[Fatshark] Catfish

[Fatshark] Catfish


Rejects, This is Catfish, Darktide Community Manager, here with another comm-link update! We established these comm-links to answer some of the community’s questions and to give information about upcoming patches.

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24 Mar

Here are the notes for hotfix 1.0.41 which just went live on Steam and will be available shortly for the Microsoft Store.
  • Fixed an issue with 4008 error code by reverting the changes to IPv6-only networks.
  • Fixed an issue with the Munitorum Mk VI Power Sword where the Weapon Special didn't deactivate when continuously landing successful heavy attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where Bleed stacks were not applying correctly from Veteran's 'Frag Storm' Feat.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to play banter

23 Mar

Rejects! Here are the patch notes for the Tools of War Content Drop which just went live on Steam, and will be out shortly on the Microsoft Store.

New Features Blessing Details
  • You can now see Blessings you haven’t earned yet for Re-Blessing at the Shrine of the Omnissiah. This will appear in both the Weapon Card details view and the item list that appears in stores, your loadout, or at the Shrine itself.

New Weapon Marks
  • Deimos Mk IV Blaze Force Sword - Force Sword with a focus on single target damage and precision stab attacks.
  • Illisi Mk V Blaze Force Sword - Force S...
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16 Mar

Last week we saw the release of Patch #5 and ... Read more

10 Mar

Here are the notes for Hotfix 1.0.36 which just went live on Steam, and will follow shortly on the Microsoft Store.
  • Improved logging to help us identify reasons for cases of players being disconnected unexpectedly.
  • Revert of changes from Patch #5 to the Bull Butcher Mk III Cleaver and human Combat Axes.

07 Mar

Here are the patch notes for patch #5 that just went live on Steam, and will be available shortly on Microsoft Store.

New & Updated Features:
We added a small notification for when Strike Team members pick up Plasteel or Diamantine during gameplay. A chime will play, and an onscreen message will show who picked up the resource and what it was.

The total collected resources during the mission will be visible in the Tactical Overlay (Default keymap: Tab).

Classes Skullbreaker
  • ...
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02 Mar

28 Feb

Here are the notes for Hotfix 1.0.32 which just went live on Steam, and will be live shortly on the Microsoft Store.

  • Engine fix for possible log spam on certain setups causing bloated logs and performance issues.
  • Added text if the user has the option "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling" turned off when using an Nvidia 40x Series while in the launcher.
  • Fixed issues with Framerate Cap and Brightness not resetting in the launcher.
  • Fixed issue with user settings not getting reset if the user switched the GPU in the launcher.

23 Feb

Here are the notes for hotfix 1.0.31+ which just went live on the Microsoft Store and Steam.
  • Fixed an issue that caused memory leaks when transitioning between hub and missions
  • Fixed an issue that caused memory leaks when transitioning between hub and missions (this specific fix went live on Steam yesterday and is included here for Microsoft Store).
  • Fixed crash on Microsoft Store related to fetching privileges, that had a chance to occur when entering a server with more users.
  • We will be resolving an issue where players found they had the ability to equip the Developer portrait frame for their characters. We hope you enjoyed being Fatshark developers for a day! The players who chose to equip the frame will see their equipped frame reset bac...
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16 Feb

Last week we saw the release of Patch 1.0.25 and ... Read more

09 Feb

For today’s blog, we will outline some of the features and changes we are actively working on in our next major patch and discuss how we arrived at making some of these changes in detail.

An Update on the Shrine
Before Darktide’s launch date, we brought an ... Read more
Here are the notes for Hotfix 1.0.26 to fix some of the issues that arose from Patch 1.0.25:
  • Fixed an issue where players could not complete Basic Training as Skullbreaker.
  • Fixed an issue where Darktide would crash after making changes to the FOV slider in the video settings.
  • Fixed ...
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07 Feb

Here are the notes for patch 1.0.25 which just went live on Steam. As mentioned in the Comm-Link released last week this patch is focused on fixes for Blessings, and also balance changes for weapons.

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02 Feb

We are establishing these Comm-Links, which we will use to keep you all updated on news and changes you can expect to see in the short term.

Last week we saw the release of Patch 1.0.22, shortly followed by Hotfix 1.0.23 and Hotfix 1.0.24, which brought many bug fixes to penances and blessings, as well as some much-needed exploit fixes.
Thank you to everyone who gave us constructive feedback on the layout and formatting of the Patch Notes! We’ll be sure to add these ideas where possible in Patch Notes going forward.

Over the course of the next week we will be releasing Patch 1.0.25, which will focus on fixes for issues with talents, traits and some tweaks to weapons for balancing. Full Patch Notes will be available on Steam and the Darktide Forums shortly after the patch goes live.

Following Patch 1.0.25 we will also publish a Dev Blog, which will take a deeper dive into crafting and talk about some of the challenges we have had. We'll ... Read more

31 Jan

We just released 1.0.24 to fix an issue found in last weeks patch, and a small buff to compensate!

Hotfix Notes:
  • Fixed an issue where the Toughness Regeneration Speed from Curio bonuses incorrectly gave an extremely high regen speed.
  • Buffed the Toughness Regeneration Speed Curio values for all tiers.

26 Jan

We just released 1.0.23 to fix a couple of issues found in yesterdays patch. We also just wanted to address some questions that have arisen regarding the EULA.

Today you may find yourselves being faced with the EULA once more when launching Darktide. The content of the EULA remains the same as the EULA previously presented at launch, however we made improvements to the formatting to make it easier to read, and corrected the out-of-date page title which erroneously referenced the pre-release test period. Apologies for the confusion.

Now onto the Hotfix notes!

Here are the hotfix notes:
  • Fixed an issue that caused the suppression screen effects to conflict with the Psyker's when at high peril
  • Tweaked the suppression effect to be less intrusive. This should be most noticeable when playing on higher difficulties where you are often suppressed for long periods of time.

25 Jan

First I wanted to introduce myself for those of you who don’t know me yet, Hi! I am Catfish and I will be the Community Manager for Darktide going forward. In this Update we will address some of the community’s questions following on from our recent open letter[forums.fatsharkgames.com] and give you the patch notes from this week's bugfixes.

Addressing Some Questions:


We hear your enthusiasm for an updated Roadmap for Darktide, however we have adjusted our short term plans to allow for more work on our top priorities which mainly revolve around getting the game to where it should be. Because we are in the process of adding changes in accordance with the feedback we have received since launch, certain features we hoped to have ... Read more