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Hi all! :)

Midgard is in trouble. We need you, Einherjar, to help save Baldr from the depths of Niflheim and the clutches of Hel!

The Witch Saga has BEGUN! 🔮

You can read the full patch notes here: https://www.tribesofmidgard.com/2023/01/witch-saga-update-patch-notes/

As always, please don't hesitate to let our team know of any issues you run into, any feedback, or if you want to pass along any comments! You can join our Discord to find a group and share your thoughts: https://discord.gg/tribesofmidgard

Happy update day, and see you in Midgard!

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Originally posted by aliarr

Are the patch notes long? Could they be posted in the comment?

At work and blocked from the site. Impatient to wait til i get home lol.

They are... about 16 pages long, so too long to post in a comment apologies! :c

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Originally posted by mentalexperi

so couch co-op isn't coming ever? :( we're a bit sad, cause both me and my girlfriend love the game but have only one playstation and TV so we can't actually play together :(

I totally understand. We are not sure yet if this will be possible or in the plans, but definitely have heard it and will let everyone know once we have a more solid answer.

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Originally posted by Wilczek21

Today? Or later?

The update is live now :)

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Originally posted by SniperVert

So happy my first saga game with randoms and we got the quadruple.

wait that's amazing!!

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Originally posted by LetTheDarkOut

Is there a place to report bugs? I’ve encountered so many

Yes absolutely. The best spot is the Discord channel #report-bugs: https://discord.gg/tribesofmidgard. We also have a #bugs-discussion channel if you need to specify or get clarification. Appreciate the reports as well!