Sage of Empires

Sage of Empires

04 Aug

Greetings, fellow Age of Empires Community!

I’ve heard you enjoyed trying the recipes I brought to you last time we talked. Over the last few days, I traveled across the va...

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21 Jul

Greetings, fellow Age fans! 

First, I’d like to thank you for joining us during our very first virtual trivia event! I do not know about you, but after...

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01 Jul

Greetings Age of Empires community,

As promised, I’ve returned with a special treat for you all; I’ve brought some magical tales from long ago which I hope will make a splash. I’m sure you’ve h...

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22 Jun

Greetings, my friends!

This week, I will keep things short and sweet, as I am Diving deep into some special tales to share with you next week. In the mean time, Carlisle, Gibbs, and I have gathered some information on how a...

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09 Jun

Greetings fellow Age of Empires community,

Have you ever found yourself wondering who are the hard-working vi...

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03 Jun

Greetings Age Community,

In honor of the announcement of the Red Bull Wololo: Legacy tournament held in Heidelberg, Germany, I have returned once again with a lighthearted story about an Italian court jester who guarded (and indulged i...

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23 May