28 Oct


Going to close this thread.  It is not productive to necro 4 year old discussions especially when you have already verified that your problems are not even the same problem that the thread was about.

26 Oct


Resolved this live. Please verify that your purchases now work as expected. :) 



Greetings, Tenno!

Today we have updates about a bug that was reported this week in Warframe. Some players previously purchased a Riven Cipher from Teshin and an Archon Shard from Chipper in the same week. Even after the weekly reset occurs, they reported they can’t purchase these items anymore. This was an internal bug related to how we handle timed purchases from NPCs, and should not have any impact on the in-game market or storefront purchases.

As of the posting of this thread, we have patched the servers live so that the bug stops happening and no additional players will be affected.  Additionally, (after a relog) any affected players who couldn’t make their timed purchases from Teshin/Chipper should now be able to.

If you continue to have any issues with these timed purchases from NPC vendors, please respond immediately so we can correct any lingering cases.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.


25 Oct


This crash isn't directly Warframe's fault.  It's probably the result of something else trying to inject into Warframe's process. Without knowing what software you use on your computer it's impossible to be more specific, but try turning off any kind of "enhancers", overlays, or apps that try to integrate with running games.

24 Oct


Seems to work okay here using a copy of your Falcor build.  You could really help out by providing more specific steps, especially video of the problem as it occurs, i.e. before, during, and after.

Software like Nvidia Shadowplay or OBS Studio's "replay buffer"  filter can be amazingly helpful in such bug hunting, if you're familiar with those


Not a bug. When you defeat a Sister of Parvos you get a finished hound that is ready to use (that you claimed from your foundry),  as well as *components* that you can collect to make your own customized hound once you get enough parts.  The item in Miscellanous is only a part of a hound.  Visit Legs' shop in Fortuna to see what other parts you need to look for to turn it into a fully functional cybernetic good boy. :)


Merges threads regarding Teshin and Chipper's weekly offerings not refreshing, as these are in fact the same issue.  No ETA yet but we are hot on the trail of this bug!

18 Oct


Turns out that Archon Hunt was indeed the problem, it added the enemy defense buffs in a slightly different way than the Sortie, which confused the ability.  Making games is hard. Fixed for next update!

17 Oct


Seems to work okay for us, enemies take damage and die from the deadly wubs regardless if you are host or client of the mission.  Does it require a special mod config to make problems happen?


You'll need to supply more details, ideally builds and videos, if you're still seeing something wrong.  The bug as we understood it was that Nyx Bolts could not fully remove shields from Corpus enemies on the Steel Path and we fixed that in update 32.0.7

13 Oct


This crash number is in the Nvidia graphics driver, I would suggest checking for new driver versions from Nvidia or if you're using a new beta driver then try going backward to the last official one

11 Oct


This is not forgotten.  We have a potential fix, but because it's a change in the game's native code, it won't be coming until our next major update

07 Oct


We never really considered an opt out of getting Aya, since it's our view that getting Aya is a better reward than any specific relic: Aya can be turned in for YOUR CHOICE of a relic. It's like a wildcard relics.  Even if you don't specifically need any of the resurgence items on offer, you can trade your Aya for a relic and it would no different than getting a random relic like you would have in the old system.  Turning in Aya for traces or ducats is really only intended as a secondary offering for people that have a crazy amount of Aya and just want to cash out immediately rather than do the normal get relic/open relic path.

Does that make sense?


You haven't submitted any crashes. Did you get the crash reporter? It's very important that you do not cancel the crash reporter and include the "WAR" number in posts so that we know what the problem was.

05 Oct

24 minutes ago, Halo said:

meanwhile Thermal Transfer, Shock Trooper, Fireball Frenzy, or just normal imbue abilities like Toxic Lash, do not work with the other archon mods?

Thermal Transfer, Shock Trooper, Toxic Lash etc are weapon upgrades.  They add bonus damage, to a weapon. You still need to use that weapon to apply the damage thus they are not considered as doing damage with an ability, but doing damage with a buffed weapon.  This is why they are not eligible to trigger Archon mods that say an ability must do the indicated damage type.

(If an enemy walks into Thermal Sunder's ring will take 2x Heat status from Archon Vitality, but if you buff your rifle with heat damage via Thermal Transfer and then shoot them, they will not.)

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3 minutes ago, YuriKeller said:

And we are moving off midnight UTC ... why? Standardization is not just for fun, you know?

Daylight savings time is a nuisance:

  • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)  is UTC-4
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST) is UTC-5

UTC midnight is the immutable truth.

04 Oct


We've uploaded a fix directly into the server-hamsters brains that should fix things. If you are still experiencing problems, please list some details!

- Who did you try to invite or message, and how?  (/whisper command, /invite command, clicked on their name etc)
- Where were you when you tried to message/invite?  (Friends List, watching Recruiting, pasted a command into a text box etc)
- What was the time?
- What was the exact error message given?

If everything is working fine we'd also appreciate some confirmation of that too, for reassurance :)


We are aware of, and are active working on the issue with the chat server that causes issues with not being able to (sometimes) find/send invitations to other players. This is probably collateral damage from our brief live-test of Crossplay.  Who knew Crossplay would be so difficult!

03 Oct


A minor hiccup from shuffling around the Archon Sortie reset date.  It'll be back to "Not Boreal" next weekend 🦉

On 2022-09-29 at 3:25 PM, Royal_Gargoyle said:

Edited 10 minutes later. I figured it might be important to add that I have to use logitech gaming software for my mouse in order to make a hotkey for the extra mouse buttons to work as instructed. Everything was working fine this morning before the patch therefore, I know that it is patch related.


Just as a point of comparison, I was able to rebind Crouch to mouse buttons 1 through 5 using Warframe's own keybind options page and it worked fine... ?