Transcript (by Youtube)

0s okay yes the game has a class system in
2s both modes and if you've been playing
4s without using a class I don't know how
5s you've been doing that but in any case
7s I'll give you a quick recap so in second
9s mode there are eight different classes
11s uh you don't start with all of them at
12s the start you have Ranger and Warrior
14s first and then you have to unlock the
15s other ones but basically you level up in
17s game and then once you get a blessing
18s point which is this little icon here you
20s can spend it on any of the classes so
23s all the classes have their own skill
24s tree that you can specialize in for
26s example here's the sear you can like
28s pick the skills you want in the skill
29s tree but it kind of just depends on what
31s you like
32s survival is different because instead of
34s having classes we took those skills from
36s the classes and put them in this open
37s tree and you can pick 50 of the 90 uh
41s blessings in this entire skill tree

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