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This is literally what I begged for,
infinite heat/energy bow for elf available for Handmaiden career.

HM doesn't have any ammo regen talents or other means of ammo regen besides iffy PfP + SwiftBow + Quiver of Plenty way, swiftbow is too niche in my opinion.
Longbow with conservative was kind of the only reliable option.

But now, thanks to fatshark the build doesn't feel lacking anymore, thanks to infinite ranged option that is so sweet and amazing. It feels amazing to finally be a part of energy based weaponry.
Quiver of plenty doesn't seem to affect moonfire bar at all but other talents are better anyway!

HM received a bow she can utilize way easier, thanks to increased dodge distance and attack speed from talents she's able to unload whole bar really quick into specials or back away from hoard and charge aoe. Hagbane can do that, but doesnt pierce armor and has very limited ammo pool.

I'm just really glad and happy with the new dlc weapon for elf, all that powerful burn damage seems to be racking up some impressive numbers too.

I could not have asked for better HM ranged option, thank you so much, Fatshark!

Not sure about the AoE of the fully charged shot, feels like it is smaller than Hagbane? Also can't access armory game crashes right now, what are the stagger numbers on moonfire?

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You'll note quiver based talents (so those that increase ammo capacity and those that restore ammo to the quiver) don't work because there is no quiver.