Transcript (by Youtube)

2s when you feel an icy chin
4s deep in your bones
6s it's already too late
8s hell hath no fury like girder
13s an unending blizzard awaits if midgard
15s falls into his icy grave and if you
17s think a few puny flames will stop him
23s you are dead wrong
26s loki and countless others have tried and
29s failed to challenge halogee's gluttony
32s his hunger knows no bounds
35s and neither do his flames
38s he'll consume the village pole unless he
41s finds something else to eat
43s yarn sex as a rival is marked by a
46s thundering boom a tempest of electric
49s rage wherever she goes her iron dagger
52s follows and when she comes upon those
54s who seek to defy
57s her power grows into a storm like no
60s other
66s some want to see the world burn but
69s anger barrier seeks to cast a doll into
71s darkness
74s as the mother of monsters she is a
76s matriarch of chaos
79s she spreads fear and despair wherever
81s she goes
84s and if her army of dark minions doesn't
86s scare you
90s her soul-draining powers will
93s [Music]