about 1 year ago - Tribes of Midgard - Direct link

Transcript (by Youtube)

0s so yesterday on our Twitter this strange
3s portal appeared seemingly out of nowhere
4s here it is uh keep in mind this has
7s never been seen in the game before so
9s obviously we were like should we enter
10s it and here are some of my favorite
12s comments
13s so we had some very brave people who
15s were just like let's go let me in and
18s somebody offering to join us to which I
20s said we can hold hands and jump in
22s together which I think is perfectly
23s valid I really like the encouraging ones
25s which were just like go for it you can
27s handle anything like thank you we're
29s gonna keep this energy for all of 2023.
31s and then this one saying to politely
33s knock an offering welcoming pie which
35s isn't a bad idea either
36s overall 10 out of 10 I'm feeling very
39s encouraged to go into the portal for
40s some more context this is Otto the
42s tweets are made from his perspective he
45s is a character in the game
47s basically to sum him up like he always
49s gets in the worst situations possible he
51s has terrible luck he's always getting
52s tied up and captured and taken as
54s prisoner maybe he's into that I don't
56s know so he needs our help should we
58s enter the portal