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Hey all!

So first off, apologies for the delay on this. COVID and real life have made things tough to set up on our end, but we didn't forget about this, it just took some time to get here. That being said, we have reviewed all of the survey results, all of the comments, and have come to a decision that we hope will be the best balance between clips and no clips on the sub (for now).

Starting next week, we will be allowing clips on all Wednesdays and Saturdays, similar to the "Wednesday-only" trial we had during the video trial weeks! During these days, all gameplay clips will be allowed, as long as they are at least 15 seconds long. During the rest of the week we'll keep our current rules (educational and esports clips allowed).

As for specifics: we'll be using the GMT timezone to determine when a clip day starts and ends. Clips will be allowed from midnight (00:00) until midnight the next day. Some examples for different timezones:

  • GMT: Wednesday/Saturday 00:00 - Thursday/Sunday 00:00
  • CEST: Wednesday/Saturday 02:00 - Thursday/Sunday 02:00
  • PDT: Thursday/Friday 5:00 PM - Wednesday/Saturday 5:00 PM
  • EDT: Thursday/Friday 8:00 PM - Wednesday/Saturday 8:00 PM

This will be enforced by a bot, so these are strict deadlines. Our newly updated videos rule will now read the following (changes marked in bold):

Videos that are focused on gameplay are not allowed to be directly linked (externally or uploaded) unless they are related to an eSports event, are informational content, are posted on a Wednesday or Saturday, or are accompanied by a text post with over 1,000 characters. Gameplay clips posted on Wednesdays or Saturdays must be at least 15 seconds long, with Wednesdays and Saturdays starting and ending at midnight GMT. Esports events are defined as any event listed in the Liquipedia list of VALORANT tournaments, provided that it is classified as an S, A, B, or C-Tier Tournament. These clips must be over 15s in length.

Thank you for taking the time to help us come to the best compromise for the subreddit! We will continue to monitor the situation on our end and we hope that this new ruleset will work out better for everyone, giving us a healty mix of gameplay, fun setups and complaining.

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment. You are probably better off sending questions related to a specific comment/post to our modmail though.

Note: Our rules will still apply to video clips, so please do not post rants, posts of private individuals breaking Riot TOS, nudity, etc. These rules have always applied to videos, so please make sure you've read the full list here.

TLDR: Starting next week, we're allowing all gameplay videos that are at least 15 seconds long to be posted on Wednesdays and Saturdays (GMT). During the other days, we will keep using our current ruleset (educational and esports content allowed, rest prohibited).

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PDT: Thursday/Friday 5:00 PM - Wednesday/Saturday 5:00 PM

EDT: Thursday/Friday 8:00 PM - Wednesday/Saturday 8:00 PM

I assume you meant Tuesday?