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10s thank you
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875s hello
877s hello hi welcome to the stream everyone
880s how are you all doing today
884s hi Kaiju I see you in the chat hello uh
887s welcome welcome on in uh Hey for all in
891s the chat as well as Loki in the
893s background
894s um hello hello hi Dante welcome back how
897s are you doing today hi John
899s we have our lovely mod John in the chat
901s today we have another lovely mod freaky
903s in the chat today as well hi Sagittarius
905s hello long time no talk truly hi Klaus
908s hello
910s how are you doing are you staying warm
911s today it is uh currently like minus 40
915s minus 45 uh in Montreal today which is
917s where we are located which is where
919s northfall is located
921s um if this is your first time here I see
922s like a couple newcomers in the chat uh
925s I'm Sydney I'm the senior community
926s manager for tribes of midgard and
928s norsevall uh we are a game development
931s studio located in Montreal Canada and we
934s make tribes of midgard
935s um these streams are the weekly Friday
937s streams um what I do is usually uh
940s community-based stream you know we'll
942s talk about the game what's up what the
943s news is and uh today is a very special
945s stream uh because I will be playing with
948s members of the community so I have us I
951s have one of our mods playing today I
953s have a couple of our speedrunners
954s playing today uh it's gonna be a fun
956s stream
957s oh hello hello oh hi hi Kaiju I know
960s you're new here never seen your face
961s before hi Lola hello hello how are you
964s doing neck Ripper nice to see you back
966s hello
967s nice 86 in Miami I am so jealous so
971s jealous hi fiate
973s hello princess I'm doing well I'm doing
975s well I am very cold but I am doing well
977s I'm ready for the stream today it should
979s be a lot of fun uh but yeah so we're
981s gonna be playing survival mode today
984s if you don't know uh we have two game
986s modes in trev's midgard there's Saga
988s mode and then there's survival mode uh
989s survival mode is the more relaxed like
992s exploration based mode and as you can
994s see by the footer we actually have three
996s goals uh of things we want to do today
998s so goal number one is to build a house
1000s we want to build some kind of like house
1003s home together with who I'm streaming
1005s with today I'll introduce them in just a
1006s moment uh goal number two is that we
1008s want to ideally defeat yarn saksa who is
1010s one of the Giants in the game there are
1012s currently four Giants and then our third
1014s goal is to find niflheim so niflheim is
1017s the newest biome that was added which
1018s with the Witch Saga update uh it's the
1021s underworld it's very dark it's very
1023s beautiful at the same time uh we'd love
1025s to find it and show you and show you how
1027s to get there basically in survival mode
1029s hello hello welcome hi first time
1032s Chatters glad to see you here
1034s um as usual if you have any questions
1035s feel free to like drop them in the chat
1038s I will be answering questions during the
1040s stream uh don't hesitate if you have any
1042s gameplay questions or just questions
1044s about Treads of midgard questions about
1045s anything uh questions about favorite
1048s food uh feel free to drop it in the chat
1049s as well uh hello sir Stout hello hello
1054s but yeah it's a total like beginner
1055s friendly play through I'm going to be
1057s explaining what we're doing in the game
1059s uh as I go through and I play so uh the
1062s last thing I wanted to mention before we
1064s play as well
1066s um is that the game from February 2nd to
1069s February 6th is on sale for 60 off which
1072s is like the biggest discount ever on
1075s Steam
1076s um so just so you know that's the dates
1077s it's running till so if you or someone
1079s you know or your friends want to play
1081s now is a pretty good time to pick up the
1083s game
1084s favorite food favorite food Grisha you
1087s can totally ask that in the chat
1089s actually what is your favorite food let
1090s me know I want to know fiante says
1092s potato
1093s hello Derek welcome welcome on in
1095s welcome to the stream it's gonna be
1097s pretty chill stream today
1098s um as usual you know playing some tribes
1100s of midgard answering your questions uh
1103s we will also have a shift code giveaway
1106s so shift codes are basically a code that
1109s you redeem uh on shift.gearbox
1111s software.com and they are cosmetics in
1113s the game so for example today we're
1116s going to be giving away the mud gooder
1118s helmet we're going to be giving away
1119s only a couple of them the way you're
1121s going to be able to earn it potentially
1122s uh during the giveaway is to just talk
1124s during uh the stream so all you have to
1126s do is send a message in the chat and you
1128s have a chance to win the mod good or
1129s helmet I'll show you in just a second uh
1131s what that looks like let me grab that uh
1134s picture so I can show you
1137s I will find that immediately I swear
1140s okay
1141s um but basically it is the helmet that
1144s you saw on the like even the cover of
1146s this stream mud gooder is one of the
1148s newest like NPCs in the game with the
1150s Witch Saga and she wears this like
1152s really cool uh Hood I'll show you that
1155s when we're in game
1156s so yeah all you have to do is talk in
1157s the chat you have a chance to earn a
1159s code we're gonna weigh a couple of them
1160s and then if you have any questions on
1161s how to redeem them uh feel free to ask
1163s in the chat uh but with all that
1167s uh with all that I think I will move to
1170s launch the game I'll be sure to keep an
1171s eye on the chat uh during this stream as
1173s well
1174s Pi Pi is also my favorite
1176s what is your favorite animal honestly
1179s honestly I think my favorite animal is
1181s either a wolf or a snake both of which
1183s we have in tribes of midgard what is
1185s your favorite animal
1187s cat yes yeah the helmet's pretty cool
1190s because it like hides the eyes too like
1193s I'll show you in a minute
1195s yeah with that uh I'm gonna swap scenes
1198s very quickly voila so yeah uh super
1201s super quick actually before we start uh
1203s just to in case you're not aware The
1205s Witch Saga update released it's our
1207s fourth major update uh it came out on
1209s January 17th so it's very very new uh it
1212s came with a ton of new content it came
1214s with a new ancient so this is hell here
1215s in the key art uh she's yeah the new
1218s ancient that was added to the game she
1219s lives in niflheim which is the newest
1220s biome
1221s um we added some new enemies we added
1223s new weapons we added uh armor sets uh
1226s there's a lot that had been added a
1227s bunch of new pets of course too a ton of
1230s quality of life improvements a lot of
1231s them inspired by the community so if
1233s you're interested uh to see it that's
1235s exactly what we're going to be doing
1236s we're going to be playing through uh The
1238s Witch Saga but just so you know like
1240s every update that came to the game
1241s Stacks upon each other so you never lose
1243s any content
1245s um everything from the past you'll be
1246s able to fight you know like fenrir you
1248s can still fight jorman Gunder and cerder
1250s they all stack on top of each other so
1252s non-content is lost uh the world of mid
1254s card just keeps getting bigger and
1255s bigger
1257s yes I will definitely neck berkbar I
1260s will show you the helmet it's easiest to
1261s show it in game so I'll show you that in
1262s just a second
1265s cool so let me launch the game I'm just
1268s gonna move my uh stream out of the way
1271s oh I don't want to move it too out of
1273s the way okay
1275s perfect
1278s we launch the game and then I will
1280s introduce our very special uh guest
1282s today
1284s make this really small
1285s oh yes and a note from John uh you can
1288s keep your Whispers open
1290s um because your Whispers is how John
1291s will send you the shift code if you
1293s happen to win it so your whisper is on
1295s Twitch
1299s yeah I will definitely show you it
1303s okay cool we are loading up
1306s and I may have to do a check just to
1307s make sure that you can hear our special
1309s guests uh today
1311s and that you can see their names
1314s so as soon as tribes come up okay let me
1317s hide this and you should be able to
1320s see Trout's midgard perfect
1323s Okay so
1325s as we go to the main menu here I'm just
1327s going to turn
1328s music on okay perfect so let me know if
1331s you can hear the guests okay I would
1333s like to introduce today uh everybody who
1335s is in the background so we have a couple
1336s people who I'm going to be playing with
1338s so as I go down the list feel free to
1340s say hello uh the first is that we are
1342s playing with uh ayaria feel free to say
1345s hello
1346s hello
1347s uh we were playing with feral
1350s hello we are playing with pretty boy
1355s howdy and we are playing with red wolf
1358s hey everybody and zero
1361s nice dream so everybody say hello uh to
1364s the community as I mentioned uh these
1366s are some pretty awesome people from the
1368s community and we're just gonna be
1369s playing together uh some survival mode
1371s so uh just gonna make sure to keep an
1373s eye on the chat
1376s everybody's saying hello guests yeah
1377s everybody's saying hello in the chat
1378s perfect so uh I'm gonna see very quickly
1382s before we begin I should have done this
1384s earlier just making sure
1387s uh
1389s can you try saying something again uh oh
1391s and Ori Ori you're at the top so I
1393s missed you yeah oh my gosh you were
1396s above me I was like I'm gonna I'm gonna
1398s go down the list I'm gonna say hi but
1399s you're above me oh my gosh I just know
1402s everyone welcome glad to have you
1405s oh my gosh
1407s probably best to miss me you know what
1410s if it's a lot of people know me
1412s it's not asthma yeah if there's
1415s something outstream it's out there's
1416s always going to be a hiccup it's time
1417s I'm so sorry
1420s um okay okay good I'm glad I'm testing
1423s to see if um before we start if I can
1426s get a Discord chat overlay
1429s um so that you can see who's speaking if
1430s we can't get it working that's all right
1432s uh but I'm just double checking
1435s do
1438s okay we may not be able to get it I'm
1440s not sure if there's enough room
1443s for the stream but I will leave that for
1445s now okay perfect
1446s so let me minimize all my windows I
1449s really need a third monitor okay
1452s uh earns saying just got the game from
1453s the recent sale I'm excited to try it
1455s out this weekend that's awesome I'm
1456s excited for you to try it out I'm super
1458s excited we want to know what you think
1461s and if I don't get to your question uh
1463s John is in the chat and he will be uh
1465s answering as well
1466s I'm also keeping an eye on chat and
1468s might be passing things along to you
1470s awesome
1472s one shot asking are we giving different
1474s shift codes or if it is it still the pet
1476s we're giving a different shift code
1478s today I will show you it right now so
1480s what we're going to be giving away is
1481s the mud gooder helmet to a couple people
1484s I'm gonna find it it is definitely in
1487s here somewhere let me see
1490s I'm gonna find it I promise hold on
1494s I haven't
1496s mud cutter helmet where are you I know
1497s oh there she is okay uh yeah so that's
1500s this helmet here so it's the mod gooder
1501s Hood it's this really cool uh Hood with
1504s like some really cool horns and then
1506s it's got this like really spooky eye
1508s cover so that's the modular Hood that's
1509s what we're gonna be giving away all you
1511s have to do is talk in the chat and then
1512s a couple of you will uh yeah
1515s um be able to get that as a shift code
1518s so what we're going to do first is of
1521s course as always uh customize the
1523s character so I'm gonna change my body
1525s type do I want a beard do I want a beard
1527s uh we have new beard options that came
1528s with this update so you can definitely
1530s uh take a look at those
1532s I'm going to uh first of all
1535s equip a starter kit I know before the
1538s stream uh we had talked about what
1541s starter kit we want so uh if you don't
1544s know you can now equip a starter kit
1545s before going into survival mode so I
1548s know for all you would did you mention
1549s you were going to take the feral starter
1551s kit because I think I'm also going to
1552s take it just because I love it yeah
1556s okay so what if we both went funeral
1558s does that work
1559s yeah okay let's do that
1561s okay
1563s perfect let's do that let's do that
1568s um Ori do you know what starter kit you
1569s want
1570s uh yeah I'm gonna start out with the old
1574s classic the Harvester starter kit so I
1577s can like Farm resources get working okay
1580s on building something okay sounds good
1582s and then I know someone was going to
1585s take the boat starter kit as well
1589s here I was Zero okay okay he's a Madman
1592s all right gonna be sailing right away
1594s sounds good
1595s uh cool so I think I'm gonna get that
1598s I'm gonna take Linda as my pet as always
1601s and then I have to take the headstone
1602s loot chest of course uh we gotta we
1605s gotta go with that one
1607s yes I don't know iconic it is Iconic
1611s actually I have the the I forget what
1614s it's called the Christmas one the
1616s utility one oh yeah yeah
1619s presently chest yeah
1621s I like that one too because it's easy to
1623s see I think like when you die like it's
1625s very easy to locate
1627s um cool I'm not gonna equip any
1630s cosmetic because I think I'm gonna show
1632s off uh what's in game
1634s a quick reminder for anybody who might
1637s be like playing for the first time a
1638s really cool time to visit is the
1639s progress tab here you can view all the
1641s recipes how you craft a bunch of weapons
1643s you can always view the recipes here
1646s um you can see like a full list of all
1647s the runes in the game for example
1650s you can also go to the journal which
1651s will show you all of the resources in
1653s the game and then where to find the
1654s resources as well it's a really good
1656s time to visit to get familiar with
1658s everything
1659s and you can also view your challenges
1661s here as well so if you are completing
1663s challenges for example I just got a
1665s portrait which is really cool
1667s um I forgot to claim that you can view
1668s all of your challenges here you can also
1670s view them in game as well
1674s um I just saw a comment will there be mo
1676s more codes for the puppy there'll be
1677s more codes for the puppy in the future
1678s uh but today it is just for the mod good
1681s or helmet
1682s also we had yet another person asking if
1685s we can get a split hair color and we've
1688s been asking since before the game came
1690s out we all lost yeah
1693s bring it I'll bring it Forward again
1695s after the Stream
1698s I'll use the stream chat as as evidence
1700s yep yep
1706s private
1707s wait
1712s where's that petition wait okay for your
1714s hair
1716s true it's going to show the password so
1718s I'm gonna do that okay
1720s okay so I'm putting the password I sent
1722s the password in the group chat okay what
1725s can go wrong nothing
1728s nothing is gonna go wrong
1731s are you guys ready for
1734s a survival mode
1735s heck yeah
1738s I'm gonna load up
1740s me and zero guns have practice on their
1743s survival
1745s okay okay yeah I've got practice getting
1748s carried and dying okay
1751s um
1752s level 50 like 10 hours after Patrick
1755s yeah yeah I think that was the best 50.
1758s yeah zero first 50.
1760s for sure like you're the first person I
1762s saw who reached level 50.
1764s definitely
1766s I sent to that to the team
1768s ultimate nerds they were like what
1770s what
1772s oh my God Klaus says let's count
1774s Sydney's death oh my God I have so much
1776s to live up to now oh no
1778s as long as you die less than me you'll
1780s be fine okay we'll like keep track of
1782s both of us
1783s don't worry that'll be easy
1787s we could let's do it let's do a death
1790s counter I feel like
1794s Cooney says uh Sydney you really gotta
1797s play this account more still looks
1798s depressing how little you've unlocked I
1800s know I know uh I need to play Live more
1803s often
1804s I am always playing a different build
1807s but
1808s you probably have like a lot of owls
1811s instead of me but it's like for checking
1813s little things yeah actually playing yeah
1815s I think I have like 500 like I'm getting
1817s close to 500 hours
1823s just click the button see that
1826s the button right unlock everything yeah
1830s we could join now yeah yep uh the game
1832s just loaded up good
1834s double checking cool
1839s the game is starting
1843s oh I realize I don't have any music on
1846s there we go
1848s music and game yes
1856s all right or he's in the world
1859s hello hello
1861s yes Arrow left saying uh should join us
1863s on some speed runs to get the golden
1865s horns and achievements yes I need to set
1867s aside more time for Speed runs
1869s because I had a lot of fun when we were
1870s doing speed runs
1877s I love feral because I can just like
1879s go out and start smacking things join on
1883s me
1884s yeah yeah
1889s does it work uh it should
1893s are you in game I am
1896s I I joined on Sydney
1898s okay
1902s yeah and if you can't join feral then I
1904s will then we can just like use the world
1906s number and password
1909s uh it's not working for me
1912s I sent you guys an invite see if that
1915s worked
1920s and did not
1923s huh okay uh the world number is
1928s can send it to the group
1933s right here oh that explains a lot okay
1939s I was wondering why I was like having
1941s like weird like
1944s I don't know clanky noises on the right
1946s side of my ear but it's like my
1948s controller is uh laying there and
1951s vibrating
1952s I was laying on some cardboard was
1955s making a lot of that happens that
1957s happened to me too like when playing
1958s tribes before
1960s the controller was just connected
1962s I think I'll go spear which is still
1965s fairly new so we can still show it off
1967s yeah I mean I enjoyed playing this beer
1969s in general
1972s uh also let me know if you've been shoe
1974s joining I put the world number in the
1976s chat
1985s it seems to think that they pass what's
1986s incorrect
1987s the password's incorrect
1990s uh it might be all lower case I think
1992s it's case sensitive
1994s okay yeah
1996s oh there cool
2000s someone is asking if you ever play with
2002s viewers certainly uh Yes actually I did
2006s that uh probably like oh it must have
2009s been like two or three months ago uh
2011s where I just had like an open world and
2013s it was whoever was around and whoever
2015s could play basically we just like
2016s started up a world so sometimes
2018s sometimes it happens uh to play together
2022s thank you
2025s looking for like a nice fish spot for a
2029s base
2031s there's a bit bit of like free room but
2036s I've cleared the two camps to the South
2039s okay West
2041s let me head there
2047s on my way
2048s next B any dxp
2053s I need the XP
2056s obviously
2061s okay I'm gonna get that XP I need the XP
2065s um we all do level one
2069s boy
2071s at least leveling is like fairly fast
2075s especially in survival
2078s that's something I would like to mention
2080s is that like we we do have a battle pass
2083s as did you feel the progress bars the
2085s sort of season pass battle pass that you
2088s might know from other games but it's
2090s completely free
2092s that is true you just uh progress it
2095s while getting XP and while playing
2103s a nice spot for like a nice big home
2108s yeah
2109s also I really need to make a weapon
2113s yeah I think I'm gonna make a tool
2115s grinder like I'm just gonna start
2117s setting up some stations near Diego so
2119s yeah okay
2122s I'm going to set up a tool grinder
2125s uh
2127s our pets purely cosmetic no they're not
2130s um they help you collect items that lie
2132s on the ground
2136s that was a question from Chad yeah your
2140s pets are your BFF ah damn
2144s oh Pearl Pearl
2147s all right so there's one okay
2152s you found it as expected as expected
2163s oh no
2165s my turn now I uh
2168s oh no
2171s welcome area
2175s no well it wasn't uh you know you die I
2179s die
2180s I I didn't want to let you
2183s feel alone I appreciate it
2195s for for all
2199s we send you further and further out to
2201s see every time I swear I'm good at this
2205s game oh God
2207s I want to take all this Camp here but
2209s it's pretty tough
2210s ah of course
2212s the better you are in this game the more
2215s you die that's how it worked that's that
2217s is if you're not about to die all the
2218s time are you even playing tribes midgard
2221s that's that's why there's the last laugh
2223s Rune right
2226s if
2227s no I need to nope I don't need to fight
2230s Dark Elves with the attack of Weaponry
2234s that usually isn't healthy okay
2238s oh God I'm gonna die no no no no no no
2241s no I'm leaving bye I'm leaving leaving
2243s have fun
2247s I just want that oh what room is that uh
2250s Banner time oh do you want Banner time
2251s yeah red take round again one of Fred's
2255s signature rooms nice
2259s oh little stranger oh so cute I do think
2261s it's pretty good to get like three
2263s Banner times in this mode though because
2264s that's hard to feel yeah it's true it's
2267s true because there's no like potions in
2269s the chest
2270s yeah
2272s I think that we'll probably uh
2275s die oh I don't know heal up
2279s uh daggy asks if uh that's your
2282s signature Rune red because you're always
2283s AFK
2284s ah
2288s okay I can't get this much people
2290s chasing me hey hey that's uh zero in my
2293s job that's enough
2295s true
2297s oh I do want another
2299s iron hold on
2302s I'm gonna head south towards land of
2304s pools with you oh
2306s I will just save my level up I would
2309s have been done I love I love that
2311s feeling
2312s you're welcome I saw the arrow on screen
2315s flying towards me and then you level up
2317s kicked in I got a full heal yeah
2320s oh my God I love what Klaus said every
2323s time I die I have to sing a line from
2325s Country Roads
2327s I'll take you up on that I do that
2330s sometimes I'll take everything like a
2332s little song yeah
2335s we'll do that maybe you can sing uh the
2338s national anthem oh my god oh Canada yeah
2342s I mean do you know any others no I don't
2346s actually
2349s I know like maybe some lines from the
2350s American one but
2354s good I mean I don't know anybody who
2357s know the national anthem of Canada
2360s me neither who isn't Canadian yeah
2363s yeah
2364s fast activation let's go loot this cave
2367s oh my God that's so aggressive zero yeah
2370s well deal with it you've died now it's
2373s my turn
2374s Fair round robin deaths
2378s correct distract them
2379s I'm gonna take I realize I have three
2381s blessings I'm gonna take the Scotty
2383s spirit I love the decoy I feel like I'm
2384s using it so often so I'm gonna kind of
2386s spec into like Hunter a little bit no
2390s red no that's not how you doing
2393s oh man it is dangerous in here why zero
2397s don't worry about it don't worry about
2400s it it's fine I've got I've got a decoy
2403s I don't have a decoy
2406s uh okay yeah
2411s you got us all killed
2414s that was the plan what oh my God okay
2417s all of us have died one time now
2420s hello
2425s here I'll put a chest for the group here
2429s that wasn't an ideal place
2431s that's not the right cave
2434s let's go check the other cave
2436s if you're here I don't know if it's
2438s possible to send me a link like you did
2440s last time which allowed me to have the
2442s chat overlay uh because I may have
2445s forgotten to do that before screen
2445s before stream but if you are not home
2447s that's fine
2449s uh I had somebody ask are we playing
2452s with acquaintances or with others in the
2453s community we are playing with community
2454s members today community members
2458s uh where or did I see that question
2461s somebody asking where am I from I'm from
2466s Canada because we were just talking
2467s about Canada so Northville is in uh
2470s Montreal Canada
2471s that's where we make the game
2478s I feel like we just need a lot of like
2480s iron and stone right now so I'm just
2481s gonna go collect that line of pools
2485s yeah are you gonna go
2487s get us killed in the next cave oh yeah I
2490s am okay let's do it I think you guys to
2492s distract them while I just loot the
2493s stuff out yeah that worked very well
2495s last time so well I mean it would have
2497s worked fine if like you know if it had
2500s worked yeah
2502s and we can just lose weight real quick
2505s oh my god dude okay you guys are being
2508s really ambitious right now
2509s this is generally oh god of so much
2511s Jesus I'm gonna run away why we die so
2514s much yeah basically how it goes
2517s really in survival I feel like it's
2518s about balancing the health you have
2519s because I feel like I get out so far and
2521s then I wish I had potions so I'm gonna
2523s come back yep oh yeah this is the end oh
2527s no
2528s ah no number two all right all right
2533s am I number three
2537s is that no no I didn't die I I survived
2540s with like 10 HP okay in that first cave
2542s number two okay
2546s uh where's the cave
2548s I'll come help you I didn't look at the
2551s cave we live at a level three yeah let's
2554s see which cave it is because like it's
2555s the easy cave might as well do it you
2556s know
2558s you know do we have enough for the
2559s homiloom
2561s who needs armor yo I think we need her
2569s I
2572s have everything for the chilled rack I'm
2575s going to build it okay cool yeah I build
2578s it I I've made it I've made it okay I
2582s found the Linda
2583s on a different level
2593s the top cave
2595s yeah I'm checking it
2597s people are telling you to pick up the XP
2600s on the floor certainly oh oh really
2603s alone okay this is not the cave we need
2607s two fur for the
2609s armor why not
2610s it's the same cave
2612s we don't we do not we just don't have
2613s the damage to do so we'll definitely die
2615s no I do have the damage
2618s all right if you can do it I Believe In
2619s You area if we go together maybe yeah
2622s I'll believe in you if we go together
2624s we'll die together but yes it will be
2626s together so
2628s wait that's some fruit I'm trying to get
2631s some uh so I can
2633s and get the album
2636s yeah we need for
2639s would be nice to not take like 800
2641s damage everything
2644s oh well
2646s oh unbelievable
2648s so uh Pro went to die intentionally that
2653s was not intense
2655s you knocked the bomb into me and I'd
2657s already rolled so I had nothing to do
2659s did we set did we actually sell that
2661s that's counter
2663s yeah if I die here it will be number
2664s three
2665s by the way every single time I've played
2668s survival this is what happened I got
2669s invited by like a random stream to play
2672s and I was like I totally help you guys
2673s and I just I died and I got them killed
2675s and I was like you know what maybe this
2676s isn't for me like my job is fun
2682s where are you guys right now we're in
2685s this cave oh my God I'm coming I'm
2687s coming together okay I'm coming it's
2688s like the one-way cave right yeah okay
2690s I'm on my way
2700s level two let's go
2703s just chasing a fox around the circle I
2705s need your fur
2707s okay I'll pick up that XP on the way
2709s back
2711s oh my God this box is trolling me
2714s and I'm coming into the one-way cave
2717s yo I think she bombed one of us
2719s no okay I'm here I'm here I'm here I'm
2722s here
2723s just wait once you're done yeah yeah I'm
2726s gonna
2729s wait wait there we go hello oh that's so
2733s scary
2737s and I get the rewards I love this yeah
2740s yeah don't forget to get the one
2741s upstairs really got that okay
2744s not even close
2746s all right
2749s look at all these Rewards
2755s all right that'll be good
2758s we got all the materials we need so much
2766s oh no I die help me help me
2769s Dasha
2774s you guys okay
2776s oh oh are you okay are you okay okay
2779s Jesus okay
2781s all right I was just walking and just
2784s narrowed to my face right
2790s thank y'all
2794s okay let me grab the oh there's a witch
2796s oh I see which witch you're talking
2798s about all right all right well she's
2799s gonna kill me
2803s good night yeah there's no way never
2806s mind just believe
2809s I'm running
2810s yo uh Red's headed to that other cave
2813s Let's uh let's go let's go die to that
2815s one too yeah let's go let's go yeah one
2818s sec I'm making armor
2820s who needs armor
2822s me me
2824s no I don't agree
2826s wait another friend away who needs armor
2830s no yeah no Nifty
2835s oh
2836s yeah these people are scary okay
2842s and survival you just don't have a HP
2845s right no no no no we're out here living
2848s yeah
2849s yeah she's healthier I'm going back home
2853s I saw a question living our best life
2856s session uh coming in from Klaus actually
2859s I'll try to keep this question pretty uh
2861s concise but how did you how did you
2864s become Northville Community manager and
2866s what did you do before that
2868s um yeah I'll try to keep it a short
2870s answer uh wait who was dying I'm seeing
2874s the feed blowing up everybody
2879s she died before she could even load in
2882s because the like the two seconds that
2884s you're you exist yeah yeah the werewolf
2887s killed oh my gosh oh my God I'm
2889s definitely gonna die too yeah this is
2891s not safe
2892s let's go between me in the door let's go
2895s all together okay yeah I agree please
2898s okay
2900s I love the beginning because this is so
2902s much fun yeah yeah no oh no not like
2905s this
2906s oh God oh my God
2911s yeah
2913s long story short Klaus uh basically
2916s um yeah I was looking around obviously
2918s to be a community manager and I had
2920s actually seen the job posting on Twitter
2922s and I it's quite a simple story actually
2926s I just applied um I had some experience
2928s in game design and like user experience
2930s design
2931s um and all of that so that kind of
2933s helped and I've you know been in
2934s communities game communities my whole
2936s life so that helped a lot too I've grown
2938s some small communities as well um so all
2940s of that kind of like built up and uh you
2943s know it just it was a really good
2945s succession of events that led me here
2946s and I've been here for almost I could
2949s have saved you
2950s I couldn't see
2952s foreign
2962s you could have you just chose not to I
2964s see how it is
2966s AR is trying to uh shave the numbers
2969s here
2971s okay wait have you gone back to that
2972s cave yeah we died everybody okay okay
2975s okay
2976s I'm coming I'm coming
2978s I'm going back to complete it this time
2980s don't worry I'm getting I'm getting
2983s divided you all like neglected and I got
2986s a finally a lot of making some little
2988s potions
2990s I'm coming oh that's one of my favorite
2993s runes actually I like the ones that
2995s explode
2996s oh yeah you could drop runes I forgot oh
3000s my God
3001s yo Sydney since you put clothes on can I
3003s have your nothing to hide yes absolutely
3006s are you over there
3008s yeah okay
3012s I will know wait how do I get there
3020s um I have a question from um
3023s you have been ever goes from d8 will
3025s there be any game modes added to tribes
3027s or is it strictly Saga and survival um
3029s for now it's just planned to stay as
3030s Sega and survival but will be updated
3032s updating the modes individually so they
3035s will each have their own changes and
3036s updates
3038s hi I have help I promise
3040s it's got zero you have it like how we
3042s changed that Gods no don't require
3044s an anger mode of fragments
3048s very true you can go to see earlier
3052s true there's always a of like balancing
3054s that happens uh with updates
3057s oh yeah so we can make a green weapon
3061s now and yes yep oh yes
3065s thank you
3072s I'm gonna go get the bounty in the cave
3074s once again I did not have to fight at
3076s all just had to
3079s go to the cave
3082s no way can I build a
3086s uh 9877
3091s if I got seven silver I can build a
3093s shrine and then go boating
3095s we can make a bulldog now
3098s I brought the boat
3101s oh yeah
3108s I guess I'm gonna make better tools then
3111s huh
3112s like that
3118s yeah Sagittarius definitely uh the
3120s bright Forest sorcerer also sells the
3122s valkyrie delivery potion consumable
3124s which is really important uh if your
3125s loot gets stuck or like lost or if you
3127s don't want to go back all the way and
3129s find your loot uh you can use that
3130s potion to get it back very handy
3133s I've used it several times
3136s how do we build stairs I can't remember
3138s does anybody remember Construction
3141s yeah uh you guys want to build some
3144s stairs and go get the money
3146s time
3147s is there money in there yeah there's
3150s money in the South next to that cave so
3151s we can get the money and then lose all
3153s the souls we get in the cave
3154s all right I got the stairs that's
3156s awesome oh wait one sec I need to
3159s upgrade this
3164s yeah how many do I need two uh I think I
3168s think it's
3169s two or four I don't remember I think
3171s it's the same size of a ramp
3174s the uh for beginners the hammer is a
3178s pretty good weapon because it staggers
3180s uh the stuff you hit so it's pretty safe
3183s the spear is also pretty a weapon
3185s because you can stay at range of people
3194s um
3198s hello
3200s yellow game
3202s okay hello key he says ignore me
3207s we will not we will not you will not be
3210s ignored
3215s I'm just passing by to create the little
3218s stuff for Sydney okay it was I was not
3221s supposed to be here but apparently now
3223s you need to join so we instantly added
3225s me hello hello welcome welcome key
3229s welcome in
3232s how's it going
3234s pretty good pretty good oh technical
3237s Norm take the golden horny I'm full
3239s you're full okay I'll take that
3243s by the way all right we got the question
3244s in the chat of someone asking if the if
3247s you accept the uh you still accept
3250s people to join today uh not for the game
3253s today but uh potentially in the future I
3256s think it would be fun to do another
3257s viewer stream
3259s in the future
3262s so you all want the ancient room yeah
3266s I'm on the way and you're in the cave
3269s oh yeah I'm gonna do the cave then and
3271s then I got the stairs to the engine
3273s after
3276s well now I'm kidding the white life
3280s killing all the rabbits all right man
3283s what did those rabbits ever do to you
3285s it's so true
3287s not only the family for the woman and
3289s the children too all right
3294s that escalated quickly yeah I saw the
3298s scene in my head so
3300s success oh no all right I'm gonna head
3302s back to the Village uh I'm actually
3304s gonna do we have like a cute little area
3305s we can start a like a
3308s a home because I kind of want to start
3309s like just a little house
3311s yeah let me see it's like top top right
3314s top right yeah like right here could be
3317s nice
3318s okay I'll do like right here
3327s all right
3329s foreign
3332s dug a little a little hole for the
3334s farming
3335s John finally got how to make a proper
3338s winner announcement okay
3341s I've been watching that story developing
3346s oh John go
3352s arm I love the emotes John
3356s nice
3358s almost unplug my headset
3362s foreign
3363s for me
3374s that whole link okay
3386s hold on let me see
3390s bear with me
3392s okay this might make things a little
3395s better
3399s okay sorry one second
3403s sorry about that I have too many windows
3405s and I'm trying to balance them
3408s okay
3409s so I should be able to have you
3413s your voices up
3416s yay yes that is the call
3423s any of you got the purple stuff
3428s the purple stuff
3431s you'll have to be more specific
3433s yeah the purple stuff yeah I miss those
3436s horrible stuff yeah
3438s I'm heading off uh I think I put one or
3443s two in the test just now
3445s yeah there's two in there we need two
3447s more to upgrade the shield
3452s thank you so much gee it looks like it's
3454s working
3455s yeah great all right have fun guys thank
3458s you so much
3460s cool
3465s awesome
3467s all right so where wait I'm gonna be
3471s okay I'm gonna craft some like beginner
3474s house stuff okay
3481s stairs I don't need a million stairs
3484s some trick pillars I'm gonna go like a
3487s tree house I think that's what I'm gonna
3489s do
3493s it's gonna we can make all the gear we
3496s want from this island
3501s I'm going I got a shrine
3506s all right
3507s we could probably kill the yelts done
3509s pretty soon
3510s yeah we could head there pretty soon
3515s hello hello
3522s the sorcerers that I can buy more
3525s nothing
3531s yeah I think so
3539s need to get to the next level before
3542s there's another cave yo red
3545s I want to go to another cave
3548s no no no no no no but if you find a
3551s beach alsoever that's all the blue rooms
3554s right yeah yeah is it worth are there
3557s any are there any rooms here that we
3559s really want
3561s oh good call
3563s I like the not for Speed I like the
3564s far-fetched
3566s too
3568s Valentine is great for a beginner too uh
3571s yeah since it's up through healing that
3574s it does like if you just need healing on
3575s the go yeah
3579s who needs healing you respawn anyways
3583s come that's foreign
3595s oh sorry right I got stuck in the menus
3597s come on opinion on Bose has anybody
3600s opinionated towards suppose
3602s um bows have the most play this season
3605s than they've had in any season before
3607s this so that's cool the legendary bow
3610s has become really easy to build because
3611s of nippleheim uh and one of the main
3615s problems with those is they have not
3616s very high durability but because it's so
3618s easy to build you can just build two of
3619s them and that's generally good enough
3623s you can break down shrines into shrines
3625s now I'm uh gay candid I'm gonna live
3634s come look
3637s awesome hello
3640s hello Okay so this do you like my
3641s treehouse
3645s safety railings
3647s yeah
3649s it would have been awesome
3651s that looks good so far this is the like
3653s base
3655s yeah yeah I'm just gonna trying
3658s maybe we can do something nice
3663s I'm gonna build some like
3665s polish
3667s yeah feel free to like add to it as much
3670s as you want
3672s I'm at least gonna do some pillows so it
3674s like looks a bit nicer okay wait so I
3678s feel oh it's kind of red I need to get
3680s level six
3681s ah
3683s I'm having a hard time
3688s if anyone wants to come to this next
3690s Island feel free I'm gonna break down
3692s the shrine soon in a moment
3694s I'm gonna break down the shrine soon so
3695s I can place it elsewhere
3698s I think I've got a on the mainland for
3699s now
3700s I wonder what happened if I
3703s teleport to a shrine and you remove it
3705s at the same time like that's it but
3707s probably not find out right now you know
3709s that's something that we've been test on
3711s our own time I already got sent to
3713s purgatory
3716s yep
3721s oh yeah I saw a comment about mounts are
3723s mounts a possible thing in the future
3725s yes they are a possible thing in the
3726s future uh they have been on a road map
3728s for a while now so mounts are definitely
3730s a possibility in the game
3734s another green ship
3740s you know it's kind of occurring me that
3742s it tells me that this is probably not
3743s the right Island
3744s I mean it's going to be it's gonna be
3746s the island for the legendary rooms
3749s so we can get legendary runes I guess
3751s I mean maybe maybe not
3755s it's nice
3758s there's plenty of random Island that
3762s have nothing up into Arizona yes just
3765s like it I can still be surprised Arya
3767s you can't take my surprise for me
3770s I think some supplier
3772s I know I'm freezing I'm gonna have to
3774s re-wash the stream because there was
3776s just like a tree that like flew over my
3779s head
3780s that was weird I love when that happens
3782s that was weird you can't have type of
3785s without those and lined a pool
3787s saucer
3789s interesting come on we could even maybe
3792s if like the Garden area down here yeah
3796s oh no
3798s I gotta get more uh like pillar things
3804s but the good places they need us to put
3807s a shrine in
3808s all right
3809s yeah
3812s can buy silver there to make shrine
3815s you can also buy some uncommon runes
3824s oh Cold Blood Cold Blood I was about to
3826s say we can yeah zero got him great minds
3829s think I like
3833s who takes cold damage
3837s I do want to try and find an undergate
3839s around here but I don't know where the
3840s undergates are in survival I know where
3841s they are in Saga
3846s you survival did this anywhere
3853s pretty got a problem right now
3856s who me
3857s yeah with what
3860s I mean you had like 20 goblins yeah
3864s they're my um
3869s children
3871s yeah your children they are rich
3873s very cute
3877s what are we doing red I know why is my
3879s Shrine can I play Such right here please
3883s yeah let's yeah let's go let's go
3886s let's do it
3887s all right we will abandon the house the
3889s tree house for now we build uh yeah I'm
3892s just building like the last few
3895s I have a bit of essence too
3898s um you got you got money for a shrine
3900s you got silver for shrine
3902s uh no but I do have money for the
3905s software Maps
3906s all right well that's probably better
3909s yeah
3910s and find us I want I want my I want I
3914s want my damage yo
3915s I'm going forth I'm finding don't worry
3917s should we build a shrine or gather
3919s materials to build a shrine before we
3921s fight the Odin I mean we could that'd
3924s probably be like a
3925s a smarter thing to do
3928s for the shrine some silver
3931s I'm just gonna buy
3933s oh okay
3935s I guess 100 age right yeah it should be
3938s an also bad Bass
3945s sorry the weapon
3950s ICS PM I'm also just gonna
3955s it's this way try to get to the land of
3959s pools and peace but apparently not
3962s I have another Apollo Shrine which I'm
3964s gonna use to I'm going to put over at
3966s the ash Beach source
3969s uh can you come get one
3972s both yachten Maybe
3975s uh you want to just like place it
3978s um
3978s yeah
3981s I don't have a good answer for that dude
3985s I can make one too so
3988s okay I'll I'll use mine for the iPhone
3990s yeah just go get us the money bro
3993s foreign
4004s what on the way yeah
4013s I love the not for Speed let's go
4017s oh at night time
4019s but absolutely it's right here for that
4021s I have something to trade with all right
4022s so 180 perfect bartering
4026s zero
4030s wait
4032s yeah those clearly do not the shield
4034s does not like that
4038s I'm just gonna get it that way oh darn
4041s it
4042s oh no
4044s I saved you
4048s I was definitely gonna die if that hit
4049s me
4050s we gotta try to keep it under like 15
4053s deaths
4056s under 15 that's the goal yeah
4062s they killed Pharrell
4065s again again
4068s oh it's over
4069s Phil definitely is carrying the depths
4073s give me the casino
4076s I got zapped
4083s yeah
4085s right at the end as well which was a bit
4087s frustrating but yeah
4096s oh well
4098s thank you you're welcome
4102s now I feel like we got the level five so
4104s fast and then I just haven't been able
4105s to get to level six
4108s yeah
4109s oh God oh God the hell things are tough
4111s bye
4115s to the ash Beach closer
4122s really need to remind myself not to sit
4125s like a shrimp do not
4129s I always say like a shrimp my favorite
4131s my favorite sitting position yeah
4133s same amount of times
4136s where's my boat the shrimp picture
4140s did you pick up
4141s yeah
4142s oh wait no it's on my cops wait no it's
4144s not carbs yeah I did say it's like a
4148s shrimp yes don't eat beetron you're a
4150s fish but you are not to eat meat
4156s all right so we have to we have finished
4158s uh we are starting on goal one which is
4160s to build a house uh we have finished
4162s goal two which is defeatron saxo so GG
4165s um yeah halogy could be cool to head
4168s towards him and fight him and then yeah
4169s like eventually we'll just find those
4171s under Gates somewhere just by exploring
4173s I think yeah
4175s I have no uh
4177s that's a novel Smoky Island on the first
4180s Island right no no
4185s when I speak
4190s you can craft shrines and survival
4193s because there's no shrines naturally on
4196s the map
4198s you're right you want to go explore that
4199s other Island
4200s see if there's anything fun to kill
4204s you know it
4208s where's the boat duck where's the boat
4211s what did we make
4214s my boat stay away stay for my profession
4216s is it me my thing
4225s yeah that's like building into the
4228s yeah yeah I think it would give it like
4231s a little Escape maybe like here like a
4233s little staircase that goes down onto
4234s this like generation thing wait like
4237s here I'll show you wait
4242s bring it down a little bit like I'm
4244s gonna see how it looks
4245s I will I will come back in a hot second
4248s and get some fences to have some
4250s railings
4251s yeah yeah I don't think we we need um I
4254s want to do like the angled the angled
4256s piece on the sides of the stairs but we
4258s can't have that yet we need to upgrade
4259s the construction
4261s yeah yeah
4262s bye hello bye welcome to the stream
4265s happy to see you here how are you doing
4268s how you doing
4272s my wife hello hi Nova Clash hello
4276s into the Stream
4280s uh by one shot I'm new to the game what
4284s should I start with Saga mode or
4285s survival mode uh I am going to say
4288s survival world uh survival mode just to
4291s like get used to things there's no time
4292s pressure if you really want to challenge
4294s yourself I'd say you could jump into
4295s Saga mode uh but it's definitely going
4297s to be like more time pressure
4299s um it's a lot to understand the first
4301s time around I would say uh you can
4303s totally ask people in our community if
4305s you want any kind of like tips or help
4306s if you want to jump in that's great uh
4308s but survival mode is a great great way
4309s to just like try things first
4311s yeah there are a lot of people who are
4313s willing to teach in this community
4314s absolutely
4321s okay where's thundergay let's see
4324s on the island okay awesome
4327s oh there's a shrine perfect and you'll
4329s be able to if you want
4331s um the land of pulse sorcerer which I've
4332s got upon a shrine to uh will sell called
4336s blood rune for 2000 if you want to
4338s survive in we can also make a cold proof
4341s seats you can buy cold proof from the
4343s Atlanta poster that is so true
4345s or the ash beach one if you want to know
4351s also I'm gonna I'm gonna craft a little
4354s bit more then I'm gonna come join you
4356s guys have fun
4359s probably you have left the world I think
4361s I'm having um
4363s okay
4364s so I I hope
4372s that is dead again
4375s no way
4377s I'm just gonna log in dead yeah you're
4380s not dead
4383s yeah
4386s yeah or is he maybe
4389s Oh no
4391s you're pressing it hey are you I fell
4394s through the world and and all the time
4396s it took me to come back to the ground I
4398s got shot and killed I had like 3 000
4401s Souls I was gonna buy myself
4405s Ah that's cool hey how'd you do it yeah
4409s how did you know that's six now I mean
4412s you can just say Feld is dead and you're
4414s about like 50 chance it's like a bloody
4418s mary kind of thing you know you just say
4419s it three times and it happens
4422s foreign
4429s beside that
4431s portal oh my God hi yeah you can build
4435s now you can build it's really uh I'm
4437s building this beautiful tree house uh
4440s it's progressing freaky by the way if
4442s you'd like
4443s yeah I'm I'm more interested yeah me too
4446s me too I'm coming into flam don't worry
4448s but I'm like fully like it's it's
4449s halfway there it's gonna be fixed up a
4452s lot I gotta keep an eye on the
4453s construction limit but it's I think it's
4455s reached the template I want but I want
4457s to have like the there's like details I
4459s want to add to it once we make uh
4461s upgrade the construction bench but we
4462s need a obsidian which you can only get
4464s in uh Smokey Highlands I believe yep yep
4468s okay that's why I'm also here okay all
4470s right I'm gonna come that way I'm gonna
4471s drop all my materials in the chest and
4473s then I will join you guys
4476s uh oh I'm gonna build a better weapon
4479s okay
4483s build
4491s yeah it's very good
4494s if any of the uh more Health also I like
4497s the little beating it does
4502s shy Fable I just realized you could make
4504s a 3D maze to mess with your friends you
4505s could absolutely make a maze I would
4506s love to see that if anybody makes a maze
4508s and traps admit card like please share
4510s it I want to see
4512s I'll do it yes
4515s oh man we've definitely made some super
4518s ridiculous constructions before but we
4520s also make some good uh 3D art
4524s oh desperating
4528s catching up on chat uh
4533s vnd
4535s oh sorry oh what are you
4538s oh nothing
4539s I came to myself okay that's fine I just
4543s saw this question which was like what is
4544s the survival limit uh you can always see
4547s your like your construction limit you
4548s can always see with the green bar in the
4550s top left that's where you can see the
4551s limit uh we don't have an exact number
4553s because it's all depending on what you
4555s build
4559s yeah are you guys already going I
4562s thought what is going on
4565s are you guys in niflheim right now I am
4568s oh exactly okay let's see if it's
4571s surprising at all I'm on the way to save
4573s Phil it's not surprising
4575s yeah
4577s please because uh
4580s it's like minus 70 and in there
4585s it's like it's like Montreal today it's
4587s like same temperature
4592s it is yeah
4596s yeah vegan options are available yep
4598s they say Vegan
4601s I love that okay
4604s oh wait you're actually are you in the
4605s cave I'm in the cavia
4608s I need to get out of here okay I'm
4610s getting my um yeah I'm gonna get more
4613s mushroom oil just so that we can make
4614s more of those yeah yeah so I can get
4618s mushroom oils but
4623s okay I'm gonna go find some mushrooms
4625s wait actually didn't we plant mushrooms
4627s oh no they're still growing okay
4631s definitely didn't bring enough food
4634s yeah see if I can make some no no no no
4636s no not not like that yo not like that
4639s like you got Narnia that's
4642s tall I just quickly gotta grab some
4644s obsidian for the house building and then
4646s I'll be back sweet
4649s that was awesome zero uh yeah I don't
4651s know how we're doing this oh we're not
4653s famous last words uh hang on let me I'm
4657s good dude I'll kill everybody I'll be
4659s fine I'm killing everyone well I think
4660s I'm killing everyone they might be
4662s killing me but there we go 50 50 yo
4675s all right
4688s gonna happen
4690s I just saw like 10 goblins I was like
4693s okay
4694s yo you should let me open I need to get
4696s a little 16.
4698s I am very close to level six yeah I just
4701s want to throw Shields and stuff
4704s I'm almost level eight oh my God whoa
4709s look at you with your levels
4720s just kill a lot of stuff get a lot
4724s of Bixby yeah
4728s if anybody in the chat if you see
4730s mushrooms yell at me because I cannot
4732s find them
4738s I like the new pet jumping animation as
4741s well like they jump down from the cliffs
4743s with you
4744s they also jump into the water if you
4746s roll off a cliff
4747s yeah they just want to go swimming with
4749s you
4750s not a good idea we Vikings haven't
4752s learned this women yeah
4755s yeah learning learning
4757s we fled to not drown instantly movement
4763s it's a marginal improvement from season
4764s one yeah
4767s oh fishing spot time to do something I'm
4770s getting the ancient room here so if
4773s anybody wants how much
4780s then I'm going to buy my cold pot
4790s yeah let me open the chest all right
4793s oh oh no I'm stuck
4796s I'm stuck step bro please
4798s our constructions are under attack wait
4801s we need to go back home
4803s I'm going back hey you got it bro I
4806s don't know I oh I did
4812s thank you red
4815s but why did you want to open it because
4818s I want to get a little sick so I can
4819s throw Shields
4823s maybe I should get a faster revive
4825s we got the bridge
4828s that's a
4829s I was gonna do that okay yeah
4831s 300 health that's enough
4833s we can't kill Infinity
4842s I lost control
4845s this is um a little bit dubious eh
4851s 25 HP
4853s yeah it'll you'll be fine probably yeah
4858s not not that bomb Oh that was an awesome
4861s bomb dude
4867s all right I'm coming one day I'll be
4868s level six
4870s one day I'm on my way to put a shrine to
4872s halogy
4878s looking for some obsidian
4885s preferably without burning but I feel
4888s like not necessarily an option
4891s foreign
4917s we will be sure to let you know
4922s uh is there any talk of ungender locking
4924s hair in the game uh there has been talks
4927s of it uh again if it happens uh we'll
4929s let you
4931s okay you can get these on both at least
4935s now
4937s here it's but yeah there's like there's
4938s like options yeah and any body type can
4941s uh used to be
4943s used to be uh we have a question from Al
4944s bone saying are you guys the streaming
4946s Representatives
4947s um or uh tribes of midgard or developers
4950s or just people that really like the game
4951s LOL um I'm the senior community manager
4953s for tribes of bid guard uh and I work at
4957s Norrisville uh we create the game
4959s um gearbox are our Publishers and I'm
4961s playing with the community so I'm
4963s playing with um a mix of mods and then
4965s community members uh who are also
4967s fantastic speedrunners so we're just
4969s hanging out today uh it's a community
4971s stream meaning that we're just playing
4972s all together
4977s not go for this yet
4985s I'm gonna admire the the home the home
4990s that's a lot of build quickly
4998s what did you say aisle you were home
5000s what what do you need wood more wood
5004s yeah for the home like would definitely
5006s want to like put up some walls and like
5008s some fences
5010s for it to like make some balconies and
5013s stuff
5016s uh if you guys can get some Vines we can
5017s upgrade the um Shields to three
5022s I would be from one obsidian mode but
5026s I also brought other goodies
5034s only for yeah
5037s a little bit more
5039s did we want a nornier x
5042s I don't think I know any
5044s all right
5045s where you at dude I'll brought the uh
5049s I'm on my way
5051s well I don't know if it's uh was a
5054s comment and said about like a thread to
5057s see
5058s um
5059s like the devs actively playing the game
5063s and I don't know if I would say rare
5065s it's less common in like Triple A stuff
5068s but for indie games for for like if you
5071s look on Twitch basically for every indie
5073s game there's usually a Dev stream where
5076s yeah they talk about the game obviously
5078s but they also play it um
5083s so important
5085s so I've seen a lot even like uh this
5087s week with like the games from Quebec
5089s sale like
5090s most people have a stream running like
5092s on the steam page right now which is
5093s cool
5097s the best community but I like want to
5100s say there's other communities that are
5102s also like very
5105s much active in their game and not just
5107s developing on top of it
5113s no one likes to run an underpass to
5116s yes I've got a shrine up next to this
5118s underpass yes yes yes and I'm going to
5120s destroy the shrine okay let me get to
5123s the shrine and I will join you we can
5125s follow me we can build a a potion
5127s cauldron
5129s okay
5131s somebody with cold-blooded should also
5133s run through the uh downstairs and try to
5136s get uh the other Gates back up see where
5138s we pop up all right I can't do that
5140s thank you sir
5145s if you got 2 000 Souls you can buy Cold
5149s Blood which will make you uh where can I
5152s buy it
5153s okay
5157s oh where is
5160s she gonna go there and buy it and then I
5163s will come to the
5164s class if you're still there
5166s yeah oh okay I should get I I should get
5169s uh shrines before running though
5171s probably
5176s yeah I uh like still the same person
5179s talking about but like I really
5180s recommend going back into Indie Games if
5182s you're falling off
5185s um casinos really improved
5189s uh that's like I don't know what like
5192s changed I couldn't like really put a
5194s finger on it but it's
5196s um
5197s very very cool to see
5199s should I put a portal here before the
5202s underpass
5203s uh if you've got one feel free I'm just
5205s taking my second period yeah exactly but
5208s uh like in case we have to yeah
5211s die we can be here
5216s oh come on I can
5228s he does
5229s okay give me that help
5234s feel a bit overdressed right now
5238s maybe a little
5241s just noticed that
5243s but I like there's so many it's easy to
5246s see you like I like that
5249s oh
5254s thank you gotta get the cold oh the gold
5257s is cut okay
5260s we must take yeah we are all secretly
5264s dwarfing yeah
5270s all right Winter's way
5273s yeah nice
5279s I'm so fast because I have the rune ah
5283s not for sweet I've also got enough speed
5286s yeah
5288s okay
5302s all right found the entrance that time
5305s yeah
5307s that
5309s time yeah
5318s my construction the constructions are
5320s under attack I think we gotta like build
5321s up the home base when we get home
5323s dancing
5328s anyone interested in a werewolf
5333s oh
5335s where are you no not like this
5343s oh no
5350s all right I'm getting a shrine up to a
5353s logi right about
5356s uh no
5358s I'm gonna run towards halogi as fast as
5360s I can like before it gets too hot we'll
5363s need some like Hebrew stuff or something
5365s yeah I made a little bit of food but
5367s it's the only one we could make
5372s all right I put a shrine in
5378s in nipple line nice
5382s very good at the bridge
5386s foreign
5411s check
5412s I got some oh another troll yeah
5418s not finding out with that one
5427s sick
5436s yeah apparently we generated the only
5438s world with one single obsidian mode
5444s yeah I didn't I didn't pick up any like
5446s I'll take a look I found one and then
5449s that was it
5451s there was some 10.
5454s foreign
5457s there was a couple notes where I was at
5459s some point
5461s yep no
5466s no good night I think I'm gonna build
5469s this seder hammer
5472s I also decided on playing Spears and I
5476s forgot that I haven't unlocked many
5481s I feel free you can have if you want
5485s um
5486s oh I don't have any materials I got that
5490s bug zero dance with the window oh yeah
5493s what's going on yes I'm gonna leave that
5496s one
5497s I'm gonna go
5499s maybe take some shots a kindred impact
5502s why you can grow crops if you like the
5506s fine very broadly what a crop is you
5509s could also plant stone at like all sorts
5512s of stuff that um technically crops but
5515s it works
5517s oh
5518s wait
5520s does anyone want to fight halogy or
5522s should I do this myself
5525s I need to make some food and then okay
5528s for all is going on
5532s tradition you know I don't want these
5534s games okay
5537s Sydney uh I do but I don't need it like
5541s I'm not taking any heat damage
5543s so if anybody
5549s has anybody been counting how many
5550s deaths this is am I like up to 12. I
5552s thought you I think like seven
5554s oh it's gonna be more than seven let's
5557s say I've died way too many times
5560s I need to I'm like stream Improvement
5563s like have a active kill counter
5572s we got this
5575s coming to hell
5577s the announcement
5584s you already won a barrel for each spear
5587s yep
5588s sorry I'm a 403 hammer
5591s but I have a stator
5598s floor is lava
5602s I think I'm gonna burn okay that's space
5605s for you if you want it all right
5617s equip it
5618s oh my God
5625s not me accidentally eating my cold brew
5627s potion
5630s oh I have 26 health I have to
5635s go back pick that up there all right
5645s on the left side of the Arena I'm coming
5647s okay I may have done the exact same
5649s thing and jumped off yeah yes I watched
5651s yep I liked it yeah well done I'm also
5654s almost
5655s um yeah I can't be here without any
5658s photo heat proofing
5662s thank you yeah I'll put it right beside
5664s the shrine here
5666s uh yeah I can get it back
5671s because I'm okay I'm not any damage
5674s if I make it through the shrine without
5676s dying no
5682s thank you are you being revived yeah
5694s well
5696s sort of work
5698s all right let me come get another
5699s reports
5703s I love our good dad killed and I was not
5707s even close
5711s is that outside the arena
5716s Oh I thought I'd say again but on the
5718s wrong layout like so you can read
5723s like 800 souls for me
5737s I'm gonna look I'm gonna like look
5739s around this biome
5743s I think if I get my stuff back if you
5747s have enough for
5750s upgraded to the armor bench okay
5754s will be really good and I've got another
5756s thing for you
5761s and I found one more obsidian so if I
5763s find another node we're done we're good
5766s okay okay I was just following
5769s in your footsteps
5772s yeah all right
5774s the the
5776s I don't know how much longer I can be
5778s here I'm already I think there's water
5779s here right so I can just
5783s pull off a bit
5785s get hit by goblins
5787s yeah the good news is we can make
5789s potions now all the good stuff
5796s enjoy having potions
5798s yay
5800s potions are the best in survival you
5803s like under appreciate them in Fargo
5806s after a while
5816s trying to get too old but I'm too slow
5818s here too slow okay
5820s well I found a Nephilim ceiling if you
5823s want to make a
5824s house in there
5826s oh I kind of want to come see it thank
5829s you
5831s already burning again oh no
5834s I think I'll come to knifelheim shortly
5836s it could be cool if we could like
5839s get to hell I don't know how feasible
5841s that will be but City I fell I died
5845s no no no oh no fragments is the only
5849s thing for uh okay Chris fragments for uh
5853s hell yeah okay I like that we got
5855s praised at the community manager mode is
5858s playing and then like those other two
5861s smarty parents would die in the desert
5863s high tide
5866s you're fine yeah it's my fourth death I
5870s think
5873s might be wrong
5876s yeah we can make the quest board and
5878s make it yeah
5887s I don't know I don't know or we can make
5890s it I can make it let me know this thing
5892s let me make it here
5897s then yes
5899s we probably got the Hilton frag we just
5902s need to find a well and
5906s okay let me clear the roots as a group
5911s I agree let me take a
5918s do that one
5919s I need three wrought iron for femur it's
5922s uh for the bridge
5924s pre-rolled yeah okay I agree psycho All
5927s Pets need to be Plushies that is
5929s imperative
5934s there's a bunch of iron in the chest
5938s possible
5942s I found a well I I took uh there's 28
5945s that I took out I don't know can we
5947s build wrought iron yet I feel like the
5949s answer is no I think we can build it
5952s build that thing the way you can yeah we
5955s need the mining cutter I think I'm just
5957s gonna go into a cave the caves are
5959s starting to respawn and I still need to
5961s buy my nothing to wield because I keep
5962s dying okay and I can't generate enough
5965s souls okay you know okay okay because
5967s you're going like full naked build no
5970s actually I actually uh gave that away
5972s because I died too many times okay okay
5975s which is what happens you know
5978s they won't let me play with it because I
5980s died too many times in our runs
5983s you still gotta find find a sweet spot
5992s yeah all right time to get them Quest
5994s bags
5995s we get your chests
5997s Sydney
5999s oh yes my chest
6002s honestly I'll probably just buy a
6004s valkyrie delivery
6006s yeah it's a bit far out but I'm also
6009s bringing back oh no I forgot
6014s why ideally trout ideally drought I
6017s forgot that you cannot do that forever
6020s I was like I'll just swim back so I
6022s don't burn nope
6025s oops
6030s you can also do more building because we
6034s have this now yay I quickly remember
6037s swim in season one and then I'll learn
6039s the hardware that you can't swim in
6040s season one I have I have a bit of a bit
6043s of a bug let's see here oh yeah can you
6047s get me to this island to the uh east of
6049s the village I have a question in there
6052s east of the village
6054s it's an island well that Island light
6057s here let me just like
6063s maybe we can also now do the
6065s construction right
6067s I will build one oh I couldn't see and
6071s you want to build uh slopes right so it
6074s need for these stairs yeah I'm gonna
6076s come back right now
6078s and I can craft them
6080s yeah I'll let you do that on a place we
6083s can see no I'm glad you screenshot okay
6089s yeah these twig ankle beam and then do
6092s this I'll show you you could also go
6094s with like purple wood but I don't think
6097s we have the material or we need more
6099s obsidian again
6103s yeah
6104s so so I was talking about like two I
6107s want to I want to see what you are
6109s wishing is I think I get it but I like
6112s I'm not too sure about the specifics
6115s yeah just like give it all you know like
6117s the stairs some polish on the sides like
6120s this yeah
6121s oh you meant those yeah yeah yeah
6125s oh I totally didn't understand you yeah
6128s did you escape here
6133s Oh I thought you meant like oops
6136s I wanted to turn the camera back yes
6145s playing with like a Shore and Adventure
6148s sometimes yeah
6150s uh I had another idea but I don't know
6153s if it'll uh you could certainly try
6163s so
6165s uh silver is the
6168s most needed
6170s thing in survival
6172s yes it is
6177s silver Essence though
6181s zero uh you have 700 yes
6185s you get me seven syllabuses
6187s yeah
6190s see if we have those
6196s yeah yeah yeah
6199s you can come and look in a second
6201s certainly what I'm like yeah yeah
6205s did you build the roof I like that I
6207s don't know if you look at the
6210s yeah oh yeah yeah yeah
6215s yeah no that looks great I like that
6217s like that
6218s like that that's like so many small
6220s fiddly things you have to place yeah
6224s I'll do it I think that'll look perfect
6226s I forgot we had like a construction also
6229s like nicer ones bad for the for the
6231s limit right yeah we want to make sure we
6233s don't hit the limit yeah maybe I'll just
6236s leave it for now like that we need those
6239s yeah two I'm just like Northwest of you
6244s I'm being shot by archers somebody come
6246s save me ghost
6251s oh no he can shoot through rocks since
6253s when can those
6255s I hate that I have the soul the disgust
6259s in your voice does anybody have any
6262s Souls
6264s okay red here take this soul-powered
6267s I put some dragon heads at the top in
6270s the entrance doors okay nice
6282s do we have enough for wood fences or no
6284s no oh we don't even have okay fences
6288s unlocked no okay like this works for me
6291s for now just as a safety hazard
6294s yeah fair enough
6296s it's it's our first heart yeah
6300s but I guess it's okay yeah
6302s um
6304s we have a cold-blooded that I can borrow
6306s I do no
6309s where are you at I'm in the village I'm
6312s gonna go
6314s you can make seafood cold-blooded
6317s oh you met the room I'm sorry I'm like
6320s it's okay dude sorry
6324s too many similar things oh wow this is a
6326s big upgrade list
6330s we just need seaweed apparently
6334s yeah
6336s so let's see wheat and then we can
6341s it's night time if you want to go to the
6343s ash Beach
6344s yep
6346s uh question in the chat from Dante how
6348s long are you streaming today uh we don't
6351s stream two two much longer usually the
6353s stream's about an hour and a half to two
6354s hours I think we'll try to hit we hit
6357s pretty much all of our goals we hit
6358s actually all of our goals for the stream
6360s today which is awesome I think for the
6361s last one we are going to uh go to
6364s nettleheim I'm gonna try to join uh
6366s inifleheim but we want we got to get
6367s some stuff to keep us uh cold proof as
6371s well once we do that go take a look at
6373s nippleheim see how far we can get there
6375s um but yeah that's that's pretty much
6377s the plan for now well we'll stream for
6378s too too much longer
6382s see uh dark efficiency
6386s cool uh hell things stay away I'm gonna
6388s kill those hell things because I don't
6389s want them to attack
6390s our constructions
6393s we need to build like a perimeter around
6395s I feel
6396s just like with expenses
6400s as well
6403s look at those flame turrets guys yes
6417s I'm gonna
6420s I don't know
6425s I feel like we'd want to get as much
6427s like cold proof stuff as we can like see
6430s if we can make more cold proof potions
6432s but don't we need to know there's like
6434s so many resources in there oh okay okay
6437s just below the all four dressing oh yeah
6441s okay that's easy enough to make two call
6443s proofs yeah oh okay okay awesome finally
6448s I'm still going to take some
6450s food maybe with me ah
6453s I need to repair my weapons before
6457s yeah do you want to take like a trip to
6458s niffleheim uh yeah okay I put some room
6462s in the chest if you want like any rooms
6467s oh raising livestock is that's a good is
6471s that like was that on the road map
6473s Sydney do you remember raising livestock
6476s no that was not on the roadmap
6479s it's a cool idea I think it is a cool
6481s idea because like we already have like
6483s weird stuff that we can plan so why not
6486s have like
6488s weird livestock wow they are very tough
6506s all right we'll go
6508s in the morning
6511s I'm I'm going back I'm woohoo
6520s oh yeah that's a cool idea from John
6523s like have Goblin as like little farm
6525s hands
6527s little Fargo really cool like them just
6530s running around helping you farm
6536s that would be so cool
6545s Josh I have five
6550s all right did I drop all my items do you
6553s want to go to nippleheim take a little
6555s rock around I'm gonna draw my items here
6557s first actually yeah oh I didn't have
6559s that many okay but
6567s we have a shrine in this line ride
6570s yes
6573s all right niflheim for whoever wants to
6576s go we're going
6578s oh wait
6580s I got a pure Ash Beach here
6588s interest
6589s ing
6591s um
6592s well what's your question
6593s is it like near where I'm
6598s wait I'm gonna grab the quest fragments
6599s to give them
6602s a good idea
6606s oh why is this all the pain
6613s foreign
6624s for anyone who have not seen it yet in
6625s the chat this is sniffleheim
6627s this is the newest biome and this here
6630s is mudcutter
6632s hello monitor
6636s it's like I have 12 Quest Frags
6640s all right
6641s I'll be called Montgomery there will be
6644s a good time for them
6648s no we got to go here
6652s up here they're the well first
6654s maybe the teeth
6656s let's go south teeth no let's go teeth
6660s well we can get like resources
6663s we're doing the we're doing that okay
6665s yeah yeah start going for the teeth
6676s well am I near your quest oh I muted
6680s is it me why where oh she
6683s Esh because right away from me you know
6687s what I'm kissing us on a different
6688s Island
6690s we're living
6691s but she's got the same question
6695s we have to get two silver dude
6701s oh
6715s hello hello
6720s all right I see the teeth that's a lot
6722s of guardlings
6725s whoa who has an amazing weapon
6730s Jesus
6732s I got a Blue Shield wow
6736s all right take the teeth
6740s where's the next one we could go
6744s left or right because you need to find a
6747s ramp yeah go back up and left okay
6756s Cold Blood nothing Cold Blood on the
6759s ground
6764s oh wait why am I freezing again oh wait
6766s ah oh
6768s I am freezing
6770s you will not get damaged because
6776s oh okay yeah yeah I am healing okay
6779s forgot I had Cold Blood
6780s I'm just gonna have this annoying
6782s freezing noise yeah it's just very
6785s handling yeah
6787s okay with two Cold Blood you eel okay
6790s with three cold Bloods you are Immortal
6793s it's crazy amazing
6795s now I'm just uh I'm evening out
6806s ah there's an ash Beach
6810s oh
6812s chest
6815s beautiful
6822s real good gang all right
6826s now I'm on the right Island I know it's
6828s cold John you're gonna put on the shrine
6830s though sure
6835s unless I can teleport in time
6840s 62 HP calculator I would say
6850s calculated
6852s calculators cold-blooded needs Nerf does
6856s it now I'm cold-blooded has been a meta
6859s Rune since the game started you gotta
6862s let it have its time
6864s Cold Blood used to be got buffed in the
6867s past
6868s because uh and before you only used to
6871s eel 75 hp
6876s yeah
6878s and at that point but
6881s irrelevant it was so good
6890s all right
6892s I think yeah thousands to like goproof
6895s seafood so you can have four
6897s yeah it's an improvement I think it's
6900s one minute each so it's basically the
6903s same you just get and be able to use it
6905s it's good to space it out better
6907s yeah
6910s oops wrong way don't follow me follow me
6912s red
6913s I don't know what I'm doing we got all
6915s the tooth yeah yeah I think let's go
6918s back
6919s we gotta get the cup now our tour the
6922s one the well
6925s the well is already done well it's done
6927s okay sick
6929s Quest and uh Hilton friends
6939s thank you
6949s okay yeah
6950s Quest yep
6954s it is Quest time
6964s where be the quest board no
6967s my spot's like just next to uh
6974s I'm gonna do that too
6977s common constructions okay what quest
6979s givers do we have unlocked right now
6981s yeah
6983s most difficult part is finding the
6985s quests Quest Giver on the map
6990s where is it oh okay yeah mine's not
6994s ah mine's not unlocked yet okay yeah
6998s the Villager armor Quest is done uh I
7003s think we got there oh yeah we can do the
7005s villagerama quest easy if you
7008s uh needs salmon
7011s I don't know if we've all got the
7012s village drama Quest we should have
7013s plenty of salmon in the chest from the
7015s look in the capes uh Opry and pray boy
7018s do you ever exercise
7026s actually we only have access to 20 of
7027s them I think there's like 30ish
7029s sermon
7032s do we have three sets
7034s I am we should have free salmon in the
7036s chest somewhere okay they're dropped
7038s from the cave oh yeah okay I'll go to
7040s that question I already have three on me
7045s I can beat up some hell
7050s we're all very good at teaching them how
7052s to fish just go into caves
7054s that's fish and chest that's how you
7056s fish
7059s I don't think any fishing rod is for the
7061s serpents
7063s wait I can't click on the shrine
7065s I don't know why are you at the fried
7068s I can't oh no I can't there we go just
7071s like breathe
7073s because that just happened to me I was
7075s like why can I not click it
7077s uh four Silvers if you have more silver
7080s I can buy it
7084s um
7086s no I don't have anything
7089s also the pretty
7091s questions
7094s look for me everyone's giving you sermon
7097s thank you everybody oh my thank you
7099s thank you that's exactly what I needed
7102s okay so I turned in another Quest so I
7104s just gave 12. we have 36 out of 60 right
7107s now
7108s I just got
7110s well well me too so we should yeah we'll
7114s have enough oh my God
7119s just T back again yeah I cannot
7124s ah then in that case enjoy the walk
7128s finally leveled up again
7135s can I build any better weapon hello
7137s before we go to hell oh the niffelheim
7140s brand I think I kind of want to build
7142s that
7143s hmm
7144s I got this like things here it's free
7151s I have the cedar Hammer I don't
7155s know well yeah
7158s if you want to if you want to make this
7160s word say
7161s it's all there
7165s want to speak
7167s whoa like I'll try the nippleheim brand
7170s I haven't tried it yet we're at the
7172s bridge is open
7173s we can kill hell
7177s can we kill hell let's do it alien
7180s on my quest I want to do it now and I
7184s should just finish your quest just to
7185s finish it
7187s yeah I mean that's also feels makes me
7189s that if mama likes to be in it for me so
7191s yeah that's true
7193s plenty of good reasons I'm gonna do it
7196s naked
7197s all right
7199s I'll be a bit cold
7206s hell yeah we're want to help
7210s a little purpose was just just a happy
7213s coincidence on purpose
7218s hi Boulder
7220s all right
7223s I will release Baldur
7226s let's do it
7229s falder be free
7237s oh hello hello
7240s all right oh my God she has 600k health
7245s she's so thick
7251s she Dash she runs
7258s shut the music gets better with music
7263s I kind of wanted to keep a health Bob
7268s oh my God I know there's so many Drucker
7272s oh well
7280s I miss
7287s Ed
7296s that close
7307s okay oh
7310s she's oh no she heard me
7314s thank you
7329s oh my God ah yeah are you just gonna run
7333s around next to me and not really I see
7335s how it is
7338s after
7339s it's fast I didn't even notice
7342s that Tasha was like running around my
7343s corpse dancing
7347s on microwave
7351s oh so many of them I need to run away oh
7354s man hello
7357s dude
7366s oh man that one hurts foreign
7372s he's doing his best okay
7380s father is alive
7386s I can do this guy
7393s oh she
7396s yikes I'm coming back I'm coming back
7402s buying my best
7409s decoy
7413s I'm coming
7417s oh
7427s you're my only hope
7430s don't forget me oh
7432s laughs
7437s it works on me I'd leave you there until
7438s 10 Health dude
7447s smashing are we having fun yet yes
7452s wow so much fun
7456s what do you want from us daggy
7458s Daddy's like are all of these oh really
7461s playing sentinelawn Survival
7463s this fight's hard okay I'm not Peggy
7467s don't worry I'm not
7472s for so long now I don't know how to play
7475s anything else uh ah the truth comes out
7478s AR is like if the meta changes I'll
7481s probably play another class
7483s train all over again
7491s the problem with not Sentinels is you
7494s have to do like why is the work of the
7497s damage
7499s yeah
7500s I'm about to go down
7505s oh zero whoa
7510s I tried
7512s take the revive attempt
7515s oh she's running
7517s she running
7521s oh God
7522s health
7525s having no help seems to be a theme
7528s who needs help oh I got arrested whoa oh
7533s nice
7534s nice very cool
7537s nice Gigi
7541s and run survival we're the best
7545s we are the best
7548s it probably would have gone faster if
7550s you guys hadn't died so many times
7553s that's very fast for Saga
7557s don't mention that the tastes are
7559s different length and it'll be all fine
7561s yeah
7567s good
7570s who's attacking our construction Let's
7572s Get Away hold on I have to kill them
7575s quite a few cops is in here
7577s that's 22 hours Peggy
7581s crazy
7583s um 50 Subs ago level 10 ancients and
7585s humans in one run oh my god oh eight
7587s hours straight that would not be no it's
7590s not 50 Subs is not enough money to do
7593s that bro yeah how many how many hours is
7596s that 48 no okay it will take us
7599s reasonably like 40 hours we could
7601s theoretically do it in like 24 but like
7604s that would require us to be so efficient
7606s yeah
7608s stream goal I mean one day if you said
7611s you wanted to do the uh
7613s uh the marathon stream you can try to we
7616s can we can do something so stupid like
7618s that honestly I'm down for a marathon
7620s stream I feel like it would be fun
7622s that'll be fun we would just have to
7623s like a lot of snacks and we'd have to
7625s take turns
7630s shift it's true
7634s okay okay daggy asks how many Subs would
7637s it take for us to do that that's the
7640s question oh my God how many how many
7642s Subs would that gets a gift if we do
7643s this how many Subs to to stream for 24
7647s hours
7648s haha
7649s 24-hour stream seems great as well oh my
7652s God
7653s it'll be insane I personally will not do
7657s that for any amount of money
7660s I will I'm thinking like what are the
7663s stakes like what would it cost like
7664s that's what I'm thinking that would be
7666s so that could be so much fun and so
7668s ridiculous
7672s it was so true
7674s all right well GG um yeah I see one shot
7676s saying like how long will the life last
7677s I think uh we can probably yeah it's
7679s almost five we can wrap it up here
7681s because we just killed hell uh if we
7683s want to like put all our stuff in the
7684s chest
7686s okay
7696s okay oh big damage
7698s perfect
7700s go to bed everybody come to the tree
7702s house
7704s oh yeah
7708s yeah okay
7712s yep that's the emergency exit
7715s and chases us into the house yeah
7717s exactly
7718s yeah we're gonna have some trouble
7720s sleeping in this one bed together
7724s it's like just just stack vertically
7726s it's fine yeah it's about to say well
7727s this is sleeping yeah
7730s I
7732s want to be a
7735s H for all your hair looks ridiculous oh
7737s my God I know I love it you'll at least
7739s close the doors it's cold
7744s we all have the hell room we don't get
7747s cold what are you complaining about
7750s we're gonna generate too much body heat
7752s red we need air cooling
7754s like a Windows in here
7757s I installed Windows thank you oh okay
7761s okay just make sure
7763s all right well thank you again everybody
7766s for playing and thank you everybody for
7768s coming out to the stream in the chat
7770s right now here let me just turn down the
7772s music a little bit because I know it
7773s cranked it for the hell fight
7775s um but yeah just a as a quick reminder
7777s before I say for a while farewell and
7779s everybody else says farewell
7781s um yeah we do these streams every Friday
7783s at 3 P.M uh EST so if you want to hang
7786s out come to the stream maybe winch and
7788s shift codes next time uh I will see you
7790s here same place same time next week uh
7793s for another stream thank you for coming
7796s out again uh thank you for hanging out
7797s it was really fun to uh chill with you
7800s guys here I'm gonna like I'm Gonna Leave
7802s This this bad house come down here
7807s let's go
7812s oh they're following you you can't
7813s escape I can't escape
7815s uh psycho says thanks to the stream and
7817s the shiny new helmet cool to hear that
7819s you got the mud cutter helmet
7821s um but yeah that's a final reminder uh
7823s The Witch Saga is what we've been
7824s playing the update just came out on
7826s January 17th uh the game is on sale from
7828s February 2nd to February 6th uh for 60
7831s off so you can check it out on Steam but
7834s it's also available on all platforms and
7836s there's cross-platform between PC and
7838s Xbox players so I will see you next week
7841s I will see you all on Discord uh as well
7843s be sure to join our Discord uh John I'm
7846s sure we'll link that in the chat if
7847s you're looking for a group to play with
7848s if you have feedback for the team if
7850s you've been playing if you have
7851s something to share with us as developers
7853s uh please let us know we'll have our
7855s ears and our eyes open as well if you're
7857s experiencing any bugs or issues uh feel
7859s free to let us know in there
7861s I'm going to swap over two
7863s my solo there now I'm full screen
7866s um we'll have everybody in the
7867s background say farewell as well let me
7870s just like turn down the tribe's music
7871s because it's so loud okay
7873s um so yeah thank you everybody else
7874s obviously uh for you guys for joining on
7876s the stream today if you want to like say
7877s a little bye farewell all at once stream
7880s goodbye
7882s see you guys around I will see you next
7885s time
7886s um Stay Frosty and have a great weekend
7888s see you later see you
7919s foreign
7922s foreign
7947s foreign
7956s thank you
8016s foreign
8083s foreign
8090s foreign
8104s thank you
8179s foreign