Marcin Momot

Marcin Momot

20 Jan

Andrew_Waples said: If that's true then that's a bold statement. Blood & Wine is massive, even compared to a lot of other game expansions. That said, I would hope so. They have been working on this since early 2021. Click to expand...

To clarify, and this has been reflected in the article since then, it's about the budget being the biggest in terms of expansion packs we've released. We'll talk about all the details related to the scope of the game at a later time.  

16 Feb

Thanks for all the feedback regarding Cyberpunk 2077. We really appreciate all the messages arriving from all over the world – please keep them coming.

Following the Patch 1.52 we wanted to take a moment to let you know that we are aware of the following problems reported by some players:
  • FPS drops when opening map/inventory on PC.

Below you will find a list of problems listed here earlier that have already been addressed, along with the solutions:
  • Characters appear dark on PCs using AMD Radeon RX GPUs.

    Make sure to download AMD's latest drivers (22.3.2) if you are playing Cyberpunk 2077 on Radeon RX 400, 500 and Vega series GPUs.

  • The disc version not launching on PS4 after applying the patch.

    There's a software update for PS4 live now. It addresses the issue with the disc version of Cyberpunk 2077 not launching on...
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15 Feb

Andes_Attack_Mk2 said: Yessssssss!!!! Outstanding news, cheers folks! My PC-playing 100% trophy achieving girlfriend also sends her thanks, time to hit Night City once again. Best go check out the trial on PS5 (y) Click to expand...

Thanks and have fun in the game! Both of you! :)  
orangpelupa said: Any plan to bring dualsense features to PC?

Currently I'm funneling low frequency audio to dualsense HD haptic vibrators and it feels amazing.

I imagine it'll be even more amazing if officially supported.

Although understandably, very few pc games supports dualsense features (AFAIK only Genshin impact and ff7 remake) Click to expand...

AFAIK this feature only comes to Playstation 5.  

14 Feb

Looking forward to seeing all of you in the chat tomorrow!