03 Jan


Thanks for the report: Your video was SUPER USEFUL! In the end it wasn't really Chroma's fault, but posting with a video gave us the clues we needed.

20 Dec


You guys are right, it should be 65. Thanks for the correction


A minor price adjustment as the Void ebbs and flows:

The Baza Prime Blueprint is currently listed as a Rare item priced at 100 Ducats instead of its intended (with its re-appearance in Prime Resurgence) Uncommon rarity for 65 Ducats. In a future hotfix, we will change its rarity over to Uncommon, and with that  its value will be changed from 100 Ducats to 65.

This change will not happen until after the holiday break (January 3 at the absolute earliest), so you have plenty of time to sell your surplus blueprints at the higher price if you wish.

Thanks Tenno!

19 Dec


It isn't helpful to necro old threads if you don't have new information.  The game is constantly evolving, and the fact that this has lain dormant for 10 months suggests that the problem was solved for most people.

If you're trying to report bugs in the hopes of getting them fixed, the thing we need is repro steps. That is, how did you create the situation where the problem happened.  The game slowly getting worse performance over time is usually an indication of a script or a visual effect being created and then forgotten by the game, so we would need an idea where to start looking.  Does this happen happen by yourself or only when you play with another player?  Does it only happen when somebody is using a specific power, weapon or piece of equipment?  Does it happen if you wear less cosmetic items, or turn down your graphical settings?  These are the sort of things that helps us crush bugs :)

07 Dec

17 minutes ago, JohnBoomy said:
  • “Receive 5 random relics or Aya, a currency used to purchase any Varzia’s offerings. You are guaranteed at least one Rare Relic or Aya from this pack. What secrets exist within them?”


Was this meant to be still 3 relics or increase to 5? Ingame description stills says 3

5 from market relic bundles, 3 from syndicates.  (we did not change this)

05 Dec


What we're seeing when we try this, is that the alt-fire consumes all the ammo in the battery but you can continue to fire single shots endlessly even if the battery says 0. Once the battery is allowed to recharge, the alt-fire is usable again. In other words, the alt-fire is not intended to benefit from infinite ammunition, only the primary shots are. Is that what you are also seeing? 


This should be resolved now. The Voruna Blueprint was mistakenly marked as being a once-only purchase.  It wasn't our intention to have any purchase limits on Yonta's Void Eclipse offerings.

02 Dec


If you contact Support and give them the date and time you played, and the original host player's name, they may be able to verify and return your mission rewards. We try to save all rewards during the critical phase of the server update process but it can still occasionally fail, which is why we display a red warning message during the update process. The safest thing to do during an update is to stay in your mission until the update is completed.

01 Dec

26 minutes ago, Renzo said:

@[DE]Meganshooting a drop ship in ambulas boss fight with tenet plinx alternate fire will make the drop ship to disappear and the mission being unable to continue/complete after that

Can we get a video of this and send your log files to Support please? Trying it here, nothing strange seems to happen if I blast the dropship either on the way in or after it's picked up the Ambulas

30 Nov

6 minutes ago, Flannoit said:

When's the nightwave starting? It's not showing as active for me and I'm not seeing an indication it shouldn't be live right now

Starting momentarily! Check back soon Tenno

08 Nov


Copied your mod config and the Phenmor doesn't get "stuck" for us here.  Are you using this gun in combination with any other abilities or strategies? 

07 Nov


Thanks, this was not intended. Fix in the pipeline!


This should be fixed in our next major update.  It IS intended that radial damage does not get headshot bonuses,  however it is NOT intended that headshots be weaker than hits to the body.  (At least for this enemy type...)

03 Nov


Sorry about that, it was actually pretty hard to diagnose because the real issue had nothing to do with syndicates or trades. Pretty sure we straightened all this out with hotfix 32.1.1, please revive conversation if you're still having issues with daily resets

40 minutes ago, Tiltskillet said:

Sepulcrum not accumulating charges from DoT kills was on the known issues list yesterday.  Is it still "known"? :P  It's definitely not fixed.  

Same issue affects Battacor, Trumna, and the Carnis set special.

Sadly a bug being "known" does not imply that it will be immediately fixed in the next hotfix. We have a solution but it will require native code which means it has to go out with the next cert update. 

15 minutes ago, Halo said:

Happy the Kompressa's known issues are being dealt with at least, but still not its punch through problems.

Can you describe exactly what you think should happen?  The Kompressa's projectiles stick to whatever they hit, we call this Embedding, and at least at first glance it seems like this mutually exclusive of going through targets: Either it sticks and explodes, or penetrates, not both?


This should be fixed now in hotfix 32.1.1!   If you're still having trouble, please be exact as possible when explaining what you did before problem occurred  (as usual, a video is worth a thousand words per second)


If you just changed one GPU for another on the same computer, things I would try:

- Fully uninstall your current drivers using  "Display Driver Uninstaller". Reboot the computer. Then install latest official AMD driver. Reboot again.

- In the Radeon control panel under Settings\Graphics, turn off Radeon Image Sharpening.  Under the Advanced section, use "Reset Shader Cache",  and set Anti-Aliasing method to "Use application setting"


Does that make things better?

02 Nov


Can you send your game log files to the Support department immediately after you get this error? If you get it again


2 hours ago, IFVTA said:

Friendly reminder Spring-Loaded Chamber aswell as every other "on reload" mods aren't functional.

Can you elaborate?

(Things I tried that didn't seem to cause this problem, were using context-reload versus explicit reload control,  or using Xbox controller)

2022-11-02 14-02-57.mp4

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