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My wife and I have been playing Vermintide (1 & 2) together on-and-off for years now (yes, I'm quite fortunate!). We have two daughters and as they've grown older they've caught glimpses of us playing. So we decided that despite the mature/gruesome nature of the game that they could probably handle it. So I got some old hand-me-down gaming computers and well....

.... Over the past couple of weeks the four of us - me, my wife, and our daughters (10 and 7 years old!!) - have been playing all together as a family, and it's been a blast! With Covid, we're limited in family activities and this has been a wonderful diversion to fill some time in the evening while all being together.

I will say that my daughters definitely gravitate towards the female characters (Ker. and Sienna) as that's more what they identify with. So Fatshark - keep up the work and continue to diversify the characters present in your games. It's important if we want games to be more inclusive that people have characters they can identify with. BTW, I'm still holding out hope that Katrinne (sp?) gets added as a 6th playable character!)

As far as the gameplay goes, the kids really like it! They've been playing FPS games a little bit (mostly running around the Overwatch training rooms or Deep Rock Galactic space base) and so have surprisingly good mastery of the controls. They really like exploring the levels as we work through them. Currently playing on veteran difficulty with them but I feel like champion isn't too far away! (My wife and I play legend mostly).

All in all, it's hilarious and awe inspiring seeing your 7-year old daughter scream at a pack of stormvermin, blast them with a waystalker alt, shoot one with a bow, then get out her axe to chop them down, all to get to her dad and just to pick his miserable ravaged body up off the ground.

Lastly, even the kids (unprompted) got on the Drachenfels meme train. We were all driving in the car the other day, and I hear from the back of the car "Kerillian, about that last sojourn ...."

We were, and still are, dying from laugher. Good times.

Thanks Fatshark!

P.S. Chaos Wastes is awesome!

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Next level wholesome! Thanks for sharing, and all our love to all you Skaven Slayers!