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Hey everyone - I hope you're all doing well! :)

Sydnee here, just wanted to say a quick hi and let you know that we're collaborating with Makeship on this matching set of plushies, of our mystical cats, Sóleyra and Mániklo, to celebrate our 3 Year Anniversary for Tribes of Midgard. You cannot imagine how hyped we were seeing the prototypes in the studio!

All proceeds that we earn on our side will go directly towards the SPCA, a local animal protection organization here in Montreal. If you end up picking one (or two) of them up, we thank you so much for the support!

View em on Makeship: https://www.makeship.com/search?q=norsfell

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Originally posted by Inarizaki-1261

I’ve been a big enjoyer of this game. I have been looking for a makeshio plush for a game I support. Will make sure to order them!

Awesome ^-^ !!

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Oh, that reminds me I haven't played this game for months! The plushies are great, especially the black one. I shall show these to my bf, maybe I can finally interest him in this game 😁

Thanks!! ^-^ Haha awesome, let me know what he says!