Albert, Klonan, Twinsen, Vinzenz

Albert, Klonan, Twinsen, Vinzenz

30 Dec

Hello, another year has come and gone.

We know this year we were very sparse with any details about the expansion, and it is what you all really want to hear about. Trust me we really want to tell you about it, and in time we will. There are still major sections of the gameplay being changed and adjusted, and if we tell you about them now, the information would quickly become outdated and inaccurate.

For now, we can offer this Christmas postcard Albert has made, which has a sneak peek of some new item icons.

As well, we do have some other topics we can discuss.

Sales update

This year we have reached another sales milestone, with 3.5 million sales being passed this Christmas. We are still having steady and consistent sales of about 500,000 each year, which in retrospect validates the original no-sale policy ...

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