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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s we just added farming to terms of
2s midgard so here are the top three things
4s you need to know number one is that you
6s can Farm in both modes you can Farm in
8s both Saga and survival
10s survival is a little bit more chill so
12s you can pretty much place the plants
13s however you want you can like carry out
15s a little garden you can put like fences
17s up and stuff and in Saga mode you might
19s want to place them more strategically on
21s places you run pretty often number two
23s is that you'll be able to access your
25s shovel from your construction menu and
27s then this is how you're gonna dig holes
29s your shovel is also infinite so you
31s don't have to worry about it breaking or
33s having to build a new one number three
35s is that the items that you plant are
36s called Essences you can find Essences
39s all across midgard you can find them in
40s chest you can find them in the caves you
42s can find them by completing personal
44s quests and you need to plant them in
45s order to uh grow beautiful things like
48s this cabbage plant here have fun with
50s farming and if you have any other
51s questions just drop them in the comments