22 Mar


Originally posted by wakkiau

Stay at max 8, veiled temple doesn't ramp you up I don't see why this should.

You're correct, max mana would stay at 8, this wouldn't ramp you!

21 Mar


As many people have surmised, the coin cost does not increase the higher it stacks.

It stays at 1. So you could theoretically spend all 10 mana, use 1 spell mana to play the '10-stack coin card' in your hand and recover all 10 mana again. Assuming your Coin doesn't get Pranked or have its cost increased another way >_>

19 Mar


Originally posted by Niradin

I've been saying this since Victor release - Rito need to organize their keywords. Make different categories, like "soup" keywords - i'e' something you can get randomly, "we're to lazy to write it every time" keywords for something like attach and attune, "bad words" for something negative and so on.

We actually did make the distinction internally and published an article on it, but it doesn't seem to be well known. You can check it out here

17 Mar


Originally posted by KDA_CCG

We’ve got several things in the works, much of which is in active development, while others are still being investigated. We can’t go into too much detail at this time, but we’re working on:

Matchmaking Improvements for Rumbles

Free Build and other new formats

Friend Challenge for existing Rumble formats

Updates to Masters Ranked LP Formula

Adding Tournament Style Open Decklists to Best of 3 Rumbles & Opens

Improving ways to show off your collectible rewards

Experimental mystery event

Grassroots Tournament Program

I personally think the LP bugs, especially in APAC, should be the #1 priority being worked on.

After that, the Rumble matchmaking improvements, friend challenges for Rumble formats, and open decklists for Rumbles are features that should have been considered part of the beta and it baffles me that they launched the beta, much less the official release, without these....

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We think APAC LP is a major issue too.

Jon Moorman had a really long twitter thread detailing why it was so complicated and the issues we've been running into. (He even predicted/called out the potential downfall of our previous fix attempt)

For full transparency, when we authored the competitive 2.0 article we weren't certain if our proposed solutions would make it in time for the patch.

Good news though, is that the team is confident we'll have a new system in place for LP gain in Masters in the upcoming patch coming out ...

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Originally posted by elBAERUS

As a software dev myself..... how can such a problem be so hard to fix? How can it even exist, since when should LP gaining be regional?! :o

You've uncovered something interesting! That's the stick of it, the system isn't regional- which begs the question why is it only happening in APAC? It's a whole rabbit hole, I received a brief explanation on it and it made me a bit dizzy.

Thankfully though, my job is to chat with y'all and not figure that out!

For context, you can read one of our designers in-depth tweet about it

Ultimately though, we've been working diligently on it and are planning to have a new system in place with the next patch, details to come w...

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08 Feb


Anivia will continue to haunt my dreams.


You're right! This is a bug!

The team is working to fix it, and it should be live in an upcoming patch!

07 Feb


Originally posted by dannymanny3

Wanted to document this in hopes of having the team see. It's super minor, but still, worth mentioning.

To Plinq, Brian, and Julian -- thank YOU for an amazing stream <3

Thank -YOU- for tuning in. Stopping in to let you know we see you and the thread! Thanks for having an eagle eye


Originally posted by TheRybka

No mention of what the ranked icons for this season are. Guess we’ll just find out tomorrow. We’ve had less and less advanced notice of that and it’s a real bummer. You can only get one and sometimes, the lower ones are cooler.

This is a good call out and something we can definitely work on. I'll definitely bring this up to the wider team!


Originally posted by PathMourner

Is it me or do these editors notes seem like they're written by an old guy trying to sound cool to teenagers?

Also lol at riot acting like fixing a power that was just straight up broken 100% of the time and did nothing (after over a month?) was worth tooting their own horn for "listening to the community" over. :D

Super excited for path updates though, its nice to see them actually adding and balancing things outside the usual few new champs per set.


24 Jan


As some other people have commented, the patch the LoR Team had planned to release on Feb 1st will unfortunately be delayed. We'll have some more messaging going out through our official Twitter later today.

However, just as a general FYI for those invested in competitive, the Ranked season is still planned to end Feb 1st.

We'll keep you posted with any updates as we know more!

17 Jan


Originally posted by satanmastur

Hey u/LordQuatre I made the cool paint picture :D my Riot ID is 'Jam Jar' with tagline #12345, I hope this is good enough

The goods have been delivered. Enjoy Renekton!


Originally posted by satanmastur

What did you think of my drawing

This is beauty, This is grace.


Originally posted by satanmastur

It just works that way? I just send a message to support or something?

If you post a ms paint picture here and give me your riot ID I'll send you the 5 coins >:D

06 Jan


Originally posted by revelent018

I was wondering why this hotfix wasn't just released with the normal patch? Is it just because it couldn't be pushed in time?

Also, I personally would like to see some kind of in-game notifications of hotfixes so I am not surprised in a game/have to check reddit or Twitter. I think this was particularly bad for acolyte players last time around.

Yeah, the 4.0 patch was all buttoned up and prepared before we took our holiday break-- those wheels were already in motion before we left.

In terms of an in-game notifications--- I'm actually not sure. I'll look into if we have this feature (or the capability to make it)

05 Jan


Hey All! LoR Community Manager and patch-note scribe Riot Zeronena, here.

Due to some weirdness with the winter break and our systems, the notes had to be published on Thursday (today) instead of Tuesday (like normal), but the patch is live now.

Wanted to share some insight and a peek behind the curtains for y’all. Dan Felder laid out a pretty good explanation of what goes into actually creating a balance patch here. Adding onto what Dan mentioned, we are proud to support 15 different languages with every update, and a t...

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11 Dec


Originally posted by Tulicloure

Hey Dan! The tournament was pretty hype!

Now, it would be cool if we had an interview with the new champion in a YouTube video or something. =)

(Also, please don't nerf Reckoner)

Totally agree! We were planning to have one on the broadcast, but due to a technical difficulty we couldn't get it working in time to keep on schedule with the show.

We did get a short clip from our World Champion on his phone though! https://twitter.com/PlayRuneterra/status/1601707987185283072?s=20&t=nAjfxYEy2rNwje2Ga-wzgg

07 Dec


Mogwai has been an awesome creator for LoR, and just because he's playing a bunch of Snap lately doesn't erase his time in the community. As a gamer myself, I personally encourage people to play more games- it's better for the game industry in general.

While it's true we set up the recording session for the worlds VO a while ago, we stand behind the decision to keep Mogwai in the video. He did a kick-ass job with narration, and he'll always be welcomed back if he so chooses.

Ultimately, games are about having fun - there are lots of awesome games and too little time to play them all.

06 Dec


Originally posted by CrossXhunteR

Purchase before December 21 to get an exclusive quest that awards 10 Arclight Sigils and a Rare Prismatic Chest! The event pass grants access to an upgraded event path with premium rewards and immediately unlocks Arclight Vayne. All unlockable rewards can be viewed on the Event rewards road.


This is awkward.

21 Nov


Originally posted by LordRedStone_Nr1

Why today?

Does anyone have any idea why this patch falls on a Monday/Tuesday, and not the patch notes and pre-patch on Tuesday and full patch on Wednesday?

Because of the Holidays! It's made this week a little wonky :)