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When a player join's an expedition that's half-way done, they should be automatically given some coins, so that they'd be on an even playing field. A fair amount would be 100 coins per "Room", so that if they join by "Room" 5, they have 500 coins + their reserves to spend.

Otherwise they just start off with base weapons, and no boons, making them extremely inefficient for the rest of the run. Either coins, or perhaps an automatic weapons upgrade for both weapons to Green, depending on how far the expedition is.

Or, alternatively, if a player leaves, the amount of coins they had or even spent, could be held in reserve for the player that comes to fill that slot. This wouldn't be my pick for how to do it, but I rather anything than starting at "Room" 6 with 0 boons and base weapons.

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Bots should get coins as well (just have them start at 0 every time), and you should be able to use the context menu ("Kruber, pick up Healing Draught") to tell them to use weapon things/altars/etc. They get a random boon from boss chests just like from altars and can't get any boons from shrines, but at least it's boons and better weapons. When someone joins, just give them the bot's coins, weapons they come in with in the rarity of the bot's weapons and random boons of the same rarity as the bot's boons.

This way, not only are late joiners not screwed over, bots aren't useless. Of course, I imagine that doing something like this would be a lot harder than it sounds, what with now needing some way for the host to see how many coins each bot has, persistence between levels, etc., but it would be great.

This is just the first iteration of Chaos Wastes. We've seen a lot of suggestions on how we could improve the bot situation in CW.

Right now, for every bot in the group you get more coins per pick up. The idea being it allows you room to go futher to mitigate how the bots get somewhat left behind.

To answer OP, late joiners should be getting some coin to play catch up upon joining a run late. If it's not working then let us know so we can take a peek.