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Hi all! We've been playing for a few weeks, maybe about half way through season 2, and we just had a player accidentally abandon world instead of save & quit. Is there any way to reverse this? Seems odd that this is a permanent state with no recourse to fix mistakes. Especially when the buttons are right next to each other. I'm willing to crack open the save file and fix it manually if we have to. Would be a shame if we had to stop playing all because of one missing player.

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That's so wild to me. Who thought it was a good idea to put the permanent ban me button next to the save and quit button?

Hi! I had posted a comment regarding this issue in our Discord, I hope you don't mind me relaying the message here:

I wanted to come by and say that on behalf of the team we do apologize that the button did not have the proper differentiation. The "abandon" button will be adjusted in our next update (we've already completed the re-design), but we must wait until that update for the change to be applied. Again, I'm sorry this happened and hope you can understand for the time being.

We know it's caused pain with those who play, and unfortunately has caused premature 'abandon' situations like this to happen. We've been learning as we develop the game, and know that UX is important - it's a pillar for us moving forward - not just because of this factor here, but because it's important for, frankly, any type of game experience.