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Heythere ever since cws came out ive had to deal with an increasing amount of issues trying to play vermintide. From random crashes to desktop during a match. To File corruption but when i verify and try to play i get the same crash my system even blue screens playing vermintide. First i thought it mightve been hardware related, but it only does this with vermintide and all other/heavier games work fine.

Ive tried everything from reinstalling to updating drivers reinstalling steam and much more. For me this is a huge disappointment because atm the crashes are so frequent thats its unplayable. If anyone has a tip i can try? I just want to play the game. If you need additional info feel free to ask

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about 2 months ago - /u/fatshark_tazar - Direct link

Please post a report in our official forums at forums.fatsharkgames.com . We will help you out