29 Mar


Hello Vyrux69! Nobody on the forum can help you, please be patient and wait for Customer Support to respond to your ticket.

14 Mar


Hello Mochladon! Kahl will only offer you his next mission if you complete the last mission at least once by reaching extraction. I see that you played the Kahl Junk Run mission twice on March 7th but both missions were quit. 

02 Mar



28 Feb

7 minutes ago, Merrcenary said:

no fix for 'unable to aim glide when casting' ?

6 minutes ago, Brasten said:

Arsenal still displays 0 energy from Inner Might while Zenurik is active School.

Casting while Aim Gliding still cancels Aim Glide and causes immediate falling.

Just now, BiancaRoughfin said:

No fixes to Airgliding wile casting not Working?

  Hey Tenno! These issues require a cert update to fix, more information in the thread:


23 Feb

15 minutes ago, PacoOfficial said:

Wait fix Stagger effects from explosive weapons & Amps are passing through Volt’s Shield and Vazarin’s Guardian Shell.


Just now, Dragonofdarkness13 said:

Was Valkyr's Hysteria not Life Stealing fixed ??


21 Feb


Hello Coo_Carlos25! Could you check that you do not have the Bleeding Dragon Key equipped? It reduces overall health by 75%

19 Feb


Hello youhomec! We can not help you here on the forums, please be patient and wait until Customer Support get back to you.

16 Feb

1 minute ago, --lazyboo-- said:

Volt shields :/


27 Jan


Hello KentaziFolf! Chat suspensions are handled by Costumer Support, we can not help you here on the forums.

24 Jan


Hello SosoBlood! Account suspensions are handled by Costumer Support, we can not help you here on the forums. 

18 Jan

8 minutes ago, Lucas_TKL said:

When "Arcane Blessing not working after host migration" fix?

The fix for this issue is code, it will come in the next Cert update.

12 Jan


What @Mazifetsaid. The Tenet Ferrox is sold by Ergo Glast for 40 Corrupted Holokeys in the relay. It does not drop from sister candidates after completing the Granum Void.

10 Jan


Hi Tenno72181! Please be patient and wait until a Customer Support representive answers your ticket.

04 Jan

30 minutes ago, Mazifet said:

I saw another thread talking about the same thing, and while at first I thought it was just bad rng having 2 threads pop up about a similar rng problem seems suspicious.

I double checked our stats since Christmas and the Hildryn Systems is dropping at the advertised 22.56%

21 Dec


Hi Tenno! To report a player for misconduct please either right click their username in chat and report player or take a screenshot and create a ticket with Customer Support.

Do NOT post about it on the forums, as name and shaming is against the ...

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16 Dec


Obsidian Deko armor set, console exclusive. 

15 Dec



Hi Tenno! It seems to be just a visual issue, looking at your logs you received your mission rewards just fine. We are investigating and working on a fix. 


Aya replaced vaulted relics in relic packs. When you now see an Aya, you would have gotten a vaulted relic in the past, your chance for getting new relics did not change.

14 Dec


Hey DarkCycotech! You will get access to Desert Wind Prime at rank 10 when you unlock the Desert Storm ability.