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EDIT: [hey people! We are closing this now. Thx for all the amazing questions!!!! We are signing off for the night ]

What’s up VALORANT friends!

This is David Nottingham, VALORANT Creative Director joined by Joe Killeen, one of our narrative writers. With the release of the DUALITY video and our deep dive into the VALORANT story so far, we thought it would be a good time to answer your questions on lore.

This is your chance to ask us pressing questions! Whether it’s clarifications about the cinematic, questions about lore or agent backstory, or even the process we go through. We promise to give you real, honest, unscripted answers! (but we will probably be cagey about some facts and details, we are holding onto a certain amount of mystery)

We’ll answer your questions from now until about 12PM Pacific Time, and we’ll update this post to tell you when we’re heading out.

Here’s the crew for today:

  • Riot_KingKut - David Nottingham, Creative Director
  • Riot_ParmCheesy - Joe Killeen, Narrative Writer
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Originally posted by Riot_ParmCheesy

They could be :) The skins aren't designed with lore in mind, but we we work closely with our Premium Content team to strategically look out for opportunities for fun player self-expression and valorant lore to overlap.

I love our Premium Content team. They make AMAZING stuff again and again and again.

Aw, we love you too, Joe. 🥰