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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s of course this is survival mode you
2s start with pretty much nothing and you
3s go off and you collect resources around
4s the world once you have materials you
6s can build your own biking home build a
8s bed storage chest stuff like that you
9s can build a bunch of stations to craft
10s things like weapons and armor and then
12s you go off you explore you've got to
14s find Giants in their Arenas and then
16s follow these quests to find ancients
18s um you can also level up there's a skill
20s tree with almost 100 skills to pick from
21s you can mix and match besides all that
23s you can also fish you can take a swim
24s it's a very relaxed game mode compared
26s to Saga you can Farm yes you can grow
29s crystals and gems it's real okay you can
31s play solo or up to 10 people and the
32s goal is to explore midgard and survive
34s as long as you can