17 Mar

14 hours ago, Tazfull said:

Last update, 2x crash game on menu mods change.


All 3 of the crashes you've submitted indicate an issue with your video driver. You should first try updating to the latest stable driver, and if that doesn't help, try turning off any overlays or "graphical enhancements" that you have running.

16 Mar


Sorry! You'll have to ask Support to clear this bad foundry job. It's a bug in the companion app. Reference  WAR-3614960 in your Support ticket

28 Feb


Not able to reproduce issue with Amp Spike, I am getting the bonus damage on Amp as client.  Please provide a more detailed description of your loadout and what you're doing

24 Feb


Sorry about that, there does seem to be an issue with the Warframe companion app when it comes to this item.  If you click the Cancel button, it should clear the bad build job out of your foundry.

23 Feb


This is not a bug.  If you want to merge Arcanes of different ranks,  you should first select one and then choose "Break Down" to return it to its unranked form.

On 2/20/2023 at 1:15 PM, DreamerDream said:

I don't even know if this is only related to my PC, or other owners of 7900xtx also have this issue with dx12 :|

I have a 7900XTX in my computer, can confirm that this is a new bug and that it's not just your system. We're investigating.  For now you can work around the problem by playing with Classic renderer or revert to DX11

22 Feb


This is not a bug. If you want a second Mallet, they can't share the same area:  throw it outside the radius of the first one.

21 Feb

On 2023-02-18 at 12:12 PM, Rinzler said:

And what about the problem of "Plinks Dogma" and mods "Invigorating Shot"? The problem is still relevant. Plinks Dogmat cannot use this mod.

This is not a bug.   The mod card says that Energizing Shot is only available on secondary weapons that do not have AOE properties:  The Tenet Plinx has AOE on its alt fire.

16 Feb


I'm confused. As far as we are concerned this bug was fixed. From the patch notes:


Fixed Ayatan Stars not sitting properly in the Ayatan Sculpture after using the Auto Install button

I don't see it still happening here, can anybody confirm that they're talking about this issue still being present after the update?

14 Feb


Not just surfaces, also enemies.  The projectile lost its "remove armor on hit" effect if the first thing it hit wasn't its final target.


Would you believe that this is fixed in the next update?  Soon(tm)


We would take a bug like that VERY seriously! But in this case I don't really see any unusual activity for your account in the last few days.  By far the largest expense was ranking up mods, you invested half a million credits right there. Perhaps you forgot that you did this?


When reporting crashes, it saves time to post the "WAR number"  from the crash reporter.

In your case, I was able to reverse search for crashes submitted by your account.  We have no telemetry on what went wrong because the crash did not occur in Warframe. Are you using any overlays or other software that might try to be injecting code into Warframe?

20 Jan

3 hours ago, -.GALAHAD.- said:

Perspicacity doesn't seem to work in sorties anymore.

Works here, are you using any other hacking related mods?  Detailed bug report including your loadout are the best way to contribute

18 Jan

11 minutes ago, XennethKeisere said:

While so many DE reps are here, I'm hoping maybe someone can address a long standing issue in the Index.

Whenever a player casts Dispensary, it breaks the Energy spawn points. That results in the Dispensary being the only source of energy. If the player stops casting, there's no Energy for the team.

Please investigate, thank you 

Seems to work okay here. A video showing how to cause the problem is always the optimal way to report bugs, if you have a minute

2 minutes ago, SublimeAvenger said:


Thank you, we're investigating. :(

4 minutes ago, SublimeAvenger said:

My game keeps crashing when trying to log on since the new update. I checked the integrity of the files, everything is fine, however, the game loads to the point of the log in screen then crashes. I have sent message to the event server after each crash.

What is the WAR number given to you by the crash reporter? (This number is super helpful to us when reporting crashes)

09 Jan


A video is always the best way to report issues.  We specifically made the Metamorphic mod drop rubbles if the player is using Atlas as their warframe. It seems to work for me, so we need some more details about the cases where it might not work?

05 Jan


Copied your pet and it doesn't happen for me.  If you want to help out,  could you provide:

  1. which version of DirectX you're using
  2. whether you're using the Enhanced or Classic render engine
  3. your graphics options (or if you can confirm it happens with the Low/Medium/High presets that's a lot easier)
  4. and your GPU type

04 Jan

4 hours ago, kyori said:

These black squares are quite a common occurrence with players. Previously players advised to turn off bloom to avoid it... but I think this is a technical issue in which we shouldn't have to turn off anything to avoid it.

Would you later post to explain what is or caused this visual bug? 

The black squares are called NAN errors.  Essentially, while rendering the frame, the GPU tries some operation which produces a result that is Not A Number. The GPU then throws up its many hands and puts black there because it has no way of knowing what the result should have been.

There are many potential cases where black squares/NAN errors may appear, it's a very broad sort of problem and simply indicates that we're doing something that is mathematically confusing to the GPU. Tracking them down can be difficult because they are usually dependent on specific vis...

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