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5s so
35s so
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109s so
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276s so
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304s good
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317s so
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819s so
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937s uh
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970s hello
971s hello everyone
973s welcome to this stream sorry for that
976s not assuming this at all
978s uh
979s happy april day
982s happy april 1st happy happy how is
985s everyone how are you doing
988s how are you guys
990s that was
992s that was really funny to make yeah we
994s wanted to introduce this the stream
996s today is a special day
998s as you probably know uh hopefully you
1000s can hear us i'm pretty sure you can
1003s uh hello sydney how are you how are you
1005s today hello i'm great i'm doing i'm
1008s doing great today my my head is a little
1011s sore today but other than that i'm doing
1012s fine um
1014s can you guys hear us okay
1016s this is a tech check please let us know
1019s we have this beautiful show also um by
1022s our favorite goblins i love their dance
1024s moves um i think they're doing a great
1026s job
1027s keep it up how are you doing jp how are
1029s you really good uh
1031s like so far it's a zero bug stream uh
1034s like usual you know
1036s i mean
1037s except a little
1038s nothing at the beginning of this stream
1041s but uh yeah that's that's going uh that
1044s would be really really fun we will have
1045s a one hour stream with you guys it's a
1047s committee stream so that means we're
1049s going to interact with you a lot playing
1051s with you
1053s a lot too and we have some surprise for
1055s you uh today
1056s uh hello smile i didn't start with the
1059s easy one hello strom hello ziki hello
1063s celis unite welcome to this stream it
1065s started already eight minutes ago we're
1067s a bit late but that would be fine
1069s um hello lopini
1072s there is no drops confirmed today oh
1075s no there is no i don't want to tease uh
1077s anything we haven't prepared that to be
1080s 100 transparent and it's not an entry
1082s fools
1084s there's no job today sorry for that but
1086s there is more surprise like stay with us
1089s uh you will have a some surprise
1092s yeah we have lots in store today i think
1094s it'll be a fun day as jp said it's we're
1096s just gonna be hanging out for about an
1097s hour
1098s um chilling we're gonna be playing um
1101s you know of course some tribes of
1102s midgard so that'll be happening pretty
1104s soon and then we have some little
1106s community activities later later in the
1109s stream so stick around for that as well
1112s hello krisha hello
1114s i feel you
1116s you look different sydney don't know why
1119s i don't know like maybe i know freaky
1121s notice it too i think it's because i i
1123s got a hair trim you know like i trimmed
1125s the ends of my hair yeah
1127s oh i see
1128s yeah you told me that you told me that
1130s you are going to do that
1131s yeah
1132s yeah one hundred percent goblin comfy in
1134s there let me know there's some goblins
1136s in the chat right now
1138s we're if so we are so happy to have you
1141s in the tribes for today
1143s uh
1144s if you don't know what is this video you
1145s need to be a mid guardians
1147s you need to to be a miguel and sir
1150s there's some goblin who took the control
1151s of the midgarden quest kind of
1154s yeah it looked a bit old today
1157s yeah
1158s yeah i see a viking viking hardy says
1160s yeah i think it's the hair for sure yeah
1162s i think it's the hair trim i think
1164s that's what's different
1165s completely oh and and you also have the
1167s the hoodies
1169s yes i have the hoodie wearing the hoodie
1172s good old norseville travis medigar how
1174s did you have yours too behind you yeah i
1175s have to have my trosomi gut chair that's
1179s true
1181s all the time amazing
1183s new sydney sticker confirmed okay
1187s there i'll smile
1188s there
1189s oh my goodness but yeah it's been it's
1191s been such a day today did you guys have
1193s did you guys see like any other
1195s i don't know surprises things that
1197s surprised you during april fool's today
1199s because if you've been in our discord
1201s and i know a lot of you are probably
1202s from our discord it's been a heck of a
1205s day there's been a lot that's been going
1206s on if you played the quiz for example in
1208s our discord today um our mods who put
1211s that on made a very fun and special quiz
1214s for everyone and it was so much fun to
1216s watch everybody play that so i think
1218s everybody's gotta be aware of what's
1220s happening on the internet today because
1222s you know you never know what's gonna be
1223s real no real or big but on this stream
1227s you everything you will see is one
1229s hundred percent accurate sense like
1230s there's no joke anymore we just wanted
1232s to start with this little joke uh
1235s yeah there's no no joke in here don't
1237s worry
1238s this may be the
1239s the
1240s yeah the safe place or this the most
1243s safe the safest oh did we see that i
1245s forget always
1247s the most the most safe yeah i think the
1249s most safe area on the internet right now
1251s like this is
1252s uh you're safe here if you are with us
1256s no jokes no jokes from here on out
1259s cool uh
1260s so our plan today is uh basically to
1263s play with you but first we we're going
1266s to do like a
1267s a small shot game with uh sydney
1270s uh maybe share with some sneak peek or
1272s whatever like you you will see but we
1274s have a we have a game to do with with
1276s sydney uh do you have your game open
1278s cindy
1279s yes i have the game open uh if you want
1282s to launch yours
1284s let me know okay
1286s um
1291s uh let me do that
1295s okay you can suck it perfect just open
1297s it
1298s perfect okay
1300s so today we are doing a special game
1302s with sydney so we are going to play
1305s trasomid guards
1307s i'm going to create the game soon
1310s basically we
1312s want you to share
1314s what is trasomi girl if you never heard
1316s about this game etc that's that would be
1319s for the next 15 minutes will be just for
1321s you uh so i'm going to to create
1324s something
1325s a new game and yeah and don't worry with
1327s the the low bill it's a bit different
1329s but we're working on it so it's
1331s it's nothing but don't worry
1333s yeah nothing nothing just a little you
1335s know like little improvements here and
1337s there that's all that's all yeah
1339s um
1341s and also oh yeah the music is really
1344s loud sorry for that i forgot to reduce
1347s it that's it
1349s for letting us know yeah it's the the
1351s music
1352s of the game by the way
1353s that's why so i'm going to create a new
1355s world we'll call it mid girls
1359s is still cool i think it's perfect
1363s yeah i forgot my s creates
1367s uh play diamonds i think we're
1370s we just play you and me that sounds good
1373s and let's go let's do it
1377s i can't wait to me i can't wait
1379s i know you're loading in i can see
1382s great
1383s i equip my pet
1385s i think i'm gonna go with princess
1387s linda we're gonna run around have a good
1389s time we got any objective or we just
1391s wanna like you know relax a little bit
1394s yeah maybe maybe do some camps or
1396s something
1397s so there's some uh tutorial here so i'm
1400s playing with my controller today uh yeah
1403s it's explain what the game is
1404s exploration and life force like we you
1407s need to collect some resources uh you
1409s have attack at nightfall
1411s uh if you have already played the game
1413s you you know what it is
1415s uh basically and um
1418s and also you have
1420s uh the giant
1422s approaching so the drawing will attack
1424s your
1425s uh your tree obviously
1427s yeah yeah if you've never played uh
1428s tribes of midgard before obviously you
1430s know like there's always going to be
1431s this big giant who's going to be
1433s walking towards your village trying to
1435s kill the tree that's basically you know
1437s the premise and why you want to stay
1438s alive because that big old giant is
1440s coming towards your tree cool let's dive
1444s yeah until this this cool game oh
1448s gem kit uh so i don't have the mini map
1450s i don't know why but i think it's
1451s because uh probably night is coming or
1454s something like that i don't know but
1455s what you need to do is collecting
1457s resources and
1459s let me know when you're in game sydney
1460s will uh we'll try to to find you and
1462s yeah play together
1464s i just got in game perfect i'm gonna
1467s start in the village
1468s and walk around a little bit do you
1470s think the resources i think the
1471s resources like we scaled them up a
1473s little bit you know like they're a
1474s little bigger than usual
1476s yeah
1478s yeah
1479s probably some setting i have on my
1480s stream i don't know i did probably
1483s something wrong
1484s but uh like i said there's no no issue
1486s today uh with the stream so
1490s so we have about
1492s do you remember the name of uh i don't
1494s know if you can see my my stream but
1496s there's some enemies i'm attacking right
1498s now
1499s yep oh the i found a camp
1502s okay perfect
1503s so if you want there's some loot here
1506s okay so basically i got some uh silver
1509s gold and life force
1511s okay 200 to live frost by the way that's
1514s a lot life force life first yeah
1517s hmm okay i'm gonna
1519s make my way to the camp and i'm gonna
1521s open up the treasure chest
1524s oh actually it's sun is setting sun is
1527s setting it is someone is asking is it a
1530s test
1531s version of the game uh no it's it's the
1533s actual game like uh
1537s like
1540s if you play on steam you you have this
1541s passion
1544s so many new changes i was lucky oh
1548s i can't find you on the map by the way
1550s oh you can't you can't find me no i
1551s can't i just have planets i i don't know
1554s where you're
1555s very strange okay i'm running i'm
1557s running off a little bit over to the
1558s side okay
1560s but yeah you i mean you know what to do
1562s like there's some resources to collect
1564s uh and there's uh oh
1567s there's uh yeah some resources to to
1569s find and and by the way this is the
1571s night right now so we we need to come
1573s back to the village
1574s yeah definitely that's something that
1576s you got to remember is every every
1577s single night you got to defend the
1578s village the hell things are going to
1579s come attack and you'll see them pretty
1582s soon uh come and attack the village
1586s yeah perfect
1587s oh i see somebody uh
1589s viking hardy saying joltan's are so cool
1592s we need them as small pets i have
1594s forever loved that idea
1596s and you should definitely drop that idea
1597s in our discord because i would love a
1600s joke and small pet
1602s as well
1605s let's see how are you doing in the
1606s village you okay are pretty good yeah
1607s there's a few enemies
1611s the the life of the tree is pretty high
1614s yeah there's uh
1615s i'm okay you don't have to come back
1617s there it's it's thick okay
1619s okay
1620s have you seen that there is a already
1621s snowing like we
1623s would have some snow
1625s yeah it's like snowing a little bit and
1626s it's only day two yeah crazy
1630s let's see i think i'm gonna go
1634s to
1635s the desert maybe oh good idea
1639s i'm still chilling in the village and
1641s there's some pair of things here
1643s yeah let me see or you're just fighting
1645s them off
1647s excellent
1653s grisha saying uh goblin in a costume pet
1655s i love that oh where are you now i just
1657s checked your stream
1661s they somehow recreated a boat tribes
1665s oh advertisement both greetings oh you
1669s awesome viking it's so wonderful to see
1671s all of you today do not forget to tell
1673s our community managers how lovely they
1675s are
1676s please tell them so they keep us around
1680s and give us
1681s pets neat bards need love too
1684s everybody please give some love
1687s i
1688s i don't know we did that but it's not us
1692s i don't
1694s i bought that i love that oh i i mean in
1698s the long house right now yeah it looks a
1701s bit different by the way
1702s yeah i don't know where is the
1706s everything
1707s i don't know where did everything go hmm
1712s it seems pretty empty
1716s it seems pretty empty i feel like
1717s there's a lot of space for you know
1720s some stuff and who's sitting in there
1721s there's like some random guy standing
1723s there
1725s what is he doing
1726s yeah i don't know
1727s [Music]
1729s very strange yeah
1731s try to do something else
1732s yeah
1733s let me
1737s let me see something
1740s maybe craft a new weapon yeah
1745s yeah there's few options here
1748s but yeah it looks uh
1750s it looks a bit different
1752s yeah you don't really have many options
1753s actually
1758s yeah i mean yeah that's it that's all
1761s let me see
1762s i can i can see a piece of the mini map
1766s right now
1768s okay
1769s yeah i'm just i've been running around
1770s like i went to the village i didn't see
1772s you but
1774s i don't know yeah i'm just chilling in
1776s the village right now but yeah we need
1778s resources by the way have you found the
1780s the giant
1782s uh
1783s i think so let me let me let me see
1787s i think uh he's maybe over to the left
1793s yeah they did on the left i'm chilling
1795s around the
1797s the houses
1798s yeah like when you enter in the in the
1799s house you see the
1802s you see that the roof
1804s yeah
1805s yeah anyways and i'm trying to use the
1808s the shrine so this one is on the right
1811s that's funny yeah
1812s yeah
1814s yeah it's kind of a funny location
1817s this new season looks so good right
1820s totally yeah thank you
1824s i'm still running around i found the
1826s jordan if you want to go
1828s hunt him down soon
1831s i i tell you about to do this i just
1832s said you were in the desert right yeah
1835s yeah i'm in the desert
1836s you want to come here
1839s see such a large map right yeah it is
1842s it is
1844s yeah do you guys usually play with a
1845s small map or a large map
1848s i don't know sometimes i like the
1850s the freedom to adventure with a large
1852s map
1854s yeah it's totally longer like remember
1856s the time we tried to
1858s find a merchant in the desert something
1860s like that on an island and we took like
1863s 30 minutes to find this
1865s yes
1867s yeah huge maps all the way
1869s can you find me yet or just picking up
1871s resources all the way trying to find me
1873s okay yeah same same uh
1875s you know every time i see
1877s a resource i i have to collect it like
1879s it's
1880s it's like a pokemon you know yeah yeah
1884s no i'm the same way i'm the same way i
1886s can't pass them up especially if they're
1887s like desert resources like you know
1889s amethyst
1891s for
1904s nothing happened i don't know it was uh
1906s i just saw a glitch but uh it's okay
1909s you're just looking like oh there's the
1911s giant
1912s see i told you oh no what happened it's
1914s caroled
1915s what happened something weird is
1917s happening
1918s it's like you're really big
1921s yeah like you're the joke
1922s yeah and i oh
1924s i don't know what is happening here but
1928s something bad happened oh no did you
1930s respond are you stuck yeah i i well i
1933s think that's the that's a giant no it's
1935s it's not halogens oh yeah yeah yeah
1938s you're looking at the feet yeah
1940s oh my goodness look we got the foot cam
1943s now
1944s i think
1945s i think that's the end of the video
1949s is that it i think that's it
1951s i think that's it all right
1953s thank you guys new camera new camera
1956s yeah it's pretty sick i like that view
1959s i'm so sorry for that guys so sorry
1966s thank you so much for joining us on this
1969s very short drive to midgard journey
1972s um yeah
1973s yeah
1974s yeah just to make it completely clear
1977s what you just saw was nothing
1980s it was a really long pre-alpha
1983s uh footage that you can find on our
1985s youtube channel uh with uh i think was
1988s with the creative director um
1992s julian and then and and all the
1994s community manager so you can find this
1996s video on our youtube it's one of the
1998s first video
1999s and you can see how tradomi girls uh
2002s improved since yes two years or three
2005s years
2006s but yeah
2007s i don't know
2009s if one of you
2011s found that it was real that they will
2013s make my day
2015s yeah that would make it all day but yeah
2018s don't worry don't worry no jokes uh yeah
2020s that was pre-alpha footage don't worry
2023s there's not missing trees there's not
2025s foot cam
2026s there's not yeah
2028s giant glitches uh i kind of like going
2030s into the house though like when there
2032s was like somebody standing in like the
2033s house and
2034s yeah it's funny to see how it changed
2036s since then
2037s even
2038s you say no jokes yeah i lied sorry don't
2041s blame me
2042s it's because you know it's today
2045s we have to do that
2047s yeah
2048s uh
2049s yeah but yeah it's really cool to see
2051s tribes like that uh yeah like the game
2055s was uh amazing
2057s yeah
2058s yeah yeah no it's fun to like take a
2060s little look back and and see how much
2062s it's changed but oh my goodness and you
2063s never found me you never found me on the
2065s map right you're looking for me yeah oh
2068s never i don't know i don't know why
2070s yeah i don't know why either
2073s were you playing where are you playing
2075s sydney yeah i was hiding oh that's fine
2080s all right
2081s well yeah thank you guys for joining us
2083s for that we got more we got more in
2085s store a little bit for this stream so
2087s stick around
2091s yeah we can do
2092s we can do what we have planned
2096s for today and and this time no joke i
2099s promise
2100s uh i i think no no there's no no joke
2104s anymore yeah this time we're really
2106s gonna play we're really gonna play the
2108s game yeah
2109s uh so what what are we going to do today
2113s uh we are going to play with you and
2114s this time it's real we're not playing
2117s the new
2119s survival mode that we have announced two
2121s weeks ago
2123s no that's not the time for that sorry
2126s for that
2127s like we said it's a committee stream
2128s today
2129s we just want to share with you
2132s making some jokes you know
2134s um but yeah we are going to play with
2135s you tradomi guards and
2138s we thought that it would be cool to do
2140s a hide and seek on trouser midgard with
2142s you
2144s we will explain the idea in a few
2146s minutes
2147s but if you want to play with us just
2149s open your game we are going to share the
2151s name of the server the password and you
2154s will be able to join us so in
2156s two three minutes
2158s let's go guys yes please come hang out
2160s and play with us it's basically
2163s oh hold on my game just load it up we're
2166s for the real game we're really playing
2168s um yeah but basically yeah we wanted to
2171s try playing like this mini game yes it's
2173s gonna be on pc so if you have pc if you
2176s want to play like a quick it's only
2177s gonna be like you know 20 20 minutes 30
2180s minutes maybe of hide and seek with us
2182s please open up your game and we will
2184s invite you uh to come join well actually
2186s we're gonna have a survival world so
2188s we'll give you the like password and
2189s name of it for example yeah
2192s and first come first so you need to to
2195s go fast i will share the password with
2197s uh sydney first
2200s and then
2201s i will share with you so
2203s that we are sure that we are going to
2204s play together sydney
2206s and this time for real
2209s for real for real for real yeah
2213s i'm just checking that i'm not playing
2215s the new version of the game
2218s yes make sure to make sure um so one day
2221s one day one day we'll do that but not
2223s today yeah yeah one day
2226s and no jokes i promise now we're 100
2229s serious
2231s no joke
2233s no joke
2235s oh see aj aj hi ajw says hide on boat
2240s see we're already like you know there's
2242s already some like thinking some thought
2243s process on like ways you could hide but
2246s yeah we'll explain the rules and
2247s everything once we're all like set up in
2248s the lobby
2249s uh but yeah you could hide on a boat
2251s that's a good good suggestion
2255s no joke
2257s and yeah grisha um saying can we help
2260s test stuff yeah in the future um as
2262s freaky said like we
2264s announced that you know with the mid
2266s guardians uh we would have a private
2268s beta so as long as you're part of the
2269s mid guardians you're all set up to be
2271s the first to test test the new stuff
2275s let's see
2277s and now for real jp
2279s uh you're setting up the lobby right are
2281s you setting up the world okay i
2283s am a creature difficulty that would be
2285s easy
2286s healthy difficulty would be easy too so
2288s we don't have to focus too much on the
2290s on the dresser
2292s your turn difficulty easy to
2294s uh you to narrow
2296s etc that's perfect um
2300s lost on death souls only we keep the
2303s materials
2306s and the map will be big because we are
2308s going to do a
2310s highland stick i can start
2315s and i need to send you the code
2318s yes they send me the code and i see
2320s lucky um no don't worry we have some
2322s rules where you cannot uh use the the
2326s hud if you're the person who's seeking
2327s basically so we'll look we'll explain
2330s and viking hardy saying how many people
2332s can join um yeah per map yeah yeah
2337s us plus eight people yep exactly
2340s let me know are you you know the the
2343s world is not ready but uh i just shared
2345s the password with you sydney and let me
2347s know
2348s uh where you are in so i can share it
2350s with everyone
2352s okay sounds
2353s good let me find it
2357s it's not created yet right
2359s uh no
2360s okay
2361s i will wait
2362s i will wait so yeah if you are in the
2365s chat if you want to play a quick game of
2366s hide and seek with us and potentially
2369s beat us if we can't find you uh
2372s stay tuned in the chat we'll drop uh the
2374s name of the world and the password and
2375s then you can come come join us
2377s it's live in sydney by the way
2380s okay let me take a look
2382s and this is our first uh april fools
2385s stream as well which is kind of exciting
2387s like we didn't true have community
2389s streams
2390s i've been doing it that long have we
2392s yeah
2393s coming to stream was it two weeks ago
2397s like the first time we ever did a
2399s community stream
2401s we did kind of one for the release
2404s but it wasn't branded as a community
2406s stream and we did another one one month
2409s or two months after
2412s i'm joining up you can share the
2413s password
2415s okay you're in
2417s so just share the password
2419s password is the work world for the
2422s goblins you have been walk roared by the
2425s genus goblin
2427s that's what it is
2430s yes come hang out
2432s come join us
2434s so you won't be able to use the voice
2436s chat in game i mean you can use it but
2438s we won't hear it in the stream
2442s you can join and we'll explain the the
2444s rules so basically we are doing a hide
2447s and seek
2448s so there is uh two seekers you and i
2450s sydney
2452s we are going to be the the seekers i
2454s think the first game we should play
2455s together and see how easy it is etc
2458s uh and split ourselves and communicate
2461s etc
2462s and we will have uh eight hiders
2465s uh i mean depending on how many euros
2467s yeah if we can get eight people yeah
2469s yeah
2470s uh and um
2472s the
2473s the the rules are really simple
2475s everyone in the village everyone in the
2477s sanctuary sorry so when you spawn you
2479s just stay here uh and the hydras have to
2483s hide themselves
2484s uh sydney and i we are going to uh
2488s hide the hdd so we won't be able to see
2490s the minimap we won't be able to see what
2492s time is it and all of this information
2497s so you can hide yourself
2499s and be safe kind of
2501s and after 30 seconds we are going to
2506s have to find you you can't use the
2508s shrines
2510s that's not allow for the hiders to use
2512s the shrines
2513s we can use the shrine
2515s we can open the mini or the large map
2519s but when we do so we need to
2521s you know we can't move anymore so it's
2523s kind of
2525s tricky when you use it like you need to
2527s be reactive
2531s when we found you you become
2534s a seeker with us so you can help us you
2536s can build construction you can help us
2539s activating shrines or sharing some
2541s information etc
2543s everyone can build everyone can activate
2546s the shrines but it's not since you can't
2548s use them it's uh it won't make sense
2551s and um
2554s and there's also the freezer words that
2555s uh you can uh
2557s yes yes if everything just making sure
2560s it's all super super clear um if you
2562s have any questions drop them in the chat
2563s i know you guys are in the game too but
2565s yeah there's also the freeze rule that
2567s me and jp are gonna have so
2569s when we say freeze and we can only use
2571s this like i'd say three times max during
2574s our game uh you have to freeze in place
2577s for 10 seconds so if you're running away
2579s from us you have to freeze count to 10
2580s we're trusting you to freeze at this
2583s time
2584s because then it help
2591s run um hi jp
2594s and
2595s yes so if that all makes sense we all
2598s start here when we say go you guys can
2601s run off in whatever direction we'll
2602s count to 10 seconds and then we'll take
2605s off after you so we can't see anything
2607s we're going to turn our hud off we can
2610s we can open the map right yes we can
2612s open the map yeah we can open it when we
2614s want
2615s and if it's too easy we can uh register
2618s the
2619s the the rules and
2622s we can try a match see how it goes um
2626s oh the pony where where are you why did
2628s you die
2629s oh no
2632s okay so i don't have hid anymore
2634s that would be tough oh and by the way
2637s um
2639s by the way by the way
2640s so we don't we don't need to touch you
2643s it's only when we see you
2646s uh so when you are in our screen
2649s um
2651s yeah you are found basically
2653s i don't know if that makes them because
2654s i would be too hard to touch you in my
2656s opinion yeah yeah so if you're on our
2658s screen at any point that's when you're
2660s kind of tagged so we say oh like we see
2662s you and then you basically can see us on
2664s your screen too
2666s but yeah yeah we
2667s are pretty much and you can you can move
2670s you can move wherever you want you can
2671s use uh
2673s what you want etc
2675s so the everyone you can
2678s hide yourself
2680s and while you are hiding
2682s just uh share for the tribes for crazy
2685s dog who joined the midgarden yesterday
2687s uh so welcome to the welcome to the
2689s tribe and welcome as a midgard and that
2692s hope you you received the first quest
2694s today
2695s that won't be
2697s it won't be
2698s like that every week like it was a bit
2700s silly today but promised that next week
2702s would be more serious
2704s yes i'm happy you guys are all here
2705s you're all petting your pets you're
2707s ready to go ready to
2709s ready to rock and do our first like hide
2711s and seek game are you guys ready and
2713s well we'll give a little bit of delay uh
2715s when we say
2716s go because we know like with the the
2718s stream delay as well
2720s cool
2721s all right are you ready jb are you guys
2723s ready i am ready
2725s oh yeah we can't see the chat either so
2727s keep that in mind we can't see the
2728s in-game chat true uh so if you have
2730s something to say to us just make sure to
2731s say it in the stream chat yeah
2733s all right ready
2735s so i'll do the account we'll do the
2736s countdown uh after we say go so
2739s three
2740s two one
2741s go
2742s bye
2743s now we wait like one two three
2747s four
2748s five six
2749s seven i'll do twenty eight
2751s where are you
2752s ten eleven two twelve i'm the red head
2755s yeah thirteen fourteen
2758s i will say a bit more a bit more because
2760s yeah because somebody just took off yeah
2761s yeah
2762s 17 18 19 20.
2765s still waiting
2767s i never got a welcome email but this
2769s card says i'm misguided what do you want
2771s me to do uh check your spam kate day
2775s you probably received something in your
2777s spam or permission further if you are on
2779s gmail for the mid guidance program but
2781s yeah if you receive the mid guidance
2783s role
2784s on discord that means yeah you're a
2786s mid-game so check your spam and add the
2789s the email in your whitelist and like
2791s that you will receive all the quest mail
2792s in the future
2794s all right you ready to go i'm ready to
2796s go first thing i'm going to do
2798s what are you gonna do open the mini map
2800s open the map uh yes we can use that but
2804s yeah we can do that okay okay
2807s i'm gonna go left
2809s okay you're going to go left i think the
2811s if you want to be smart
2813s we need to activate some shrines
2815s you know what i mean
2818s yes i'm gonna get the one at the left
2820s okay i'm doing the the one on the right
2823s i'm so excited
2827s puff it's definitely tough when you
2828s don't have a mini map i have to use like
2829s my ears to guide me
2832s where am i okay
2835s i'm gonna go get one of the shrines
2838s yeah
2839s okay
2840s [Music]
2841s we also have the threat of things
2843s killing us as well
2846s didn't think about that
2847s okay
2853s uh okay i just found you
2855s wait you found somebody i found
2858s oh who is it now you become a i think
2861s it's
2863s jsm
2865s just m so you know you can help us so
2867s basically
2869s do what you want
2870s we can um but the thing is you can't
2873s find people but yeah you don't become a
2875s seeker but you can like build
2877s construction yeah activate shrines
2880s like help us
2881s but that like i didn't have to uh
2884s to find him like it was just
2886s nice
2887s okay
2888s has been found we need to keep track
2890s chat if you can help us to keep track of
2891s everybody that's been caught that would
2892s be great
2895s so where am i okay okay
2898s yeah cuz i don't know if i'm dying
2899s there's too many enemies oh true
2902s yes
2906s okay i might
2907s have a shrine on the right so that's
2909s cool
2912s there's low pony close to the village
2914s i'm going for yellow pony
2917s i am going for you
2920s grisha i found you grisha
2922s i found you this is a nice hiding spot
2925s though
2926s just tucked away in like a little cliff
2928s okay i just found a little pony
2929s he was watching my stream you were
2931s watching the stream assuming but yeah
2933s find you a little pony
2935s but you can move by the way if you know
2937s that i'm
2938s that we are coming etcetera you can move
2940s that will make it more uh complicated
2943s so welcome to the team loponi
2946s yeah
2947s so lopani jazzm grisha are found we need
2950s viking hardy smith and sethos
2954s so guys yeah remember you can move
2956s around if you see us coming towards you
2959s uh there's i think i think it would be
2961s like oh yeah yeah that's the truth i'm
2962s going for it's two and a half okay yeah
2965s yeah yeah yeah and green enough too yeah
2967s i think it would be so much i like it
2969s and i think it would be so much harder
2971s in a way if it was static like and we
2973s couldn't see the map at all you know
2976s like if we just had to search everywhere
2978s you know
2978s [Music]
2980s like we couldn't open the map or
2981s anything that would take a long time we
2983s would have to check every corner of the
2984s map and they can't move correct yeah
2987s yeah yeah yeah
2988s yeah
2989s that would be very difficult for fun
2992s so you can move if you want you can move
2994s if you because like you have the mini
2997s map you know so you can see if we are
2999s coming around etc you also have the full
3002s map
3003s so if you see us coming
3005s and also we are not uh
3007s like we are we are
3009s we are abused like we are seeing on the
3010s stream that oh we are coming so you can
3013s uh you can hide yourself
3015s you can move you can build something
3017s uh
3018s stuff like that
3021s i see you sydney
3023s oh there's a
3024s what there's a bird here but there's
3026s nobody here oh no
3029s all that are coming back
3031s take it out
3033s oh no
3035s oh no
3036s it's done oh it's because someone died
3040s [Music]
3047s [Music]
3053s yes me uh i i found just miss
3057s but yeah i got it we can try without
3060s i think we could have two variants one
3062s is we can't move
3064s and we can open the
3066s mini map
3070s oh no you're stuck
3074s oh no
3075s the little platform
3077s viking hardy yeah i think yeah
3080s no biking one choice to make
3083s yeah
3085s jump in the water that's
3087s everything you can do yeah i think
3089s that's the only choice
3091s you know what i'm coming with wait i
3093s think only sethos is left
3102s i think succos is the winner then
3105s uh it is it's the last one yeah
3109s yeah
3111s yeah he was mad because he run away
3113s yeah far far far right
3118s all right
3120s all right sethos you are the first
3121s winner
3122s okay we can try it again if you want
3124s guys uh come back to the sanctuary
3128s uh we can try it again we still have two
3130s rooms if you want to join us
3132s uh there's two slots available
3135s or settled just died but i think it's on
3137s purpose come back yeah
3141s so here
3142s we can't open the mini map the map oh my
3145s god
3146s yeah
3150s maybe we can't open it but just
3154s oh maybe like a certain number of times
3156s yeah like one per one every two minutes
3159s something like that because i would be
3160s so difficult yeah yeah let's do that
3165s okay so we can't open the map whenever
3167s we want like we can only open it once
3169s like every two minutes or so yeah
3171s okay
3174s let's do it okay okay are you ready i
3177s see viking heard you just left
3180s so jay's emmys are coming back
3183s okay
3186s everyone's coming back to the sanctuary
3191s [Music]
3193s uh hide and seek with an item like
3196s buried treasure
3201s what do you mean
3206s what do you mean
3208s box uh youtube and i'm showing the
3212s i don't know i don't have the password
3213s anymore let me find it
3216s what do you want me to post it in the
3218s chat already got it i got it i got it
3222s so here it is password is a walk world
3227s and uh yeah you can find us i can't wait
3229s uh
3230s you to join us at the general david chi
3235s yeah come on
3238s let's see
3241s mid champions
3248s all
3249s right
3250s i just can't take cine seriously with
3252s that filter on what filter
3256s what filter
3267s that was a funny day that was that was
3269s really funny today
3271s it was a great day
3272s uh i see crazy dog asking today's quest
3275s is only the goblins is this correct yes
3277s uh it's just a goblin-based quest
3280s today
3281s but everyone can do it
3283s yes yeah yeah we have been hacked by the
3286s goblins basically sorry for that
3288s that will never happen again
3292s uh do we have
3295s uh
3296s yeah there's nine of us
3298s here
3299s all right
3300s did you get to join us uh general
3303s i think that might be you that just
3304s joined
3306s so a quick recap of the rules you can
3308s move
3309s you can build construction
3312s you can build construction if you want
3314s to uh slow us
3316s you can hide everywhere you want
3318s and when we find you you can help us
3321s basically
3323s our rules will be now that we can't open
3326s the large map
3327s only one per
3329s minute
3331s or maybe one per for the tribes on the
3333s chat if the child wants to help us
3336s you know what i mean
3338s that's dangerous that's dangerous
3341s and we can move we can build to if we
3343s want
3345s and we can use the shrine that's that's
3348s that's the thing you can't
3350s you're not allowed to use the frame
3352s yeah okay so what i'm gonna do on the
3354s side is i'm gonna have a timer and then
3357s every minute i'll let you know no okay
3361s all right everyone ready ready to take
3363s off run and
3365s they can move around right we're gonna
3366s do that okay okay you guys can still
3368s move okay
3369s ready three two one go
3372s go run
3373s all right i'll put a timer on just for
3374s like bye-bye 20 seconds go go go go go
3376s go everybody run
3379s we'll chill and wait
3382s run run run
3387s [Laughter]
3390s all right
3392s i have the
3394s i have the video on my left
3396s running since the beginning of the
3398s stream like the the goblins video oh
3401s and uh i love it
3403s nice ambiance you just watched watching
3405s them dance yeah just talking about
3408s not this video
3410s talking about this video oh yes yes yes
3414s okay do you want to open our map once
3416s here and then we'll start the timer i
3418s don't think we should open the whole map
3419s now
3420s okay so i'll start the timer now yes
3423s let's go
3426s okay so
3427s i'm going
3429s in the village first because i'm pretty
3430s sure someone who
3432s is here
3435s i would be i would literally not think
3437s to even check the village so
3439s that is a
3441s like someone in the long house or
3442s something that oh it's it's the night by
3444s the way it will be fine i think the
3447s tree's okay i don't know how to check
3451s i found
3453s yeah
3455s i found someone on the left i don't know
3456s who you are
3458s i don't know who you found someone yeah
3459s i found someone oh oh okay who is that
3462s uh if you if you hear us on stream let
3464s us know it's you
3465s it's someone naked with gray hair
3469s i would say gretchen
3473s oh it's you it's you hello
3476s all right let me see who you are it's
3478s grisha
3479s risha okay okay and i think she or he
3482s was either uh behind the
3485s the longhouse is that correct
3487s hi gretchen
3489s i gotta keep my eyes open
3494s okay i'm still in the village
3496s okay it's been a minute we can check the
3497s map just one quick look
3501s okay
3502s go ahead
3503s okay nobody's in the village but there's
3505s someone south i'm going okay
3507s all right i turned off i started the
3508s timer again
3512s i will defend the village a little bit
3514s okay okay okay i have mateo asking
3517s what's your quest do you mean what we're
3518s doing in game right now we're playing a
3520s hide and seek so
3521s me and jp are being the seekers and
3523s we're trying to find everyone who's
3525s hiding
3526s a grusha where she he was in the video
3529s in the long house
3531s okay
3533s on the trees dying by the way
3535s oh
3536s okay it's it's yellow yellow isn't too
3538s bad oh i see a destroyed barricade
3540s somebody was here
3547s yeah we should shut the gates maybe
3550s somebody said that
3551s probably a good idea
3555s big flex to blow the horn in the village
3558s while the stickers were outside
3561s but they cannot
3562s can you hear
3564s you can hear it yeah yeah
3567s it makes a noise
3568s you can't hear my my game
3570s oh no you can't
3573s okay so nobody went this way
3578s i got a one of the
3579s the air effigies i give you speed which
3582s is really helpful
3584s run around fast
3586s hey we can check the map
3588s we can
3589s okay okay
3591s all right
3592s okay viking head is now on the right i
3595s don't think every
3597s how we got him uh where are you okay
3598s you're here
3602s there's a shrine uh
3604s a bit soft from where you are
3607s okay let's see if i come across it but
3611s oh by the way if i'm using if i'm using
3613s a shrine i can't see the map so is that
3615s cheating
3617s no okay so i'm using this one
3621s i'm so lost i haven't found anyone
3630s i'm gonna die because of these goblins
3636s oh we're almost ready to check again
3639s i think i think maybe everybody's
3641s swimming because it's a
3643s really quick way to like cross oh
3647s nevermind
3648s oh no you died nope i died but uh we can
3652s check the map again
3655s okay okay so everybody here has been
3658s found
3660s have we talked about
3661s the
3662s the free nobody's used the freeze rule
3664s oh my goodness but i think it's because
3666s i said everyone can move i think i say
3668s that
3669s yeah
3671s i think
3672s it's okay
3674s let's see if we need it
3677s is it has viking quarterback or sorry
3680s quarter liking hardy been found
3682s no but like i was here but he moved on
3685s the right and now he came back i think
3687s so yeah okay like he's he's playing with
3690s me
3691s yes i don't like that
3692s no
3694s i need another map check i'm so lost
3699s and and also you know something we can
3701s play with
3703s is that they don't know when we are
3705s coming except they can't see the meaning
3707s the the map and the mini map yes
3709s oh yeah i was saying that they can
3712s they can't see your stream so they don't
3713s know when we're coming but yeah yeah
3716s okay we can check them out
3720s okay
3721s okay i check it i take it
3724s viking hardy you don't
3726s you're done
3730s oh no i think i got turned around oh no
3733s [Music]
3734s no maybe not
3736s something was telling me to go north so
3738s i'm gonna head north
3741s oh my god
3742s i need another map check
3744s i know there's
3746s land of pools is this way okay okay okay
3751s somebody is close i can sense it
3755s can we open them can we open the map
3758s nope after 30 more seconds
3761s i need it
3763s i have three nts runes oh
3772s nothing you have three nothing to hide
3773s what the heck
3774s oh somebody's at the village
3777s bye
3778s heard the horn yeah
3790s how did i miss somebody
3792s okay
3793s oh no
3795s you know what what
3799s why is he
3801s they have to find you and i just died
3804s but they they can use the teleport rune
3806s there's no rules about that
3808s oh
3816s i think what i think i've uncovered
3819s perhaps what jazz is doing as a as a
3822s an exploit here
3823s or something really smart
3826s is that they are staying oh no no
3828s because they can't use shrines
3830s no they can't they can't yes yes never
3833s mind nevermind i thought you were
3834s teleporting back and forth in the shrine
3836s oh
3843s i think uh i have a viking candy soon
3847s okay okay
3852s oh finally
3855s you're a good player like you're you're
3857s you were really smart
3859s all right we can check map
3861s uh
3862s i checked it i cannot believe you are so
3864s close to me jazz and i cannot find you
3867s i've been where are you oh i found you i
3869s found you i've heard you you guys wait
3871s is that you no
3874s yeah i found you finally jazz that was
3876s really dumb oh my gosh
3878s you're around like the same area for so
3880s long
3881s so there is this seth
3883s well played
3886s sethos
3888s uh refund grisha it's the we're a team
3891s now like s4 here yeah
3896s have you have you found little pony
3898s no
3901s okay
3902s check the map soon
3903s you can use the shrine you will see the
3906s map
3907s it's a it's a hack it's a heck okay so
3910s low pony's north smith is super far
3913s sethos
3914s i think we should pick one person to go
3916s for it and then we should all go for
3917s that person i should be sethos i think
3919s we should focus on sethos okay let's go
3921s for sethos have we found grisha yet
3925s can you um
3927s the the the hiders who were found can
3930s you
3931s activate some shrine that would be
3932s really useful
3934s that would be
3935s really really useful
3937s yeah because you are in the all team now
3940s yes yes grisha and yes grisha you've
3942s been found right okay i think you say
3944s yep in the chat
3945s uh yeah it would be helpful if you could
3947s get the shrines i think me and jp we can
3950s start our journey towards sethost maybe
3953s yeah
3954s which is like i'm trying to think of
3955s where we gotta go okay so beach
3957s let's go across the beach and then up
3959s the barrier and then keep going left all
3961s right
3962s let's go
3964s oh
3967s can we use
3968s things
3970s blessings uh
3971s [Music]
3973s i would say yeah
3975s i
3975s haven't even chosen any
3978s we're gonna go with ranger
3982s let's go with ranger why
3985s yeah
3987s okay so i'm hitting the beach oh but
3989s it's cold this is not good
3992s this is not good hopefully oh god oh god
3997s there's a big unsunkin i'm not
4004s oh there's a
4005s there's someone who activate the shrines
4008s uh closer settle so i'm going here
4011s okay go for it i think seth doesn't do
4012s that
4015s that's pretty cool
4017s yeah
4019s nope that's is this a way to get up nope
4021s i have to get off this beach before i
4023s die
4025s oh no
4026s okay i guess i'll have to take a shrine
4027s because i died
4029s oh no
4031s it's okay
4035s it's
4040s i'm just chilling
4044s you look different so sydney
4046s do i
4047s yeah it's
4049s interesting
4051s do you have this joke i don't know if
4053s it's a drug but in french
4056s we say something like is your father
4059s uh a robber or did he steal
4062s anything in his life because he stole
4064s every stars in the sky and put it in
4067s your eyes something like that
4068s i've never heard that in my life but
4070s okay that's something that exists in
4072s french and it's
4073s kind of like a cheesy way to uh yeah you
4076s know to uh talk with someone or two yeah
4081s and uh you remind that you remind me of
4084s me right now with all the stars
4091s and you don't have something like that
4092s in english like you know romantic
4095s yeah but not like that that's a nice one
4099s oh yeah it is nice because it's really
4100s cheesy in french like uh it is it is
4102s very cheesy though it's
4106s like you have like uh
4107s oh what's what's the one uh
4111s like did you did you fall from heaven
4112s because you're an angel like that kind
4114s of cheesy yeah
4116s senior
4117s yeah
4120s i'm defending the village a little bit
4123s but you can check them out by the way i
4124s can okay i won't do that now but
4128s yep
4129s hey zephos wait i just checked the map
4133s wait
4134s no i see you i
4136s what do you mean i see you i see you i
4137s see you
4139s he's somewhere around the village so i'm
4140s doing all of this for nothing
4143s yeah yeah he just kept he just came back
4145s the village but i don't know where he is
4146s oh no
4148s now
4149s what else where did you go
4152s he was at the sanctuary because he died
4154s i think
4156s suppose
4158s i must find you no i'm going to die i
4160s don't want to
4164s now
4168s like another 30 seconds what is your
4169s favorite
4171s features for the
4173s revamped survival mode
4176s personally tough question
4179s it is i
4181s and you you can say anything because
4183s since it's uh april first
4187s oh you're correct let me think about
4189s that for a second
4192s i like i like the dragons personally
4195s oh the dragons i know yeah
4197s yeah that's a good one
4200s the dragons for sure
4204s nasty what is your favorite thing i
4206s think the dragons are mine
4210s i think it's the
4212s the new space chip
4215s oh
4218s like we
4219s we are going to do
4221s a partnership with the spacex
4225s and uh yeah it's it's a really really
4227s good sneak peak here
4229s and we'll have a ellen mess character so
4231s he would be kind of like a thor
4233s uh viking someone saying oh you should
4236s do that that's the future of the
4237s humanity etc
4239s and uh yeah and we you can go on space
4241s basically that's pretty cool like with
4244s uh
4245s five million sales you can buy a ticket
4247s for space
4248s yeah yeah it reminds me of like the
4251s yeah the rocket in game like the one
4253s that goes up in the space
4255s yeah yeah this one
4257s yeah and then you're all like in zero
4258s gravity
4259s oh that's so cool
4261s yeah that's so cool
4263s because you can drop items and it just
4265s floats
4266s and yeah true and you can swim between
4269s the items that's cool
4271s sure can wait for this new
4274s wait new survival mode and uses sagara
4276s free
4278s revamp survival mode
4283s i'm taking the map
4290s because who's left we have sethos and
4292s smith and they're both on and lopani
4295s which
4296s oh my goodness
4302s i'm gonna see if i get setho so i feel
4304s like at a certain point we should have
4305s like a timer like time runs out and then
4307s we lose you know
4309s for me we already use i know i know
4311s let's give it okay let's give it a good
4313s uh two more minutes starting out yeah
4315s but do let's focus on sethos sorry
4317s sethus
4318s you're a good player we want to focus on
4320s you and you you want the last one so
4324s you deserve it
4325s all right all right i'm running you can
4327s check them out probably and then
4329s okay i think it would be nice quest to
4331s find a goblin that carries a bag full of
4334s treasures i forgot his name you can meet
4337s him in the desert
4339s yeah i know what you mean that already
4341s exists
4342s yes
4344s i believe
4348s yeah that's a that's a cool goblin
4351s yeah
4352s so speedy i never catch him
4360s i just wanted you to know that goblins
4362s are the greatest
4363s say the seidel right rick 201
4368s i agree
4372s but just a quick poll in the chat
4374s do you prefer
4376s goblins
4377s chicken
4379s linda linworm
4381s like if you want if you have to make one
4383s choice what that would be
4386s hot choice by the way uh
4388s hard choice
4390s sydney
4392s mine would be oh my god that's too far
4396s i'd like to say linda
4398s linda probably
4400s come on
4402s plane bro but then i also want a goblin
4404s pet
4406s fine
4407s i would like to have a goblin pet that's
4409s what you said pet yes i want all the
4411s pets
4414s every pet and i think santos is gonna
4416s win i see linda chicken linda all the
4419s way easily all the way linda
4426s all right the two minutes are up
4430s gg
4432s so we haven't found silos
4435s uh
4436s smith
4437s [Music]
4439s smith look
4441s fk
4442s and lupone where is lopony oh my god
4445s yep
4446s okay
4448s this game is so hard
4450s yeah it is
4452s it is hard it's hard when you can't
4453s check the map
4455s yeah that's that's uh that's too
4457s difficult
4458s yeah
4459s but yeah we we say that they they won't
4461s be able to move
4463s yeah but i forgot to
4465s to repeat that
4468s true
4470s how about a goblin holding a chicken
4473s riding linda i think we have something
4475s about by the way
4476s oh my god
4478s a goblin holding a chicken riding linda
4480s i need somebody to draw that
4483s so i can visualize it
4485s do you remember sydney for the fun art
4487s we did with the mid guardians for the
4490s uh the goblin found out we had a goblin
4493s riding linda or there was yeah yeah
4496s there was a goblin riding linda and we
4498s can just add the chicken and
4500s yes
4501s that would be
4502s yeah
4503s that would be perfect girl being dressed
4506s as chicken i can't imagine that oh my
4508s god
4510s i would love to see like goblins having
4512s a costume of
4514s whatever like a
4516s linworm
4517s costume so they can pretend to be
4519s something else
4520s someone else
4522s yeah i think they will match the law
4525s i agree
4527s cool i think we what do we do do we do a
4530s last one where nobody can move
4532s we count 30 seconds nobody can move and
4535s we try to find you
4537s yeah we could do i'd say we could do a
4538s last one like that where it's just
4540s everybody stays still freezes uh but we
4542s do have to survive the blood moon which
4544s is tonight
4545s oh there's a bloodman now yes so this
4547s might be the end if we don't survive it
4549s but we could survive it okay let's go
4551s fist the blood moon then okay uh we can
4555s i think we did that last time no we did
4557s we did it's a good way to end i would
4559s say
4560s a good way to fight so everybody no
4562s weapons
4564s i feel like we are poor owners guys
4567s we all have a different colors like
4569s ginger purple green
4573s oh i can do emotes i have to there we go
4576s now i feel ready
4578s let's do it
4581s turn expose the cutting edge goblin
4584s technology
4590s [Music]
4593s need a gate where where do we need a
4595s gate
4598s uh south
4599s oh south okay
4601s i can i think i can react to my my hdd
4605s oh yeah yeah go ahead
4607s oh i need cut stone and wrought iron
4610s i have one cut stone and i have one iron
4614s so one iron is missing
4619s ggs
4627s [Laughter]
4631s i knew that something wrong was
4632s happening with your camera sydney yes i
4635s knew it
4639s all right y'all come to the village
4649s someone left here
4654s i don't wanna die oh yeah i got
4655s blessings
4660s i have blessings too
4662s oh yeah i forgot about this oh that's
4664s not good
4666s i don't know what to use
4685s [Music]
4688s little bunny where are you you're
4690s trapped
4692s you're at the very top of the map what's
4694s going on
4696s i don't know what's going on
4712s yep
4714s yeah we are all good
4716s we don't need to play like the blue moon
4718s was really easy yeah very easy
4723s very good
4725s i wish
4726s we can share some sneak peek about
4729s the revamped survival modes and the saga
4732s 3 etc yeah
4735s soon
4736s soon
4737s yes
4739s it's not that we don't want to
4742s because we really do but
4743s it's also like there's some steps you
4745s know you
4747s yeah game needs to be ready
4749s yeah
4751s wait little pony
4753s can you take a picture are you in our
4754s discord can you take a picture of where
4755s you are and then post it in the discord
4758s because you said you're in a very uh
4761s peculiar spot
4765s did somebody say sneak peek soon soon
4767s always come back to the community
4769s streams come chill because you never
4771s know you never know
4774s see and yeah we'll play one more round
4776s uh so if everybody wants to come to the
4778s sanctuary just one more
4781s if you look great
4783s that would be the last i need i need
4785s that head costume if lopony you want to
4788s play
4790s you can use the
4791s or you can kill yourself but you can
4793s also use the teleporter rune
4796s uh if you want to hey crochet
4798s take a picture
4800s i want to know where little bunny is
4803s but yeah yeah that's jp sorry i'll cut
4805s you off but yeah yeah you could uh kill
4807s your viking in the settings if you need
4810s no ponies back
4812s okay posting a discord awesome
4828s [Music]
4830s all right grisha and lopani if you want
4833s to come to the sanctuary we can start
4834s here and we can do our last round where
4836s we play a little differently so this
4838s time when we count down everybody's
4840s gonna
4841s head in different directions and then
4842s you stop you have to stay still can't
4845s move at all and we'll try to find you
4847s yeah and we don't use the the map so we
4850s need to
4851s again
4853s uh hide the hdd
4855s yep
4858s we can use the map once maybe
4862s and go
4865s okay
4867s is everyone here
4869s i think so now there's just lopony and
4871s grisha
4873s if you want to join us
4877s let us know if you want to if you want
4879s to join us come to the sanctuary yeah le
4881s pen is coming grisha
4884s hi sarah welcome to the stream
4888s [Music]
4890s and yeah let us know if there is
4892s anything you would like to do
4894s next time
4896s uh
4897s during our comedy stream something we
4899s have done
4900s since a long time he's uh sharing some
4903s like our favorite meme about traza
4905s midgard uh sharing your best comments
4907s best
4908s feedback etc suggestion on discord etc
4912s i think that's something we could do
4913s next time uh sydney
4916s and also starting and sharing some sneak
4918s peek that would be awesome
4920s that would be awesome
4923s all right i think everybody's here
4926s cool
4927s all right okay so we are counting 60
4930s seconds let's say 60. it's
4933s enough time to go
4934s far away and in 60 seconds we are going
4937s to find you and you can't move anymore
4939s if you move
4940s you would be
4941s out
4942s out you will receive thunder by thor if
4945s you move i don't know trying to good
4947s good point good point
4949s all right
4950s you want to go let's go guys go go go go
4953s i started the timer two seconds
4955s yep
4956s started the timer we will see
4960s i have a countdown on my site
4962s okay which is the live
4965s countdown by the way
4973s english
4977s oh i see someone behind us
4980s you have
4981s uh 40 seconds left
4985s i think that's it ferdinand yeah and i
4987s think hydrolask i think that's a great
4989s idea if we do some kind of community
4991s draw along stream
4992s where we draw our goblin or linda
4994s together i think that would be that
4996s would be fun
4997s that would be cool
4999s or if i yeah if i try to draw any of the
5000s creatures out of memory i just know they
5003s would not look so great probably
5006s uh
5007s we have we go to
5010s 10 seconds left
5011s okay
5014s i'm ready five four three
5018s two
5019s one
5020s don't move
5022s let's go nobody move everybody still
5024s okay i'm going
5026s and let's say we have uh five minutes to
5028s find all of you
5029s okay that's fair
5031s i'm not
5032s i'm not i'm going
5034s okay i'm gonna go
5035s i'm gonna go south
5038s and we can't open the the map oh my god
5040s maybe once or none none at all no no no
5044s tough okay okay
5046s the timer yeah we have five minutes
5049s i wish we could have mount to go faster
5051s by the way
5053s yes
5054s like a giant parrot or something
5058s like quickly oh no that's not you that's
5061s dwarves
5065s [Music]
5067s i want to open the map
5070s i do too
5073s i'm like how far can people go in 60
5075s seconds you know oh i heard a noise that
5077s was interesting what's that
5082s about someone
5085s yeah i think so but it's like
5087s oh my god oh my god you've had someone
5089s yeah yeah okay who's that
5091s who are you
5093s is it someone or is it
5096s is it oh wait wait that's not the
5100s it's not the decoy no no it's the actual
5101s person right it's smith i found smith
5105s okay okay okay
5108s here you are i have to turn on the the
5110s hud because i had no idea yeah
5113s like just i just saw head that's it
5117s do you know smith is there someone else
5120s smith lead us to them
5122s oh what is this oh i found somebody oh i
5124s just think i can
5128s [Music]
5135s i don't know who this is
5138s it was your constructions that gave it
5140s away
5141s all right let's go hunt someone else
5145s all right
5148s okay be on the hunt
5151s on the hunt oh here is here's a good one
5154s okay i don't know if you can see my
5156s stream
5157s but
5158s oh
5159s yeah yeah in the cab yeah in the smoke
5166s that's a good spot
5169s i don't know i'm just surprised to found
5171s anybody at all
5172s so we found two
5177s yep two two two
5181s um i think i'm too far out i don't think
5183s anybody would have gone this far
5185s i want to open the map
5187s yep
5190s but maybe you know this time we can use
5192s the mini map
5194s because they can't move you can you know
5199s uh we have two minutes left
5202s oh no
5203s i'm going back to the village i'm pretty
5205s sure someone is here yeah i'm gonna go
5207s back to
5211s i haven't checked the north like i just
5213s have just checked
5215s uh
5216s east i think
5218s okay okay i could go north maybe
5222s i saw you doing that
5224s what uh to know what is north and east
5227s like what is it
5228s i i do the same that's why i left oh my
5231s god i forgot yeah i forget when i'm on
5233s camera sometimes
5235s yep
5236s yeah
5237s i don't know i forgot what east once so
5239s yeah i'm going to go north i'm the same
5241s city
5246s in french do you have something to
5247s memorize n e
5250s s w
5251s i think there's something with the hand
5253s but i don't remember like uh
5256s if you do that it's at the it's an e so
5258s i don't remember to be honest yeah yeah
5261s because we have like things to remember
5262s like what the order and i don't know
5265s yeah
5267s i can't find anyone i can't either we
5271s only have like a minute left i just
5273s checked
5274s okay let's open the map
5276s all right
5277s check
5278s oh my goodness
5279s you were so close to me
5282s okay i'm going to go up with this last
5284s minute i'm going to try to get grisha if
5285s i can't uh then it's done i'm going to
5287s find a jsm
5291s i think it's somewhere
5293s here
5295s okay it's just the up this is the other
5297s okay
5300s am i gonna get for a shot good grisha go
5302s up
5303s i feel like you're up on this thing
5304s maybe
5307s ah
5308s i cannot see you
5310s [Music]
5312s so focused
5314s oh my goodness
5316s 20 seconds
5320s which are you in the camp
5323s oh
5326s no way
5328s no that's it
5329s i think i found one because i
5333s but i can't see it i see linda oh i see
5335s you
5337s thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up grisha
5340s where where are you i'm coming to wait
5342s i'm coming to see where you are don't
5343s move the game is over you win but
5345s krishna are you saying where are you
5347s yeah i'm like right beside you oh you
5349s move wait where'd you go now
5352s i i think i found yeah we're getting the
5354s map i found jay
5357s jay's m but he was so hided
5360s yeah
5361s i you're so good like i i saw you
5363s because of the the creatures
5367s i tried to kill you and also and then i
5369s i saw linda and then
5371s i saw you under the tree
5373s yeah
5374s and you said oh you die he's dead
5377s yeah i died that's it
5380s so who's the winners
5382s so we have
5383s vikking
5384s hardy lopony
5387s uh
5389s pony smith i found him
5393s and i think that's it lopani and
5396s viking heard party you guys were like
5398s very far up
5400s to the west
5401s have you found santos
5403s uh
5403s [Music]
5405s no i found whoever oh i don't i'm not
5407s sure it was i found whoever was wearing
5408s the pirate costume
5411s that's who i found grisham
5414s ah nope it wasn't i don't think it was
5415s grisha
5416s disney
5418s i don't know i'd have to see everybody
5419s all together let me turn my head back on
5422s there we go
5425s cool that was a good one oh
5427s yes thank you
5429s i i'm pretty sure this
5432s like
5433s some new rules we can have
5435s yeah there's more stuff we can do here
5437s that was
5439s yeah that was a good one we can take a
5441s picture i saw you yeah
5443s yes everybody gather by yourself we'll
5445s take a picture
5446s to remember
5449s take a little pic that was cool
5453s see ya
5454s oh yeah you have white hair
5457s all right is everyone oh there we go
5459s little bunny
5461s now we need one more grisha i think uh
5464s if you come on into the frame
5467s i can take a picture i'll take a picture
5468s with the hood and then one without the
5470s hud
5471s all right
5474s so you took the picture perfect
5477s i see that
5478s all right
5480s if you guys
5482s play similar games like we did
5484s we did the hide and seek we draw stuff
5487s we try to like with wally try to find
5491s things like the first booth with oh the
5493s first one oh my god that was hard
5496s basically the first we'll find
5499s linda or whatever resources etc win etc
5503s that's something we did i think one
5504s month ago so if you play this kind of
5506s game uh please let us know like i would
5509s love to watch some stream
5511s and some new ways to play trisomy guards
5514s that's what we are trying since
5516s uh november now like i think we haven't
5519s played trust miguel for real since
5521s three or four months now
5523s yeah
5524s maybe next time we are going to play for
5526s real you know yeah we will see we'll see
5529s yeah
5530s we'll see what happens yeah if you play
5532s similar games please let us know i i
5535s would love to to see that
5537s and and if you have any ideas i know one
5539s time we talked about soccer
5542s or
5543s defense with uh bombs for example
5546s i would love to to see that
5548s we'd love to see it
5550s and maybe one day there will be a no
5552s official mode we don't know
5555s imagine
5556s yes
5557s cool great
5562s i'm gonna save save and quit
5565s cool
5567s let's use your favorite emotes i'm going
5569s to
5570s go back to our
5572s uh to our goblin video just to close
5575s this amazing stream
5577s like let's use your favorite emotes guys
5579s and uh
5580s and uh yeah that was really cool
5583s that was really really cool
5592s all right let me turn down a bit yeah
5593s thank you for
5595s chilling hanging with us playing some
5597s hide and seek
5598s thank you for all the shenanigans that
5600s have happened in the discord today uh if
5603s you are not in the discord yet please
5605s come join us we would love to have you
5607s there
5608s in our discord and yes kia day we will
5610s see you in two weeks for another
5612s community stream we do this
5614s every two weeks we do something a little
5616s different every single time
5618s uh so yeah make sure you just follow us
5620s here and then you'll get notified uh
5621s when we're streaming again
5623s and you never know what it's gonna be
5626s basically
5627s yeah sydney for
5629s [Music]
5631s are you going to use the same filter
5634s every time
5635s like
5636s what the community can do
5639s for you using it every time
5641s you know what i trying to say
5644s how what what can i do so that i always
5647s have this filter
5648s like what can we do what can the
5649s midgardians community what can they do
5652s so you use this feature
5654s on every stream
5656s i think we need more we need more like
5658s for the tribe support we need more for
5660s the tribes in the chat
5662s if i see that it brings out the yoten in
5665s me you know
5667s it does
5669s it was very fun thank you thank you
5671s thank you for joining thank you for
5673s playing yeah they're both cool money
5675s money
5676s no i need to see more drawings of
5678s chickens that's that's all i want
5681s for the tribe
5695s they're just chilling they want to
5697s support too we're at the tribe
5701s yes
5702s yeah that was uh that's good was cool if
5704s you have any question for the
5707s for the end of this trim please let us
5708s know
5710s if you want to join us on disco like
5711s cine just said a few minutes ago uh we
5714s can answer all the questions here
5716s uh but uh
5718s i'm still playing i will kill that
5720s youtube yeah go ahead
5722s let's go for it
5723s that's a good challenge uh
5726s the goblin are the greatest yeah
5729s at least
5730s today they are the greatest
5732s yeah today is their day they had a very
5734s much like their day today
5737s absolutely
5739s i wish i can share the the music with
5741s you guys but it's a dmca so we can't
5745s but imagine imagining it
5748s imagine the music
5749s oh yeah we hope
5750s you guys have a chill friday friday
5753s evening
5754s let us know if you're playing some games
5756s i will certainly be playing some more
5758s games and chilling out hope you enjoy
5760s the weekend
5761s and wrestling
5763s what
5764s your face
5767s no
5768s just looking at my face yeah just that's
5770s when you say like i hope you're going to
5773s enjoy the weekend and and you
5775s and you watch the camera and it was so
5778s funny
5779s like it was so
5782s i could use this forever
5785s [Music]
5788s happy april fools true
5791s true yeah i see a legal pony saying if
5795s you want to play offline
5797s so we have the discord we have the
5799s looking for group but apparently there's
5802s some uh committee members we want to
5804s play
5805s right now on on discourse so you you can
5807s join them i think they're in the village
5809s of three or something like that
5811s just join them and you can find a a good
5813s tribe a really good tribe to play
5815s together and and try uh trouble try them
5818s together just
5819s chilling together etc
5821s yeah
5822s head on over
5824s that's cool
5825s cool is it the end of the stream sydney
5828s i think we have reached the end it was a
5831s very fun stream and it's not not goodbye
5834s for a long time we'll be back in two
5836s weeks again so i think we have reached
5837s the end thank you all for joining us
5839s again and we'll see you soon
5841s yeah and
5843s promising
5844s sneak peeks are coming
5846s they are sounds worried this is true
5848s this is true
5850s cool excellent i'll see you guys next
5851s time
5852s bye thank you again for the stream bye
5854s bye have a great night bye
6175s it's time
6177s to feed