Shiva mi Timbers

Shiva mi Timbers

01 Mar

Fancy wearing green all month long rather than just a day or two? You're in luck, Tenno — we're celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the Origin System throughout March! There'll be charming Corpus Weekend Alerts, Darvo Deals, a returning Shamrock Color Palette and loads more available until it's all clover!

Corpus Weekend Alerts Three separate Corpus Alerts will be playable each weekend in March, yielding good fortune to anyone who partakes! There are returning items such as the Gauss In Action Glyph and Teshin Glyph, along with the all-new, all-elegant Rapier Tributaker Skin! Check out the tables below for a comprehensive breakdown of when and where each Mission will occur.

Corpus Weekend #1 When: March 1 at 11 a.m. ET to March 4 at 11 a.m. ET
Location: Venus, E Gate
Mission Type: Exterminate
Faction: Corpus
Enemy Level: 20-25
Enemy Count: 100+
Rewards: 30,000 Credits, Teshin Glyph

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19 Jan

Ready to stoke the fires of the new year, Tenno? You'll be happy to hear that Warframe's Lunar New Year celebrations return for the Year of the Dragon on January 24 at 11:00 a.m. ET and will be available on all platforms!

05 Jan

Happy New Year, Tenno!

Now that you’re relaxed and refreshed from the holidays, you’re invited to dive back into the Origin System and try your hand at a new series of Alerts running throughout the month of January.

Each weekend for the next five weeks, a new Alert will appear offering Corrupted Mods, Credits and more! Check out the full schedule below:

Weekend 1 January 5 at 11 a.m. ET - January 8 at 11 a.m. ET
Taranis - Defense (10 Rounds)
Enemy Level: 10 - 15
Rewards: Fleeting Expertise + 30K Credits

Weekend 2 January 12 at 11 a.m. ET - January 15 at 11 a.m. ET
Tiwaz - Mobile Defense
Enemy Level: 20 - 25
Rewards: Blind Rage + 30K Credits

Weekend 3 January 19 at 11 a.m. ET - January 22 at 11 a.m. ET
Ani - Survival (10 Minutes)
Enemy Level: 20 - 25
Rewards: Narrow Minded + 30K Credits

Weekend 4 January 26 at 11 a.m. ET - January 29 at 11 a.m... Read more
It’s your last chance to instantly add Grendel Prime to your Arsenal before he rolls out of Prime Access! Get the Warframe of gilded gluttony along with his signature Prime Weapons and Accessories before it’s too late.

https://st... Read more

08 Dec

As revealed during The Game Awards 2023, Warframe’s next epic narrative arc launches on all platforms on Wednesday, December 13 with Whispers in the Walls!

Catch the latest tantalizing look at what to expect next week when the mysteries left by Albrecht Entrati and The Man in the Wall finally begin to surface in the new update. Discover the lost Entrati laboratories – and much more – for yourself!


The 55th Warframe is also poised to make his debut: the brutalist, concrete guardian Qorvex! Control crowds of enemies with ease and enjoy extra survivability afforded by his internal Crucible Core.

Release high levels of Radiation Damage with charged shots from Qorvex’s po... Read more

06 Dec

TennoCon 2024 is officially locked in! We’re thrilled to invite Tenno from around the world to mark their calendars for July 19-20, 2024! Yes, you read that right. The ongoing (and overwhelming) success of TennoCon has allowed us to add an additional date to Warframe’s premiere annual event!

This year’s event will take place in London, Ontario, Canada at RBC Place London. Stay tuned for more details regarding ticket sales and other important TennoCon announcements.

See you in 2024, Tenno!

01 Dec

Jump into Warframe in support of the Shine Foundation this holiday season! Face off against your fellow Tenno in an epic snowball fight, or send them gifts to unlock in-game Rewards and boost a charitable IRL donation from Digital Extremes!
It's almost time to bust out those clippers, Tenno, but first we’d like to thank you all for rocking stylish 'staches in-game throughout Movember 2023!

In honor of the occasion, Digital Extremes is thrilled to announce a $20,000 donation towards the Movember Foundation[] — an organization that supports men through suicide prevention support, prostate and testicular cancer research and so much more.

That's not all — we also want to thank everyone who participated in our #Moframe23 Captura contests! For a complete list of winners in both the edited and unedited cate... Read more

08 Nov

We’ve heard you loud and clear. XP progression needs a few tweaks. While we had plans to wait until a future season to introduce a few changes at once, we’re going to fast-track some of those changes today to get you leveling your Wayfinders and weapons faster! While not a complete list, here are some changes that are live today in Patch

  • Increased XP gains from all enemies by 386%. This includes mini-bosses and bosses in Expeditions and Hunts.
  • Increased XP from Expedition completion bonus by 237%.
  • Increased Reward Tower XP from all repeatable sources by 325%. This includes opening chests, breaking resource nodes, collecting memory fragments, completing events, and completing Expeditions & Hunts. *NOTE: We’ll revisit this Reward Tower increase in the future when the Job Board and has been released.*
  • Added XP multipliers to each mutator slot. 10% bonus for one imbuement – 20%...
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09 Oct

Answer the Call of the Void. Our mid-season update begins October 10 at 12 p.m. CT with exciting new content and hundreds of bug fixes! Embark on new side quests, a new Hunt and wield a powerful new weapon. Plus, login for a limited time for our first ever live event where you’ll discover a new Lost Zone and receive an exclusive Gloom Dagger Skin reward for completing the event!

Also, join us for the first community live stream from our new studio on October 10 at 2 p.m. CT over on our Twitch Channel[]. Sir_Snarf, also known as Alex from the community team, will be diving into exciting new content and gameplay from the mid-season update and live event, Call of the Void. See you there, Wayfinder!

Learn more about Call of the... Read more

18 Aug

Yesterday sucked. There is no other way to say it. It sucked for people who purchased Founder’s Packs and couldn’t play, and it sucked for us to see players unable to get into the game after believing in us and our vision.

Early Access isn’t a crutch. It’s a conversation between a studio and the community that’s helping build the game alongside the studio. We said from the start that we’d be transparent and open with the community and that continues now that we have players entrusting us with their money, and us failing to deliver.

SERVERS AND LOGIN Although we ran technical tests and betas across multiple regions, we were seeing more players every minute than played in our Beta each day. Although we had a queue system ready, that system failed immediately. We quickly implemented numerous fixes to try and stabilize the login experience and those failed as well. We ended up having to put a cap on the players that were on the server which was less than ideal and result... Read more

15 Aug


We’re ironing out some final issues to ensure a smooth start to early access for players on PC and PlayStation and need additional time.

This means we will be delaying the start of early access on PC by a couple of days. Wayfinder will launch on Steam and Founders Packs will go on sale August 17 at 12 p.m. CT.

Both Airship Syndicate and Digital Extremes’ teams are working tirelessly to ensure the best possible start to early access for Founders - we apologize for the delay. We look forward to meeting you in Evenor this week, and to commencing our journey together with you.

- Airship Syndicate and Digital Extremes

02 Aug

After a long day of fighting the Gloom, having a safe and cozy place to call your own is going to be luxurious, and sooo necessary! In our recent and very first Dev Stream, we were excited to announce that Early Access on August 15 would feature Apartments, our first iteration of Player Housing, which you can customize with a variety of decorative items and even items that will help you on your adventures outside of your home!

This system will continue to grow ov... Read more

20 Jul

Wayfinder, we know you have been waiting for more news and updates on the game, and we are truly thankful for your patience while we work hard to create an unforgettable experience for you. What we have built from the helping hands of the community has led us to this monumental moment:

Wayfinder will be released in Early Access with Gloom Break: Founder’s Season 1 on August 15 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC!
This is just the start of our journey and hearing from our players during Early Access will be fundamental in helping us take Wayfinder to the next level. In the meantime, here’s everything that you need to know in preparation for the big day![]

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27 Jun

The recent Global Closed Beta brought in the largest number of players we've seen yet. It was truly incredible to see so many Wayfinders curious to explore Evenor and provide constructive input! Each playtest has been instrumental for us to enhance and improve Wayfinder, all because of your feedback. It’s tough to imagine what Wayfinder would look like without our remarkable community supporting us every step of the way, and we cannot thank each of you enough.

Here are just a few numbers from the Global Closed Beta:

  • 183,691 Hunts completed with Bosses slain
  • 13,600,000 Enemies killed (with 852,000 Baby Spiders being squashed)
  • 415,000 Expeditions into Lost Zones completed

Global Closed Beta Takeaways and Next Steps
While we’ve fixed clos... Read more

08 Jun

Greetings, Wayfinder! Did you catch our new Trailer at Summer Game Fest? In case you missed it, (or just want to give it another watch!):

Soon the time will come for you to remember your power and rally the broken world of Evenor against the Gloom. Eager adventurers, add Wayfinder to your Wishlist below!

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30 May

Wayfinder, as the Global Closed Beta concludes and you sheath your weapons, hang up your cloaks, and kick off your worn boots, we want to express utmost gratitude to all Wayfinders, old and new, for participating in our biggest Beta to date!

We cannot wait to pour over all of your incredible feedback that will help us continue to improve and shape Wayfinder with features and changes that YOU want to see implemented as we look toward Early Access this Summer!

Be sure to Wishlist Wayfinder on Steam, so you can stay updated and be the first to know when the game is available!

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23 May

Greetings, Wayfinders!
As our Global Closed Beta draws near, we're eager for both new and returning players to embark on their adventures in the ever-evolving world of Evenor. Your valuable feedback has helped shape Wayfinder's development, and we're excited to present some of the top community-requested features, such as an all new jump dash, movement speed increases, a camera system overhaul and more! If you missed out on all of the features we’re implementing you can read about them here.[]

This Closed Beta, we're inviting players from around the world to participate! The test will begin on Wednesday, May 24 at 10 a.m. CT (3 p.m. UTC) and will run until Monday, May 29 at 10 a.m. CT... Read more

10 May

Updated May 10th @ 6:45p.m. CT.:

Greetings Wayfinders.

We want to first apologize for our delay of the Global Closed Beta. We know there were many of you who were excited to hop in and play, and even rearranged your schedules.

After a comprehensive evaluation, we’ve made the necessary decision to move the Global Closed Beta to May 24.

We’re committed to being transparent throughout Wayfinder’s development: so what happened?

Expanding this test from North America to the entire world is no small task. Since announcing our May 10th beta date, we’ve been working to ensure everything is in place to get players in and gather the critical data that these tests provide. Simultaneously, we’re also preparing the game for Early Access, which means we are preparing two large milestones at once with a relatively small team for a game of this scope. During the final preparations, we discovered substantial connection and matchmaking issues. We faced... Read more