Ignasi (Community Team)

Ignasi (Community Team)

05 Oct

  • Reduced damage of Javelins and three sets of spears which were disproportionately buffed in the recent combat balance adjustments
  • Epic Variants of the Blood Crystal Spear, the Aesir Chieftain Spear, and the Vanir Shaman spear no longer have increased damage
  • Stygian Commander Tassets now have the correct leg material regardless of the character’s sex
  • Wight horses no longer sport ghastly endowments
  • Fixed an issue where Skeleton Keys would sometimes not be consumed when opening a legendary chest
  • Also fixed an issue where legendary chests would sometimes give out loot regardless of if the player had Skeleton Keys or not
  • Fixed an issue where sometim...
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11 Sep

Hello Exiles,
Your creative talent and unmatched dedication are a constant source of inspiration to us. For a while now, we have been quietly working in the background on a way to better amplify and support your quest for creating epic content. Today, we are pleased to announce that we are launching the official Funcom Creator Program in collaboration with our good friends at Lurkit!
This is the first of many essential steps toward supporting creators who regularly engage with, entertain, and inform our players . We believe this will both unlock exciting new opportunities for established content creators, and help those getting started find the help and confidence they need.
Check out the information about the program on our official page[creators.funcom.com], and—should you feel like throwing your hat in the ring—... Read more

29 Jun

* Fixed a crash related to editing a clan emblem
* Logging for DWLogString is now available in shipping config builds
* Added an optimization for dedicated servers
* Added a memory optimization for Xbox to reduce Out-Of-Memory crashes

* Fixed an exploit in regards to resources.

* Golden Derketo Cat heroic treasure now looks the correct size at all levels of detail
* Gilded Harp and Gilded Jade Warhorn treasure can now be stolen
* All coin piles can now be stole... Read more