15 Mar

Hello spacefriends! Welcome to the latest installment of the Community Beat. We will start this edition by congratulating Eve University with their 20th anniversary! Exactly 20 years ago today, Eve University was founded by ...

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01 Mar

Hello spacefriends and welcome to the latest Community Beat! Let's dive straight in with some of the cool things that have bubbled up from within the EVE Online community in recent weeks.

SL0W Simulations: How To Avoid Warp Bubbles

SL0W CHILDREN AT PLAY created this very cool simulation video that explains the Warp Disruption Bubbles in EVE Online. What's really neat is that they've used an AI generated voice synthesis of our beloved Aura to explain the concepts.

400B Dread brawl in Ostingele

Yes, you're seeing that right... another dread brawl unfolded in Ostingele! Check out what happened in this video by Tristan. If you want to know what was lost, have a look at the ...

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16 Feb

Hello spacefriends, it's time for another Community Beat!

Before we get started, I'd like to take this opportunity to say hi. My name is CCP Lumi - I'm the newest member of the Community Team. I'll mainly be focusing on player gatherings and of course, I'll be helping out the team with a variety of other projects.

Now, let's look at some of the cool things that are going on across the community...

Starting Guide to Faction Warfare

For those of you that have wanted to dip your toes in Faction Warfare, CrazinessOfTheInternet made a starting guide! Check out his video below.

In the coming weeks, he will continue his series with frigate builds for each faction.

Frigate Free For All


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02 Feb

Hello spacefriends! Happy February and welcome to the Community Beat!

We'd like to shine the spotlight on various things that caught our eye coming from the community in the last couple of weeks.

Eve Online Market Watcher

We'd like to start by giving a shoutout to a player developed phone app called Eve Market Watcher, a companion app for navigating and monitoring the complex markets of Eve Online. The app allows you to tailor searches to specific regions, keep track of desired in-game items with a customizable watchlist, and receive real-time alerts when these items hit your targeted price!

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19 Jan

Greetings, New Eden; we're back with another edition of the Community Beat, your best source of all New Edens going on that could be confused with being called New Edens Hottest (information) Sauce..? ANYWAY, let's get going!

Beautifully Crafted


The universe is filled with those craft-orientated, be it the ability to create a spaceship from our favorite colored bricks as we saw during the last beat, or as they become more affordable in the world, 3D printed models! The exciting thing about many 3rd models is the variety of details in the models, with some creators adding additional highlighted details, additional components to the design, or even an elegant faction-aligned appropriate stand into the equation. Regardless, we always enjoy seeing these beautiful creations out in the wild, be it a work in progress, in person at...

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17 Nov

Hey everyone!

With Havoc's arrival earlier this week, CHAOS has certainly been the theme many in the community embraced, all over New Eden!

Today's community beat is a special Havoc-themed beat, highlighting some of the content that you've all been creating to facilitate your pirate aspirations and spreading corruption, or fighting for the empire's militias and suppressing the pirates.

Whilst the expansion notes covered a lot of the details of what came in Havoc, some of the EVE Partners, across multiple languages also covered them, giving a little more depth in places. The partners were given early access to the expansion to help cover some of the new content for you all on release day. You can check out some of that coverage across the different languages right below Eaglefirefly's cinematic overview below:

Havoc expansion notes from EVE Partners

EVE Pandora V5

We also saw an extension to the number of opportunities now ava...

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27 Oct

Greetings everyone and welcome back to another edition of the Community Beat!

Over the last couple of weeks, we've heard an absolute plethora of stories and seen various guides and videos pop up from so many of you! Many within the community have been finding various ways to prepare to fulfill their dreams of siding with some of the pirates next month. Not to mention, also discovered lots of EVE trivia this last week from the GMs as you've been hunting for their orbital stashes and answering ...

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17 Mar

Greetings Spacefriends!

New Eden is popping off with something happening in almost every corner of the universe! Direct Enlistment and the new Shadow War Campaign kicked off on Tuesday, amplifying activity in low-security space, a large-scale conflict between two large blocs is ...

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03 Feb

Welcome spacefriends, to the latest edition of the Community Beat! This is where we highlight some of the things that have caught our eye in the community over the last couple of weeks.


This pen and marker drawing of a Golem by Imperative_Arts is just phenomenal! The snapshot of it firing missiles looks very alive, and it's difficult to look at it and not get the itch to go roaming in a Golem. Sure, those blue things are the technically the bastion module cooling systems, but who cares, it looks dope! We saw your latest Vargur picture too - Keep up the great work!


One Man Army Series: Praxis VII

If after staring at that Golem, and you now feel like roaming in a battleship, then get inspired by Grunt Kado - AKA Kaiser Friedlich's newest One Man Army video. In this episode, he showcases what the Praxis is capable of....

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16 Dec

Festive capsuleers!

The 31st and final Community Beat of 2022 is here! For 62 weeks you’ve been generating content that we’ve been delighted to share and include in these news posts. Thank you all!

Let’s get tucked into what’s coming up this weekend and some of the events from the last few weeks:

Snowball fight - Luminaire this Sunday 18 December, 21:00 UTC!


Come on over to Luminaire VII (Caldari Prime) - Moon 6 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant - Bring your festival launchers, snowballs, and fireworks (or ask Commander A9 in Luminaire local chat for some) and join in for some fun and games in this year’s ...

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02 Dec

Greetings Space friends!

It's time again for another episode of the Community Beat! The universe has seen a plethora of events happen over the last few weeks and having to only pick a handful of them is always an incredible challenge!

Alliance Tournament XVIII – Winners and Losses!


The last community beat was published between the two tournament weekends, so the winner was still undetermined! But it all wrapped up on 20 November with the crown being awarded to the alliance TRUTH. HONOUR. LIGHT. with Odin’s Call finishing second and WE FORM V0LTA coming third! We should have an article coming out next week with a few more details concerning their prizes, so keep an eye out for that!

In case you missed it, all 4 days are also up on Youtube with t...

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09 Sep

Greetings Spacefriends we are back again with another hit of the Community Beat!

Let’s have a look at some of the community-created content from the last few weeks and what’s coming up!

Union Day Winner Makes a Splash!

The Caldari Union Day event recently ended and all of you made some amazing contributions towards deciding who was going to be awarded Jita 4-4’s Security Contract and become the new protectors of Jita. This year’s winner, squeezing in a victory by 0.21% of all the points, was...

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