Transcript (by Youtube)

0s finally it is here The Witch Saga update
3s for tribes of midgard is now live
6s um it is a free update all you have to
8s do is update your game and you will see
10s all of this new content in the game
12s um we have like the biggest batch notes
14s ever on our website right now uh but it
16s contains everything you need to know
17s about the update and it's available in a
19s bunch of different languages as well and
21s brand new is that we have cross play
23s between Xbox and PC players so you'll
26s have a bunch of new people to play with
27s be sure to follow along um because this
29s week I'm going to be going through some
30s of the top changes in the game and
32s telling you a bit more about Chad's
33s midgard but for now our team is gonna
36s take a little rest and I will see you
38s tomorrow