about 2 months ago - Tribes of Midgard - Direct link

Transcript (by Youtube)

0s so today I thought we would go through
2s and rate your tribes of midgard builds
4s uh we'll call this part one start with
6s this one I love the like Shield mounts
8s on the door here I'll make it bigger
10s this one's so functional you've got like
12s the quest board over here and then
13s you've got like this little Stone
15s Workshop here's it from another angle I
17s really like the way they did the uh
19s wooden pillars in the roof and then how
20s they've got like this little balcony in
22s the back just great for sitting out
23s enjoying life and when you go inside
26s constructions in the game uh the roof
28s becomes see-through so you can like look
29s inside and you can see inside it and
31s here's the inside I like that they've
33s got all the customization options like
35s you can change your armor you can change
36s your pet and then of course a little bed
38s to sleep on overall 10 out of 10 cool
40s biking home very sick uh if you have any
43s other builds and want to show us put
44s them in our Discord so I can come take a
46s look at them