3055s will there be new jokes types of exo
3057s asks will there be new jotun types or
3059s just keep the original four for now we
3062s are planning to just keep the four
3064s um but of course if you know you know
3066s anything about norse mythology there's
3068s not just four
3069s uh there's plenty more we could have as
3072s giants we could even have you know a
3074s giant creature or something you know
3076s it's endless we're always taking
3077s suggestions in the suggestion idea
3080s channel uh so
3082s it's not planned just to keep it at four
3083s we'll have to see uh where that evolves
3085s in the future too
3089s i see some suggestions in the chat which
3091s is um really cool like we
3095s like the game is what it is right now
3096s because we got like us say that 20 000
3099s suggestions from the
3101s uh from the community
3103s uh but the best place to share them
3105s would be on our discords we have a
3107s specific uh
3109s channel for that and that's where our
3110s eyes are
3112s uh focused to read all of your
3114s suggestions and you can also vote for
3116s the for the last secrets and you that
3119s all the members posted um so yeah again
3122s thank you again for saying this uh
3125s oh my god these are norm there's a lot
3127s there's a lot going on right now you're
3128s getting chased by a liner the jolton has
3130s entered midgard so you'll see that big
3132s thing pop up across the screen and then
3134s on your mini map uh you know
3137s you'll see the arrow the red arrow which
3140s points in the direction of the yoten so
3142s if you're ever wondering where the yoten
3144s is you know you can have that red arrow
3146s uh on your mini map
3148s also i'm not sure if you'll be able to
3149s activate the shrine with that liner oh
3151s maybe okay he's chilling
3154s good job
3156s very nice oh this is the land of fools
3158s by the way oh you got a challenge
3161s you activated a shrine
3163s cool so yeah if you ever want to know
3164s the daily
3166s challenges uh they are at the main menu
3168s by the way
3171s wow there's a good thing you just
3174s did you see that he just went right up
3178s oh my god
3180s he's going to space
3182s wow
3183s wow
3185s no
3189s we got this well you're fighting i won't
3191s i won't die i won't die i know i wonder
3193s just take the shrine
3194s take the shrine i won't die i know
3197s okay grindy grindy gwindy
3202s roll dodge and roll dodge and roll there
3204s you go
3206s guys please cheer please cheer in the
3208s chat we need to we need the motivation
3215s i got you i got you
3218s okay
3221s wow
3223s very nice very nice very nice we
3225s conquered conquered the winner i'm happy
3228s yes
3229s uh but let me go back to the village
3231s because i know i will
3233s speak to them
3235s to my quest first
3237s and then i'm gonna go back to the
3238s village yeah yeah
3239s great
3240s all right um we had another comment from
3243s marco bell
3245s and i know it's kind of what you just
3246s mentioned if like if you have anything
3248s to say you can always put it in our
3249s discord for listening um but even what
3252s you're saying about uh
3254s improving the tutorial that kind of
3255s stuff uh will be affected downline as
3258s well
3259s we will be having improvements to the
3261s tutorial we even put a little piece of
3263s that in our latest dev vlog is that
3265s we're going to have the cats so we have
3266s two little cats in game celeria and
3268s miniclo and they're i don't know if
3271s they're
3272s you can see them there but
3274s they will be more involved in the
3275s tutorial so they'll be holding your hand
3277s a little bit more on showing you how to
3279s play
3282s yeah that's something we mentioned you a
3283s few days ago that's it we did that's so
3286s cool
3287s yes
3288s um
3290s okay we i will so now like you mentioned
3292s few minutes ago uh the
3294s just appeared
3296s in this world so
3297s i will follow this
3300s uh this path like i will follow the red
3302s arrow you have on the top left
3304s and i will try to find the giants um
3308s i won't fight during this night because
3310s as we said earlier we don't need to we
3312s just open the gates
3316s and we give more souls like if
3318s if the the trees will get hurt
3323s okay i will also destroy those um
3326s very cat because
3327s they will give me a really good loot
3329s that i'm going to use later
3334s and that remind me that i haven't talked
3337s about this yet
3339s uh there is some
3341s like um
3342s the station that i call the
3345s uh curry built so there is a there's
3348s this three things you can rebuild
3351s um
3352s i think the the best to build first i
3355s can show you that on the map uh there's
3357s a free you can rebuild there's the query
3359s the farm and the
3360s lumberyard but there's also the
3363s the shipyard so these are four things
3364s you can rebuild uh i will go first with
3367s the curry because like that we get some
3370s stones and good things that i will use
3372s later
3373s but yeah you can
3375s choose what you want first and as you
3377s can see there is few things that are
3379s missing but i will find more barricades
3381s and i will give all my souls first
3384s because
3385s something we haven't mentioned before
3386s but if you die you will lose all of your
3390s uh so it's better to uh use them
3393s to put them in uh i don't know to
3396s level up
3398s npc in the village or to build something
3400s so next time i will level up a npc for
3403s sure
3404s yeah definitely because then when you
3405s level them up uh the npcs they not only
3408s do they unlock higher tiers of you know
3410s weapons and tools for example but they
3412s also become better fighters
3413s so they're there to help you they're
3415s your friends you know
3417s and what jp is doing right now is
3418s fighting a barricade as you did earlier
3421s and a couple times and these will give
3422s you some higher tier materials as well
3425s so it's always good to go and break
3426s those barricades early on in the game
3430s and uh when it drops when that barricade
3432s breaks it's gonna have loot bags any
3434s loot bag that is blue uh is instant so
3436s everybody gets a blue loot bag and then
3439s the brown loot bags are only for
3440s yourself so those are the individual
3442s food bags
3443s so some some of it is shared and then
3445s some of it is yours
3451s amazing we see uh
3454s true savage saying i love to speed run
3456s it that's amazing we have some amazing
3458s speed runners in our discord as well
3461s who love to do that and yeah i think uh
3464s what you're saying is true michael
3467s that at day 14 you know you have the
3469s thimble winter which not a lot of people
3471s realize
3472s happens which is the endless night so
3474s you really need to prioritize your time
3476s and decide what you want to do early on
3478s in game you know talk to your talk to
3480s your friends or decide what needs to be
3482s done first
3486s oh no your weapon is broken would you
3487s like to go repair it i mean i wouldn't
3489s necessarily i might think that's a
3492s not so good use of souls right now yeah
3494s i think i will uh craft a new one that's
3496s why i
3498s i went to the blacksmith
3500s yep um
3502s but yeah i
3503s also used uh one new um
3507s sorry i also use a one new blessing i'll
3510s uh i play with the
3512s the shield like i have a blessing that i
3514s can throw my shield that would be pretty
3516s insane
3517s and i'm going to craft my reader axe
3519s level 2 so the tier 2
3522s and what is good like i love this video
3524s by the way like uh my red axe tier 1
3527s broke like you said and but i
3529s still can use it to uh
3532s to craft a
3533s tier 2 so that's pretty cool yeah and
3535s then do you have the radar x3 unlocked
3537s as well oh no you did not no i do not
3540s that this is my blow i can't like we
3543s need to do that on stream
3545s if uh if i want to unlock it
3549s but yeah
3550s all right so yeah some some weapon
3553s recipes are
3555s unlockable later on
3557s yep cool i don't need to put anything in
3560s the chest and i will craft
3563s more things here
3565s the basic just don't check yeah let's
3567s have it
3582s did you already use the chest or did you
3584s walk by it yet i
3586s haven't because i play solo film
3590s okay i don't need to use it but yeah we
3592s can mention it
3594s definitely important to know if you're
3595s playing with other people you can drop
3597s all of your materials in the war chest
3599s but you do know that people can also
3601s take things out of the war chest you can
3603s also craft directly from it so if you're
3605s at like stain or the blacksmith for
3606s example and there's enough materials to
3608s craft something in the chest you can
3610s just craft directly from that
3612s as always pay attention to your
3614s teammates uh communicate and you know
3616s let them know when there's items in the
3618s chest
3619s that you might want to have
3626s yes we only use the names of the npcs
3627s around here
3629s from now on i'm never saying npc
3633s oh yes and you make a good point uh
3635s something
3636s important to bring out
3639s is that for example when jiffy was
3641s trying to you know buy something from
3643s steinar blacksmith
3645s and it wasn't available you can just
3647s jump out you can save and quit the game
3649s and then go and buy that in the shop and
3650s then jump back into the game so you're
3652s allowed to do that at any time
3658s uh vexo's saying not gonna lie i've been
3659s playing the game since day one and never
3661s knew about the donate all buttons until
3663s like a month ago
3665s very glad you found that
3667s very glad um you're not alone
3670s you're not alone
3674s but i'm glad i'm glad you found it and
3676s yeah to donate all for anybody who
3678s doesn't know you click on one item and
3680s then once you click on the item and
3681s you'll have a place all button and then
3683s you can put everything in the war chest
3688s oh yes and good good good point uh
3691s michael you cannot build directly from
3693s the war chest for the you know the
3695s quarry lumberyard or farms or shipyard
3699s for example you have to actually bring
3700s those materials to those uh stations
3704s good point good point good
3708s so here i'm trying to find
3711s that is an event here as you can see on
3713s my mini map uh on the top left
3716s chickens
3717s uh no it looks uh
3720s oh wait i think i found it
3722s see it's just too small
3724s no no not the chickens not this time oh
3727s not the chicken's too bad
3728s uh i think the
3730s [Music]
3731s does it say what it is
3734s [Music]
3738s i don't know what it is
3742s is it a what is it is it this tank
3744s yeah
3745s we're gonna find it
3748s you know what i think uh
3751s no maybe not it would not be a good time
3753s since you're being chased
3754s oh i'll let you guys
3757s it might be a good time if anybody has
3760s their
3761s you know their shift
3764s shift site open um
3766s gearbox.shift.com all if lucky if you're
3768s around if you could drop that in the
3769s chat
3770s um if you missed out if you just joined
3772s the stream we are giving away some shift
3774s codes uh during the stream so if you
3776s have that open you can redeem the code
3778s to unlock a cosmetic in-game we're gonna
3779s be giving out a couple just for fun
3781s during the stream today so keep an eye
3783s out because that might be coming soon
3786s and also you just honored the stack yeah
3788s i just uh
3789s i just did it and um
3792s yeah i got a few few cells i have one to
3794s themselves now so there's some
3796s improvement i can uh some upgrade i can
3798s do
3798s uh i will have a better equipment and
3801s that's pretty cool i don't want to pet
3802s my bed please
3806s not this time okay
3809s uh
3816s [Music]
3818s amazing and i need potions and i would
3820s be great to see the giants
3823s i'm going a bit slow to be honest um
3827s no i don't want to upgrade you i'm i'm
3829s going a bit slow like uh
3831s i should go back to um
3834s oh yeah
3837s and i'm collecting resources on the
3839s trees that's why
3841s and i need to defend this uh this night
3843s because
3844s i lost some uh
3846s yeah your your trees taking a little bit
3848s of a hit
3856s baby it's coming like
3858s in one minute i just need to find those
3861s trees first for the maple sap
3864s you got it oh that's beautiful oh that's
3866s beautiful rainbow it's
3869s called the bifrost it's very important
3871s in saga mode
3873s that is where you're going to want to
3875s it's not active right now it only
3877s becomes activated when you kill
3879s and then you want to go there at the end
3881s of your match because when you leave
3882s through the bifrost that's how you get
3884s your spoils your golden horns that's how
3886s you exit the world and head back to
3888s valhalla successfully so instead of
3891s saving wedding not abandoning just head
3893s out through the bifrost when you're done
3894s your run
3901s [Music]
3907s yes we're gonna go take a look at the
3909s yotan
3910s in the morning after this night
3919s yes we definitely want to take down that
3921s yodan before the blood that would be
3923s ideal
3925s it's kind of difficult when you have a
3927s blood moon happening and a yodan at your
3929s village at the same time
3940s yeah i can't read the the chat at all
3944s stay focused stay focused
3961s we need to get the for later and have a
3964s like a good npcs at the bottom and on
3967s the right
3968s so they they won't go to the to the
3971s not overwhelmed yet i think yeah you're
3973s all right
3975s that was a misplay
3977s like i i forgot to upgrade the npc that
3979s should be the one of the first things
3981s you you need to do
3982s um because they're really really helpful
3984s defending the the village
3986s so for the
3989s yeah and there's another good good tip
3991s by michael um
3993s yeah as mentioned when you donate souls
3995s to each other gets blue it's going to
3997s give you more hp but it's also going to
3999s regenerate your gates hp as well
4003s oh my god bloodman is coming
4005s the blood moon is coming we might want
4007s to go
4007s yoton hunting
4009s um but jp would you like to drop a
4012s little gift in the chat
4014s for those who are here with us
4017s yep
4019s potentially
4020s the beautiful armor set that you have on
4025s the liner set
4027s are you trying to
4029s makes me
4031s lose
4033s no no
4036s you want me to lose
4038s just trying to spoil our community a
4040s little bit you know
4042s they can match you that's all
4044s but why are you not waiting the the end
4046s of the blue moon like after the blue
4048s moon when you know there is no
4050s you got this
4052s all right go let's go let's go finally
4054s sydney asking for a key when the blue
4057s noise is coming and when the giant is
4059s close to the village yes i'll ask you
4060s for another one while you're fighting
4062s the yoden
4063s shift code has been dropped this can be
4065s used on playstation and steam so it's a
4067s dual use um code
4070s i think somebody already used it i think
4072s somebody redeemed it
4074s but we will be dropping more uh so keep
4076s an eye out
4077s it is it is a one-time use yes
4081s okay it's hello git day
4083s welcome how do you get to my world
4085s you agree
4086s going to die probably maybe
4090s hello
4090s our fire giant
4094s i do like fighting him i think he's a
4095s good first giant fight
4099s because he does kind of have that
4100s anticipation like when he's swinging his
4102s sword
4103s you know you can prepare for it
4107s with the most health but i feel like
4109s yeah his moveset i can anticipate what
4111s he's going to do i can roll out of the
4112s way
4114s you know that's that's what's good about
4116s it
4119s the yoten that works out a lot yeah oh
4121s look he has some guns definitely
4123s but he kind of skips like there what do
4125s you think
4127s um
4128s i think
4131s what do you think i think
4133s be a beat
4135s okay
4136s uh
4137s yes you have two blessing points yeah
4139s yeah
4147s yeah it's a it's a good giant um it's
4149s also one of our first giants
4151s uh with uh garrett i remember like
4155s yeah two years ago when we uh we got um
4160s uh that was a yeah it was pretty cool to
4162s fighting them but uh we improved a lot
4164s of the those giants like uh
4166s uh
4173s was increased gameplay uh two years
4176s so yeah that's a really good giant i
4177s don't know
4179s exactly and he's going to die
4181s you got it
4182s we got senpai saying i'm gonna go play
4184s with my girlfriend now have fun have fun
4197s we have
4207s yeah i love some time guys uh it's not
4210s the perfect speedrun
4212s game but uh yeah we ain't speed running
4215s here we're good we're
4217s introducing it like it's it should be
4220s the first game you you know when you
4222s when you play it for for the first time
4225s it looks like that
4226s uh most of the time you don't realize
4228s that the giant is close to the giant to
4230s the that the giant is close to the
4232s village
4234s and and you die but yeah we anticipated
4237s it a little bit
4239s yes
4240s and
4243s yes yes i see uh i see your comment
4245s lucky i see yeah if i'm having trouble
4247s killing you how can i increase my damage
4249s and
4250s yes luck lux luck links oh my gosh
4252s tongue twister it's there's a couple
4254s ways you can you know get your damage up
4257s uh you can obviously upgrade
4259s your weapons like you're saying um which
4262s will in turn do more damage you can also
4265s you know equip certain armor sets
4267s there's things that are called armor
4269s perks and then depending on the set you
4270s equip you'll get a perk associated with
4272s that armor so for example
4274s you know jp is using an axe so if you
4277s use the raider set then your axe will
4281s have a higher damage
4283s and then that increases per
4285s piece of that armor set that you have i
4287s hope that makes sense
4290s and you can see that directly on the
4292s armor sets themselves um there's even
4294s one for example the four knot sets uh
4297s that one does increase damage against
4299s so if you're looking for yoden damage
4302s you should definitely equip that
4311s this is a new player solo run style it
4314s is exactly right it is
4315s it is but look you're all he's almost
4317s dead
4319s yeah i just need a good weapon
4323s perfect
4325s amazing
4328s got all all that loot let's talk about
4330s that loot we've got blue loot so that's
4331s the shared loot we got brown loot which
4334s is the individual loot and then you also
4336s got the yoten fragments so that was that
4339s like
4339s shiny purple loot
4342s which is going to be very useful uh if
4344s you're going to go fight fenrir or saga
4346s boss
4348s uh
4348s blue moon is coming
4352s yeah i still want you to have that
4354s i have a lot of souls
4356s yeah i will put some in my uh
4360s in in brazil and i will also
4362s upgrade some npcs
4364s uh
4366s but yeah that's
4369s yeah especially since the blood moon is
4371s coming they're gonna want their health
4372s their help
4375s i think there's one missing
4381s you maybe
4393s i need to do that
4402s i see raven saying i was a warden in one
4404s survival match with six soul powered
4408s that's crazy how powerful were you
4410s that's what i need to know it must have
4412s felt great
4419s and yes we have a good tip from michael
4420s again michael i'm loving your tips uh
4423s somebody's saying you know you can delay
4426s fighting the yoten or delay killing the
4428s yodan for as long as you can because
4429s obviously that'll you know delay the
4431s spawn of the nexus because when you kill
4433s one another one is going to spawn and
4436s this next yodan could be
4438s random it can be you know
4440s any of the other uh giants
4443s definitely just uh draw my laptop it's
4445s fine
4446s uh
4449s yeah it's nice you gotta kind of see all
4450s the yolks
4454s and yes
4455s the barriers the barriers are a very
4457s fast way to get the quarry and lumber
4459s yard up and running because they give
4460s you those those higher tier materials
4465s we have vexo asking is there any chance
4467s in the future to increase the golden
4469s horns cap or just keep it at 99. um i
4472s would definitely say we have an eye on
4474s that we've heard that suggestion before
4476s so it has been passed on and we will see
4479s we'll see what we'll do about that i
4482s forgot to close the door
4484s okay it's blood moon time let's go
4488s gg that was a good game
4490s no no no no no it was really cool
4493s see you next
4495s week it's okay we got this so blood
4498s moons blood moons are yes what is
4500s happening right now as you can see by
4501s the top top right clock you can see the
4504s whole outside of that ring is red which
4505s means it's a blood room and which means
4508s you'll have you know different types of
4509s enemies healthing spawning you'll have
4511s bomblings which are the little crawly
4513s guys and then they explode and you
4515s you know can also potentially have
4517s sirelings which are the giant red hell
4519s things which are very powerful pretty
4521s it's still worth it to use my dark
4525s weapon against the the hair things
4528s it's still worth it yeah yeah it's still
4530s worth it
4531s just realize that hello
4534s but ideally you would want to have like
4535s a nor near axe or something for example
4537s there's the boss that's a boss that's a
4539s starling uh and he's gonna attack
4542s but yeah elements
4544s it's okay it's okay elements work
4545s opposite so yeah you would want to have
4547s like a thunder weapon for example to
4549s fight the hell things
4551s i don't have
4562s the gates the gates the case
4565s guys we got them
4571s you got this there's only one gate down
4573s i think
4574s okay
4575s yeah i think the top left will uh brick
4577s soon
4579s [Music]
4582s perfect yeah just break
4585s okay
4589s i almost almost yes got it oh my god
4593s that was tough
4595s nice
4596s i have a one um i have one left
4601s and
4602s next night i won't have any
4605s head things i might do so that's pretty
4607s cool uh yeah please help me sydney
4611s let me teleport myself in the game
4614s help you out
4616s amazing i think i have enough fur to
4619s unlock my quest have a better weapon
4622s and i will destroy some bury cats uh try
4624s to find the resources to uh build my
4627s gets again and then
4629s i think i need some
4631s actuary towers stuff like that
4634s but
4635s uh i kill some yeah i did i think you
4638s killed some wolves
4642s you're happy i'm happy too
4649s all great
4652s perfect so you have some quest fragments
4655s now that's why you do your personal
4656s quest you also get a weapon
4658s uh from those quests
4661s that's great you got the
4663s the hammer all the time
4668s i do have any
4676s do you have any ramps no no no i don't
4678s okay
4679s okay i saw uh yeah i saw a few runes i
4682s would like to um
4685s so that's another thing i should have on
4687s my on my list i don't need stone i don't
4689s know what i just picked that
4691s but uh yeah there's some barricades here
4692s that that would be uh that would be
4694s really useful for what i'm trying to do
4696s um
4698s and i need to focus here on the on the
4700s curry like oh no there's no bearcat
4703s disappointments
4706s no barricades oh no
4709s i don't like you
4712s check something
4723s yes and uh
4725s something that we have not mentioned yet
4727s which you have collected a couple of our
4729s rooms so runes
4731s are things that drop randomly um from
4734s creatures you can also get them in the
4736s village
4737s and what they do is you know
4740s very very there are brooms that have a
4742s bunch of different effects
4744s of things that you can do i see you have
4746s lucky loot oh you just picked up another
4747s one okay okay okay and higher and and
4750s here you are
4752s i'm saying that right i know the lucky
4754s loot is one of my favorites because i
4755s think it doubles your chance to get
4757s higher to your loot
4760s um but i mentioned that because michael
4762s also mentioned it and you know you can
4765s get runes from the shop as well yeah
4766s it's something i should uh i should
4768s share maybe not today because we haven't
4771s covered that but
4773s you know the the ruins recap we we made
4775s like these are the 35 runes we have
4778s yeah 40 now 40. yeah 40. yep
4782s [Music]
4784s yeah that isn't our discord if you're
4786s curious it's in the new content channel
4788s you can go and see i have it
4792s here but it's like uh it's a list of all
4795s the runes we have in game and it's a
4796s very handy sheet to check there's 40
4798s runes they all do very different things
4801s and some people have you know preferred
4803s runes over the other i know i definitely
4805s do
4812s all right and what do i need
4817s and yes good point by sagittarius
4819s nothing to hide is only good by playing
4822s naked you are very correct
4824s very correct
4827s and nothing to wield is if you have no
4829s weapons that's the best
4835s nice i can try
4842s trying to find some berry kids
4845s but i think it would give up
4849s do you want to go back and uh
4852s pick up a did you already choose which
4853s saga quest
4855s uh nope i haven't
4863s hmm
4866s oh perfect or espresso said just posted
4868s the graphic of the runes on general chat
4870s in our discord
4872s thank you so much
4886s echo says love the ghost buddy we love
4888s the ghost buddy too
4890s little best friend
4893s oh
4894s golden egg okay
4899s what
4901s that's lucky
4903s uh
4904s [Music]
4906s i already have that
4909s wow
4910s okay i would definitely take the golden
4912s egg
4913s yeah later
4929s do you want to check out your shipyard
4931s did you have anything to bring there
4933s no because i want to build the curry
4935s first oh the query is not up yet yeah
4939s and uh i spent so much time trying to
4941s build it
4943s yeah you can do it so you're heading to
4946s the land of pools to get uh like stone
4953s get the stone
4956s okay it's always worth it to explore a
4958s little bit yeah
4964s [Music]
4969s okay
4970s there's some goblins from some of you
4972s goblins are
4974s your favorite creatures on midgards
4977s but here they are really annoying
4980s like there's a lot they don't let you
4982s any
4983s chance oh look like the trailer you know
4986s we had this shot with the the hammer the
4988s hammer fine
4990s true that's cool
4992s yeah
4993s where are you
4996s what can we do what should i do next
4998s like uh
4999s i was i was waiting i was i mean i
5002s needed your
5003s uh your help but
5005s i was a bit distracted to be honest yeah
5008s i would definitely get that quarry focus
5011s on getting that quarry up if you haven't
5012s already if you the tinker is level three
5014s two right did you get the tinker to
5016s level three uh
5018s i don't remember where i put the
5021s okay
5022s yeah i think i don't remember okay no
5024s the blacksmith i think i did okay i
5026s would focus on probably the tinker next
5028s just because yeah then she becomes a
5030s better fighter and then you also get
5031s access to those higher tier tools which
5033s will give you more resources
5035s as well so
5036s maybe explore a little bit here fight
5038s some of the enemies you know i know
5040s you're trying to find barricades right
5041s now
5044s collect whatever you can
5048s but yeah it is a free night too so you
5049s don't technically need to go back to the
5051s village so i would maybe just explore a
5053s little bit more
5055s and collect everything in your site
5060s so yeah they're perfect fair kid
5068s i see a message from tenzo tv saying i
5070s love this game i can't wait to see
5072s the game on like season six season six
5076s i can imagine how much they will add
5078s season six please tell us what is season
5080s three four five i want to
5083s please know you jumped way in the future
5086s i love that season six
5088s amazing uh by the way any shift codes
5089s yet yes we've dropped some shift codes
5091s we will be dropping another one soon so
5093s keep an eye out
5095s what's the name in english of the
5098s mad scientific in the
5100s back to the future movie
5104s chat can you help out
5107s i mean i don't even hold on
5110s back to the future
5113s i don't know if the same in french
5118s doc brown
5119s yeah doc is it the same in english
5122s doc yeah i think
5125s why why because it sounded like someone
5128s who you know came from the theater
5131s and we met the duck at some point
5133s yeah
5134s and like saw season six
5136s season six so that's the good news we
5138s are going to season six guys
5141s like
5141s [Music]
5142s yeah
5144s i can't wait
5145s but i yeah for real i can't wait for
5147s season three like just that
5150s uh
5150s i know if you paid attention
5153s this is some
5155s like always
5156s sneak peeks teasing
5159s thing that you can see here and here
5161s stuff like that mentioning the the
5163s season three so
5164s yeah pay attention
5166s and
5167s um can't wait for real like there's a
5172s lot of new updates new videos that are
5174s coming and i can't wait to share them uh
5176s with you guys
5178s yes we're so excited so excited
5182s i see a grammy here gaming saying wait
5184s if i have a new weapon
5186s because it's been a while since i played
5188s no it is not a new weapon but it is kind
5190s of one of the you know higher tier
5193s weapons we did add the fact that when
5195s you do a personal quest there's better
5197s rewards so that includes the weapons now
5200s so it might be that like
5202s yeah
5204s hello toe
5208s so that's auto it's uh someone who
5211s how can i say that
5213s uh we don't like
5216s who have lots of issues lots of problems
5220s uh it can you know it can uh it can be
5223s safe basically
5225s yeah he's always getting into trouble
5227s yeah
5228s somehow
5231s so release otto from his prison
5234s and we also got a notification that a
5236s second
5238s the world
5240s cool
5242s um
5244s i would just go to find a shrine
5247s uh
5248s i don't think there is any shrinking
5250s there is no road here but uh
5253s i would just see what's happening here
5255s sure go all the way up there recaps
5257s that's
5258s really cool
5259s okay
5263s i'm curious don't know
5264s if there's some people who already
5266s played tradomi got before in the chat
5268s but i'm curious
5270s what would be your favorite
5272s uh new features new thing that you would
5275s like to see in trisomy got for season
5277s three like i i will i would love to hear
5279s that uh from you guys
5281s like what
5283s what is the thing you want to see
5287s in season three
5289s good question
5292s what is the thing you want to see sydney
5297s you know i have the vision i kind of
5299s know i kind of know
5302s like a dream if i could dream
5304s i'm thinking
5306s i mean i'm really vouching for one day
5310s you know
5311s i think eugene would be cool new york
5314s yeah i think it could be cool that could
5316s be cool someday but this is like in the
5318s far future
5319s in our plans it's always gonna expand
5321s it's going to evolve but
5323s that could be cool
5325s and you know a new biome
5327s because i always feel like there's
5329s a lot to discover i feel like i'm so
5331s used to all the bio all the biomes
5333s already i know them you know from top to
5335s bottom
5337s someone said new weapon maybe a spear oh
5340s yeah spear
5341s okay could be cool
5345s i have a
5346s i remember like few so you're just
5348s talking about also like a two-hand
5350s weapon
5351s uh that could be this could be cool
5356s yes i also love the uh
5359s an elemental variant for each weapon
5362s you know for example like we don't have
5363s a an ice hammer yet
5365s so i do think that would be awesome yeah
5368s one thing i would like
5370s is slightly longer days because segments
5373s is very time sensitive and if you want
5375s complete the saga before the long night
5378s which is where i always tend to lose
5380s so longer days that's what you would
5383s like to see
5385s like
5388s imagine that's not a good idea but
5390s imagine you have
5392s 24 hours days
5393s not a good day
5396s wow
5397s oh sorry for that guys that's okay
5400s all right head back to your village are
5401s you going back to village
5403s check the tanker
5405s make sure she is
5407s level three
5410s okay
5419s i need silver so i need to go
5422s [Music]
5426s and by the way if you want to know this
5427s information you go here
5429s silver
5431s uh
5435s and yeah land of pool
5438s uh okay
5440s so
5441s i'm going to the crore that i'm trying
5443s to
5445s build since one hour now you can do it
5450s oh my god
5453s amazing give me your loot now i need it
5457s and
5459s perfect this gate is
5461s okay so
5463s yeah it's probably good to like check on
5465s your gates maybe upgrade them a little
5466s bit and then the quarry will start for
5468s providing you some more resources to
5470s make that ship yeah
5473s and this one i'm going to buy it we see
5477s exita seeing a shift code for everyone
5479s in season three i do think that is a
5481s cool idea we'll keep that in mind
5488s hydrolask says i'd like to see more
5491s story for the new survival mode since it
5493s won't be more so time sensitive
5496s yeah you will see some characters in the
5498s new survival mode that
5500s you know you haven't really seen too
5502s much ever talk to too much of
5505s um we kind of talked about it in our
5506s latest dev vlog you will see more of ira
5510s foot crush which is actually the
5512s character that you see in the tribes of
5514s vanguard key art she's the viking with
5516s the braids and the red hair and we'll
5519s see her in the survival boats that's
5520s kind of exciting to kind of feed her
5522s there
5524s that'll be coming up coming
5527s i play solo all the time love it
5530s i'll agree it's so cool to play solo
5532s like i i i'm enjoying this game
5535s you have no idea like it's pretty really
5538s really cool and with the
5540s cine's help it's uh really helpful
5547s and i saw someone saying like maybe 10
5549s minutes ago uh go to the left uh explore
5552s to that etc that's uh
5554s that's a good idea but i think i'm going
5556s uh to find a giant
5559s first
5560s uh
5562s no i'm going to this one because there
5563s is
5564s something i need to find here
5567s okay
5569s let's go that way let's explore a little
5570s bit
5571s yeah i
5572s i will like i won't have time
5576s uh
5577s i don't think i will explore uh on the
5579s ocean i think i will go
5581s uh i will go to see fenrir so i
5584s okay kind of switching it up yeah okay
5587s switch it up a little bit
5589s so for fenrir you know you want to find
5592s find the bridge that's the most
5594s important part uh that's the first step
5597s to finding to getting to fenrir is
5599s finding the bridge
5601s in glacier peaks so you know it's going
5603s to be
5604s at a glacier
5606s and the good news is i already found it
5607s so that's why i am oh you did yeah okay
5610s i didn't even feel the map you were
5612s better off
5613s yeah it's because of the
5615s like i got because of the quest
5617s uh i got the shrine cards
5620s shrine map sorry and then uh it showed
5623s me that oh right
5625s right right treasure map a nice little
5626s treasure map
5641s oh
5644s i should have followed what uh what you
5647s said going on the left and
5650s yeah
5652s you guys are right
5658s that is a good bulgy everybody please
5661s vote
5662s i have the answer
5665s i know
5672s i can make that shrine
5674s i'm not even sure that i'm going to uh
5676s build the
5678s the bridge okay there's a so many
5680s fragments
5681s let's see
5682s i have those i don't have this i don't
5685s have this neither yeah
5687s too bad
5689s so what's what are you missing most of
5691s uh
5692s almost everything like um
5695s i don't have the stones i don't have the
5698s the rough iron
5701s and i built the
5702s decoration so
5705s we'll have to wait a little bit oh
5708s yeah we might want to go home
5710s we might wanna go home
5714s npc the villagers are trying their third
5716s best i think right now
5720s absolutely look at that she's whipped
5725s [Music]
5741s maybe an option to toggle what
5743s i said
5745s yeah to toggle i see psycho saying maybe
5747s an option to toggle some of the white
5748s and green tier rooms so they're not in
5751s the loot pool
5752s um
5753s yeah we've definitely seen this
5754s suggestion a couple times in our discord
5757s channel
5758s and it is something we're considering
5760s uh for the future is you know adjusting
5763s the way runes are so that you aren't
5765s kind of you know stuck in that roon loot
5767s pool
5768s so i can't see it too much right now but
5771s stay tuned and we will talk about it
5772s more in the future
5776s are the gates closed
5778s did you close the gates uh yeah i did
5781s they're just uh
5783s okay okay okay okay
5785s uh
5787s you're fine you're fine all right it's
5788s okay
5790s it's okay it's okay
5794s i would be fine get up down yeah goodbye
5798s don't worry
5801s there we survived amazing
5804s you're killing it killing it solo
5806s i did
5808s all right do you want to go back to the
5809s quest board and change your quest to
5811s fenrir
5813s i would do that yeah okay okay just make
5815s sure you have that quest marker so you
5817s know what's up
5824s perfect okay i need to build
5828s if i don't know if i got the the
5830s resources
5831s from the cruise i don't think so
5838s yeah okay
5843s okay i might build that one up just the
5846s one gate and then focus on the bridge
5848s yeah
5850s for the materials
5852s can you craft any more cut stone from
5854s the tinker or
5855s that's what i'm looking for
5858s i can
5862s i'm just about to craft i have a cut
5864s stones i'm okay i'm good with that it's
5867s the iron world that i don't have
5870s okay
5871s so maybe a trip to the land of pools or
5873s i mean it will come with the quarry as
5874s well yeah
5877s um
5879s there's something i could do is go into
5881s the desert but you find the
5884s dungeon or the the caves and
5887s i know there's a lot of resources here
5889s so i might
5890s be good doing that
5896s yeah
5898s i feel it's uh it's easier to um
5902s uh
5903s to beat
5904s a drummy rather than fenrir
5906s because you know the
5908s like the boats
5910s like the the shipyard just doesn't cost
5912s so much etc
5914s like the the the bridge is pretty um
5917s pretty expensive
5919s yeah yeah the bridge can be expensive
5922s it's true but oh oh you might want to uh
5925s let's let's keep it let's like try to
5927s keep a mental note that the jotin is
5928s like
5930s getting close to the village yeah it
5932s just popped up and it
5933s totally reminded me i forgot
5936s i forgot it's a game with jordans
5938s yeah they are attacking our trees i
5940s forgot that's the pitch of the game
5942s yeah
5943s yeah the giants are coming that's yeah
5945s yeah i would go that way
5948s yeah
5950s oh that's a good move
5956s just catching up on chat i think we're
5958s good yeah but i've heard differing
5959s opinions of people
5961s yeah i think fenrir or you're me is
5962s harder
5963s some people don't like sailing boats as
5965s much some people do
5967s and then some people do definitely think
5968s wolfman's or fenrir is kind of the big
5971s daddy
5973s if it's john sucks it's loose
5977s we'll see we'll see but yeah the the
5980s when you get the yoten is near your
5981s village it's usually about a day away uh
5983s so you still have a little bit of time
5986s it's not like they're like on the
5987s doorstep about yes younger brother oh
5989s it's
5990s okay our favorite
5993s love it
6007s buildings upgradeable for increased
6009s materials or decreased delivery times i
6011s think that's a great suggestion uh
6013s definitely
6014s good solution
6019s angry boba is having a bad day she is
6022s having a bad night
6024s right but you do have a
6026s good weapon against her yeah i do yeah
6029s that's
6030s that's cool the only thing i'm like i
6032s will defeat her as soon as possible
6035s blueberry possible
6036s uh because if she's close to the village
6039s uh during the night that's a nightmare
6041s like uh we don't want that
6045s like all the things will survive et
6047s cetera like we don't wanna
6059s you can do it you can just get her down
6061s you can win her whittle her health down
6063s not all the way
6070s um i should grab some potions i have the
6073s chance
6086s yeah that's the speed uh speed effigy
6089s that'll make you go fast
6094s she's not too close to your village yet
6096s no
6097s i don't know what the path is
6102s let's see
6103s okay
6106s i don't know where she's going but i
6108s think she's going on on the left
6110s oh troll
6112s perfect
6113s troll linda anger
6115s cool troll
6117s more friends i mean the troll gives you
6119s good loot so yeah
6122s i'm not sure if you have enough to
6126s to fight him
6128s no i don't um
6130s i'm i'm looking for a portion of
6133s something like to get some help
6135s and i just saw the the chicken and i was
6137s like yeah you should chicken we should
6140s see the chicken for sure
6148s i think the troll is my least favorite
6150s enemy to fight says hydra
6152s why is it why why
6157s yes espresso chicken
6160s go get the chicken
6163s okay cool yeah
6164s i need a bottle chickens yeah
6167s well maybe we can find the chicken
6172s it's
6173s tonight cool
6186s yeah the triple trolls and the hideout
6187s it's it's it's definitely difficult i
6190s think because of the the such like small
6192s area you have to fight them in
6194s definitely gone off the edge uh once or
6196s twice
6199s all right let's heal at dagny
6203s we will prepare
6206s check your weapon maybe if you have to
6207s repair them at all
6210s very nice
6212s i i'm not watching time uh sydney
6216s how long we've been playing yeah and and
6219s uh you know
6221s yeah yeah yeah i think we can uh do this
6224s night here
6226s and then uh we'll see how close the
6227s yoten is does that sound good to you
6229s that sounds perfect
6231s cool
6232s and then we can uh hop out via the
6234s bifrost
6236s after this so let's do the night let's
6238s survive the night we'll see if anger
6240s buddha gets close by this night
6243s and then we'll see where we're at
6246s yeah she's
6247s she's coming
6249s yeah i think
6250s she's getting closer
6253s getting close oh no
6259s it's all right it's gonna be fine
6267s it's okay
6271s okay i think i have a gate no i don't
6279s we need some we need some cheers in the
6282s chat we need some help we need some
6286s for the tribes
6288s motivate motivate jp oh no we're
6291s gateless
6293s okay
6298s it'll be fine
6299s guys
6303s and i think
6304s there's few things we can learn from
6305s this run
6307s um
6309s what do you think
6323s [Music]
6329s yeah no i think uh it's a pretty good
6332s it's pretty good like experience you
6334s know when you're jumping in the game
6335s it's a lot of just about learning and
6337s trying things and
6338s you know a lot of the things even that
6340s everybody has been saying in the chat is
6341s just things you learn
6343s from playing and things you learn from
6344s the community and tips and
6348s of course like the best place for tips
6349s is the discord we also have tribes of
6352s midgard forums which have some guides on
6354s how to play
6355s which you can visit as well i can drop
6357s that link in the chat i'm not sure lucky
6360s if you have it
6362s but yeah our forums are a pretty cool
6363s place
6365s i do not have them like lucky if you
6367s might want to grab that um but then as
6369s well you know there's a lot of content
6371s on youtube as well we have content
6373s creators who are creating amazing videos
6377s i don't that they
6379s just died i don't know
6380s what okay
6382s the gates just died
6384s i just need this
6388s nice nice
6392s wow beautiful no it's not beautiful
6395s it will be
6397s oh it's not beautiful it's not beautiful
6400s yes
6401s got it wow okay okay
6404s gg
6407s yeah the the the trees why the tree was
6409s dying
6410s uh i gave all my souls to the tree and
6413s then
6415s fight the yeah i mean wait the the day
6417s it was uh yeah close really close
6420s amazing so like now you know whenever
6423s you killed another giant your rewards
6424s get increased at the by frost which
6426s means you get more golden horns so if we
6429s want we can head to the bifrost and
6431s get our rewards
6433s yeah
6434s just before the blood moon
6436s just before the blood moon we're peacing
6438s out
6439s oh you waited too long and your rooney
6441s spawned
6444s the no the golden egg it's fine
6448s which one is that
6449s uh i'm not sure there's a two rooms i
6451s don't i can't see there the other one
6454s okay
6456s and yeah once you you can only destroy
6457s runes so
6459s once they're gone they're gone
6463s the biggest thing to learn from the game
6465s uh when to leave don't push your luck
6467s take the bifrost when you feel like you
6469s can take the bifrost head out
6472s and that is exactly what gpa is going to
6474s do today
6476s um we have a message from kiskull saying
6478s when are you planning to release the
6480s next content update
6482s well uh once you return to the main menu
6484s of the game you'll see a little bit more
6485s about that but
6487s we will wait until we go to the main
6489s menu
6490s um but season three is coming and we may
6492s have dropped the month
6495s already but you just need to check in
6497s game so look there we got some golden
6498s horns we're leaving the about b of the
6500s bride frost
6504s yes that's okay espresso no no no that's
6506s fine it will be august season 3 in
6509s august if you have gone in game if
6511s you're here the community stream today
6513s we're so happy to say season three will
6515s be in august
6518s and look you leveled up
6520s i mean yes
6522s so cool yeah there's two stats here
6524s really cool um i survived seven days
6528s i i
6530s i still lie but it was so close like the
6532s next blue moon i think that will uh they
6534s would kill me
6535s uh killed two giants i got two golem
6538s horns
6539s a few xps and no sagables too bad
6543s and
6544s total i got 27 000 xps on no level 8.
6549s pretty cool i went from level 4 to level
6552s 8 on this
6553s on my account so pretty cool
6557s pretty cool and now
6560s oh
6562s yeah we can head back head back to the
6563s menu there as you can see is that little
6566s news widget in the bottom
6568s bottom right and you can kind of see a
6570s little teaser
6572s of what is that
6574s a new biome maybe kind of looks like a
6576s new biome
6577s i don't know what you see
6580s what is it kind of looks like uh it says
6584s new survival and a new saga is coming in
6586s august
6587s super exciting
6588s so close kind of close
6590s i feel like time is going to go by so
6592s fast
6593s it'll be there before we know it
6596s yes so again few reminders like this
6599s page said
6601s donald discord if you want to join this
6603s amazing community
6604s and meet other people
6607s that makes this game
6609s the best game
6611s i'm am i objective by seeing that yeah
6614s and uh yeah and we also discussed about
6618s the playstation plus
6620s um
6620s that you have one mod to get the game
6623s for free
6624s until june
6626s uh the sixth i think
6628s so yeah exactly one month to get it free
6631s you need to have a playstation plus
6633s a subscription of course
6636s this is not free but
6638s when you got the playstation plus
6639s subscription you have like for
6642s three games every month that's pretty
6643s pretty insane
6645s and uh thank you everyone who
6647s joined the game because of the
6648s playstation plus
6650s we got a ton of message
6653s last month last the last days
6655s we had the really cool mentions on
6658s twitter and lots of questions and we are
6660s so happy to answer those questions
6662s if you have any
6664s questions please
6668s download them questions and we have an
6671s amazing team of helpers and mods we can
6673s help you a big shout out for all of them
6677s they're so so useful
6679s and last thing
6681s if you want to be
6683s no if you want to continue the the try
6686s adventure outside the game you can draw
6688s the mid guidance program
6689s it's a free program for
6692s players that want to earn more rewards
6694s and to support the game
6696s just join it for free and you can earn
6699s until
6700s 20 rewards that's pretty cool and
6703s there's more surprise coming
6704s and a private beta also just for the mid
6707s guardian that is coming pretty soon
6710s just to reword them for all the support
6712s they gave us the last months
6714s so if you want to test
6716s the new survival mode that we
6718s talk a lot during this stream
6721s join the mid guardians like i said it's
6723s still a three
6725s yes
6726s anything else to add on your side of
6727s sydney
6728s no we would love for you to join the mid
6730s guardians and you know give us your
6732s opinion on the new survival mode it's
6733s very important that we build it with you
6735s and you know we do it right so just by
6738s getting feedback from all the mid
6739s guardians testing the survival mode is
6741s going to be so important and that is
6743s coming up very very soon in the private
6745s beta we said mid-may is one that is
6747s going to be happening so please join us
6749s and it's been great having you guys here
6751s today and seeing some new faces thank
6752s you for the tips thank you for the
6754s comments
6755s um i did drop a link in the chat as well
6757s um there's a content creator named jade
6759s pg who makes who's been making some
6761s amazing guides and some amazing starter
6763s tips so if you're ever looking for you
6765s know tips on how to play
6767s you can re-watch the stream you can
6769s check out his channel you can join the
6770s discord we want to make sure that you
6772s guys are having the best time in the
6774s game and are you know discovering it
6777s with people so thank you for being here
6779s we've had so much fun thank you for
6782s all the comments all the all the
6783s messages so far
6785s that's it that's all we have for the
6787s stream today and yeah we might also drop
6790s another shift code cough nudge nudge
6794s maybe two uh in the chat so if you've
6796s stuck around till the end thank you uh
6799s we're gonna be dropping a shift code or
6801s two in the chat for you to redeem you
6803s can redeem this once on playstation and
6805s on steam so
6806s there you go on
6807s shift.gearboxsoftware.com
6810s i was waiting the end of the stream are
6813s you waiting you're waiting for me to say
6814s that yeah yeah yeah i was waiting the
6817s last second of the stream
6819s to uh say thank you to everyone who were
6821s with us today uh this is the monkey
6824s monkey shift codes
6825s and uh for those who weren't here at the
6829s beginning of the stream uh here's
6831s another key for this tabular
6834s [Music]
6836s and
6837s yeah we are we are going to have more
6839s shoot cuts to share in the next stream
6841s uh we're doing this stream
6843s bi-weekly so i'll see you in two weeks
6846s and yeah
6848s if you have any questions join us on
6849s discord
6850s and have fun enjoy each other midgar see
6852s you soon next time
7181s you

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