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We receive: Many existing reports of said exploit

You receive: A hotfix for it, probably tomorrow


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Any chance the hotfix will be fixing some of the crashing issues that have been pretty prevalent? I love the new game mode but am already getting burnt out just from spending up to an hour just to crash out between missions or during the finale and get nothing, and I doubt I'm the only one. I understand it's probably a little early to be hoping for fixes for these already but it would be an incredibly pleasant surprise to hear it should be more reliably stable tomorrow, and would let me just hold off playing it for the day so I don't just get frustrated with the game

There's a handful of crash fixes in there yep.

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oi could you tell the leveldesigner(s) at fatshark that they are absolute worldclass when it comes to beauty of levels, in base game they're also worldclass when it comes to the flow of levels but in CW sometimes it can be a bit unclear about pathing to follow, makes sense with the partial-random generation but i think they should consider clarifying the path players are expected to follow.

either way they are up there with the best, like the first area of ds1 greatness, when your mind is blown every time you take a shortcut and think "wow I cant believe these two areas were this close to one another all this time!".

my favorite little detail in CW so far is the ship stuck in ice above what kinda looks like the boss arena where you fight a CW from the base vt2 game. looked pretty and was very creative.

the floating object stuck in air are cool too, especially in some places where it just looks absolutely magical.

I'll pass it on!

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