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in 2 days ive played 3 matches with and against aimbot users in EU

first 2 matches was the same guy and the second time its someone with a different name.

uses aimbot that snaps to target whenever the person shoots.

I have reported them multiple times and didn't get word if anything happened to them. I just want to know if this aimbot problem is aware at riotgames and if its being worked on. it really sucks to play with or against them and it leaves me not wanting to play no more.

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22 days ago - /u/RiotRaykay - Direct link

Hey sorry about the cheating we are aware and bans are incoming. While we can never stop all cheating we want to make sure that it does not effect your ranked progress. Our team is looking to make many improvements this year based on the feedback we received and hard lessons we learned last year. Keep those reports and feedback coming.

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Originally posted by DarthGrievous

we want to make sure that it does not effect your ranked progress.

Does this mean we'll get some of our MMR back from games lost because of cheaters? Or maybe our ranks will naturally go back up since a lot of cheaters are gonna be banned and that'll great some empty space above us?

That is a cool idea it is something we would like to do but got some bigger priorities in front of it right now.

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Originally posted by gabrieltaylorr

ty for putting up the effort in the first place to make a good anti-cheat that doesn't go out of it's way to actively harm people! vanguard has been a really nice medium between systems that dont ban many, but when they do they are definitely cheaters (like vac) and systems like battleye or easyAC, which will ban you if you look at the game wrong and take months to go over ban appeals because of it. ik you guys probably dont feel it a lot but most of the community genuinely does rlly dig what you guys have been doing, so keep it up!

Thanks for the kind words. Players build the competition and we protect it, so thanks for playing. As try hards we really do want to raise the standard for what competitive games can be.